Exterior of a Primrose School of Prestmont

Primrose School of Prestmont

Franchise Owners

We have been residents of Frisco and Frisco community servants for over 15 years. We take great pride in Frisco, it's growing communities and are actively involved in philanthropic efforts that sup...

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franchise owners

Our Staff

Yvette Rippy-Hermonat, Communications Manager

Yvette Rippy-Hermonat

Communications Manager

​Yvonne Ochoa, Classroom Excellence Supervisor

​Yvonne Ochoa

Classroom Excellence Supervisor

​Kristen Kirschner, Director of Education

​Kristen Kirschner

Director of Education

​Jennifer Woltman, Older Infant Lead Teacher

​Jennifer Woltman

Older Infant Lead Teacher

Holly Daugherty, Young Infant Assistant Teacher

Holly Daugherty

Young Infant Assistant Teacher

​Juli Simpson, Young Infant Assistant Teacher

​Juli Simpson

Young Infant Assistant Teacher

Jancy George, Prekindergarten II Assistant Teacher

Jancy George

Prekindergarten II Assistant Teacher

Erika Perez

Erika Perez

Infant Assistant Teacher

Andra Doughtie, Young Toddler Lead Teacher

Andra Doughtie

Young Toddler Lead Teacher

Sandra Aguilar, Young Toddler  Assistant Teacher

Sandra Aguilar

Young Toddler Assistant Teacher

​Andria Boggas, Early Preschool I Lead Teacher

​Andria Boggas

Early Preschool I Lead Teacher

Joana Maldonado, Young Infant Assistant Teacher

Joana Maldonado

Early Preschool I Assistant Teacher

Yoselyn Torres

Yoselyn Torres

Early Preschool I Assistant Teacher

​Nallely Paz, Early Preschool II Lead Teacher

​Nallely Paz

Early Preschool II Lead Teacher

Kalandra Harlan, Early Preschool II Assistant Teacher

Kalandra Harlan

Early Preschool II Assistant Teacher

Krista Cline, Preschool Pathways Lead Teacher

Krista Cline

Preschool Pathways Lead Teacher

Karen Reynoso, Assistant Preschool Pathways Teacher

Karen Reynoso

Assistant Preschool Pathways Teacher

Mireya Rivera, Preschool I Assistant Teacher

Mireya Rivera

Preschool I Assistant Teacher

CeCe Iro-Cunningham, Prekindergarten I Assistant Teacher

CeCe Iro-Cunningham

Prekindergarten I Assistant Teacher

Kait Parker, Preschool II Lead Teacher

Kait Parker

Preschool II Lead Teacher

Danielle Dicarlo

Danielle Dicarlo

Preschool II Assistant Teacher

Naushaba Alam, Pre-Kindergarten II Assistant Teacher

Naushaba Alam

Pre-Kindergarten II Assistant Teacher

Kindergarten Teacher

Clemance Hinn

Kindergarten Teacher

Alyssa Foritillas, Explorers Assistant Teacher

Alyssa Foritillas

Explorers Assistant Teacher