Primrose School of Prestmont

Parent Testimonials

  • My child started Primrose at the age of 2. He went part time for 2 years and full time for 2 years. Now that he is in Kindergarten, we have been faced with a problem -- all thanks to Primrose. He is too ready for Kindergarten. For example, he is doing site words and guided reading books that he has already done at Primrose! His Kindergarten teacher said most kids cannot write their first and last names -- which my child starting working on at the age of 3 at Primrose. Counting is another success -- he's been working on counting to 100 since 2-3 and some kids in his class cant count to 20!The problem is obviously a good one, but be warned: if you're child attends Primrose, they will be above and beyond prepared for Kindergarten! Their teachers are second to none and will see to it that your child is challenged regardless of their age. It's a good feeling to have as a parent; he is confident and not a bit overwhelmed because the information they are presenting he knows well or has seen before.



  • We’ve been a Primrose family for more than four years – from infant to Pre-K – and it’s been a wonderful experience. There is nothing so important as knowing your children are in good hands in a safe environment among people who genuinely love and care for them. The teachers and the management have become like family to my daughters, so much so that my girls never leave the school without stopping to hug their teachers from previous years. I have been continually impressed with the curriculum at every age and with the fun and educational things they learn. Primrose was the third school I visited before my girls were born – I walked in and knew immediately it was the place for us. I registered on the spot and we’ve never looked back. We are truly fortunate and grateful to be a Primrose family!

    Karen K.


  • We have been coming to Primrose of Prestmont for over eight years. There are three reasons I would recommend Primrose to anyone and wouldn't go any place else for childcare. 1. The children and safe and loved! 2. The staff has very little turnover. This means that the owners and managers are taking care of the staff and making this a great place to work. The same ladies who cared for my 9 year old also cared or my 5 year old and now my baby! 3. The education they receive is amazing. As an elementary school teacher I have noticed through the years that students coming to kindergarten from a Primrose school are academically and socially are ready. We love Primrose at our home!

    Merrily M.


  • We were thrilled when we found out Prestmont had an opening for our daughter. She LOVES going to school every single day. It is such a treat to watch her love of learning grow and grow. Every once in a while, my daughter will call me by her teacher's name, Ms Yvonne. For a moment, I had my feelings hurt. Then I realized how secure and loved my daughter must feel at her school. What else could a parent ask for? The staff and management are also there to help parents. Many times I will ask them for advice or guidance and leave feeling encouraged and supported myself. As a mother, I wanted to make sure she was safe, felt secure and was being prepared for school. Prestmont has been a gift, and we are very thankful to have this second family in our lives.

    Candace S.


  • Our youngest son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. He's school aged and the daycare we had used for years would not agree to handle all his new medical needs when he went back for the summer. A friend told us about their experience at Primrose and, while their school's summer program was full, they got us in touch with the Prestmont campus. Not only did Prestmont have openings, they welcomed our boys with open arms. The staff didn't even flinch at all the extras that come with taking care of a Type 1 kiddo. Amber and the entire staff were eager to learn about checking his sugar levels and administering insulin shots (and they are all pros now!). They made sure he always felt like he was part of the group and went above and beyond to help him have a great time, all while giving my wife and I huge peace of mind that he was in good hands. Both boys had a wonderful summer and we could not have asked for a better experience. We will definitely send both boys back to Prestmont next summer!

    Alan A.


  • Choosing Primrose School of Prestmont for our son, Eric, to attend has been one of the best and easiest decisions we've ever made. Not only does the school come highly recommended and is reputable, but we knew it was the place we would put our trust to care for our son. We have been blessed to have our son attending Primrose where he receives exceptional care, excellent foundational education, and is surrounded by loving and nurturing teachers and staff.

    Daniela K.


  • Our son has gone to a Primrose since he was a few months old and is now 5. We’ve enjoyed our experience with the staff + the growth and development we’ve seen with our son. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a place for your child to thrive and be treated with the utmost care!

    Lindsey L.