Primrose School Building

Primrose School of Prosper

Franchise Owners

Hello, we are Mike and Benita Casey, the proud owners of the Primrose School of Prosper and Windsong Ranch. We are so excited to deliver Primrose's proven curriculum to local families. We've spent ...

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franchise owners

Our Staff

​Lisa Roche, Young Infant Lead Teacher

​Lisa R.

Young Infant Lead Teacher

Mercedes Nambo, Older Infant Lead Teacher

Mercedes N.

Older Infant Lead Teacher

Carolina Ovalle, Toddler Lead Teacher

​Carolina O.

Toddler Lead Teacher

Tyreione Holmes, Early Preschool Lead Teacher

Tyreione H.

Early Preschool I Lead Teacher

Lily Magnuson, Early Preschool I Teacher

Lily M.

Early Preschool I Teacher

Hailey Graham, Early Preschool I Teacher

Hailey G.

Early Preschool I Teacher

Marisa Eccles, Preschool Pathways I Lead Teacher

Marisa E.

Preschool Pathways I Lead Teacher

Shelbie Germany, Preschool Pathways I Teacher

Shelbie G.

Preschool Pathways I Teacher

Sierra Lanham, Preschool Pathways I Teacher

Sierra L.

Preschool Pathways I Teacher

​Thalia Demis, Preschool Pathways II Lead Teacher

​Thalia D.

Preschool Pathways II Lead Teacher

Savanna Berrios, Preschool Pathways II Teacher

Savanna B.

Preschool Pathways II Teacher

Noelle K.

Preschool Pathways II Teacher

Karen Hickson, Preschool I Lead Teacher

​Karen H.

Preschool I Lead Teacher

Kelsi Adam, Preschool II Lead Teacher

Kelsi A.

Preschool II Lead Teacher

Ashley D.

Pre-Kindergarten II Lead Teacher

Ashley Casey, Pre-Kindergarten I Teacher

Ashley C.

Pre-Kindergarten I Teacher Teacher

Miriam Castillo, Pre-Kindergarten I Teacher

Miriam C.

Pre-Kindergarten I Teacher

Kim Hernandez, Pre-Kindergarten I Lead Teacher

Kim H.

Pre-Kindergarten II Lead Teacher

Courtney Hayward, Pre-Kindergarten II Teacher

Courtney H.

Pre-Kindergarten II Teacher

Alyssa Manham, Pre-Kindergarten II Teacher

Alyssa M.

Pre- Kindergarten II Teacher

​Karen McKinney, Private Kindergarten Lead Teacher

​Karen M.

Private Kindergarten Lead Teacher

Dianely Heradia, Kindergarten Assistant and Explorers Lead Teacher

Dianely H.

Kindergarten Assistant/Explorers Lead Teacher