Primrose School Building

Primrose School of Prosper

Parent Testimonials

  • " Prosper had only one full-time facility and it left a bit to be desired, so we drove 45 minutes round trip, one-way just to take our infant daughter to a school. When I saw the Primrose was 'Coming Soon' less than a mile from our house, I was determined to ensure it met every single item on our list - I was NOT going to love it for the convenience. Primrose has a reputation of an excellent curriculum, but I have also heard that it all depends on the owners. Well as soon as I met Mike and Benita Casey and they shared their story, I was pretty well hooked. I loved the idea of starting with a brand new school, being part of something from the foundation up. We started on opening day and absolutely love it. It feels like we are leaving our daughter with 'family' not just people doing their daily jobs of caring for and teaching children. It is a true partnership in raising our daughter. Thank you Primrose Prosper staff!

    Felizia S.


  • My daughter just started at primrose school of prosper and loves it very much! Ms. Karen has been great and my daughter is so happy in her class. Thank you Primrose!



  • We have had the most amazing experience with Primrose, and am honored to be part of the Primrose Family! Our son absolutely loves his school and teachers and wakes up every morning asking "Is school open yet?" He is constantly reaching milestones, such as learning Spanish numbers, colors and phrases, how to respond to people properly and politely, and even memorizing the Pledge of Allegiance! I attribute all of his success to the hard work and patience of his teachers and the administrators. It is nice to be greeted every morning and afternoon with a smile, whether it's the office administrator, another teacher, the cook, or the franchise owners. I love how the franchise owner is very hands-on. I have seen him help out in the toddler room, to high-fiving the kids as they depart for the day. It's awesome to see that kind of team work and energy! The Director takes all of our concerns with the utmost professionalism. I really value this school and what it has done for my child and our family - PARENTS NIGHT OUT!!! I would recommend Primrose to every parent looking for a great education for their child(ren), fun activities, and caring environment.

    Angela S.


  • Finding the right childcare/school is a big decision. When it was time for me to return to work after my maternity leave, my husband and I toured a few schools/ daycares but no other place was even close to what we saw in Primrose. The place is excellent and staff here are wonderful, patient, well-trained and loving. We were immediately convinced that this was the place for my 6 month old. . Every morning after I drop my little one off here, I get back to work with absolutely no worries. I am confident that my child is happy here and I can tell that he loves going here by just seeing his face light up when we enter the school premises. The staff know my child so well and it is amazing how much individual attention he gets. It feels wonderful to look at the arts and crafts he brings home and it is beautiful to see my little one respond to me in sign language. I am and will continue recommending Primrose to any parent that I know. Thank you Primrose. You are the best!



  • We started at Primrose when our old son was just 10 weeks old. We now can look back and truly appreciate the quality education he (and now our other two daughters) received. As we sat in meet the teach night for Kindergarten, we were floored to hear the basic concepts the state of Texas requires he must know by the end of the year. All things listed, our son had mastered through the teaching of Primrose in years past. Kindergarten will just be a review and mastery of concepts for him, Primrose gave him the foundation. In terms of care, there is none that can compare. Our second daughter was born with congenital heart disease and has had several life saving surgeries in the first two years of her life. Primrose and their caring staff has done nothing but accommodate her needs and provide her with the love and attention she requires through all her special medical circumstances. Never have we heard “no” when we ask if something out of the normal routine can be done. The staff actually encourages our family with her progress. Our third daughter loves her infant room teachers and we consider it a pure joy they are working with her each day. Overall – there are a lot of choices we have had to make as parents, but one we will never question is the choice of Primrose. Thank you Primrose of Prestmont and Primrose of Prosper, your owners, directors and staff are all a part of our extended family helping us raise well balanced children!



  • Mackenzie is having an awesome time at her new school. She loves her teacher and is learning a lot! We're so thankful we made the move!

    Chrystyna J.