Exterior of a Primrose School at Polaris

Primrose School at Polaris

Franchise Owners

Welcome! We are Ashley and Luke Clemens, the proud owners of the Primrose School at Polaris and the Primrose School of Pickerington, which opened in January 2009. We are both extremely excited to c...

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franchise owners

Our Staff

​Andrea Young, Assistant Director

​Andrea Young

Assistant Director

​Jamie Clokey, Administrative Assistant

​Jamie Clokey

Administrative Assistant

​Elena Craft, Curriculum Coordinator

​Elena Craft

Curriculum Coordinator

Amy Armstead, Regional Administrator

Amy Armstead

Regional Administrator

Ashley Bent, Young Toddler Teacher

Ashley Bent

Young Toddler Teacher

Megan Davenport, Young Toddler Teacher

Megan Davenport

Young Toddler Teacher

Meg Hollobaugh, Young Toddler Teacher

Meg Hollobaugh

Young Toddler Teacher

Anjy Caccamo, Early Preschool 1 Teacher

Anjy Caccamo

Early Preschool 1 Teacher

Julia Miller, Early Preshool 1 Teacher

Julia Miller

Early Preshool 1 Teacher

​Megan Doughty, Early Preschool 2 Teacher

​Megan Doughty

Early Preschool 2 Teacher

Rachel Windley, Early Preschool 2 Teacher

Rachel Windley

Early Preschool 2 Teacher

Briseyda Felix, Support Staff

Briseyda Felix

Preschool 1 Teacher

Jenn Shaull, Pre-Kindergarten 1 Teacher

Jenn Shaull

Pre-Kindergarten 1 Teacher

Valerie Stearns, Pre-Kindergarten 1 Teacher

Valerie Stearns

Pre-Kindergarten 1 Teacher

Meranda Gee, Pre-Kindergarten 2 Teacher

Meranda Gee

Pre-Kindergarten 2 Teacher

Leighanna Wagner, Pre-Kindergarten 2 Teacher

Leighanna Wagner

Pre-Kindergarten 2 Teacher

​Brooke Ballentine, Kindergarten Teacher

​Brooke Ballentine

Kindergarten Teacher

​Angela Arthur, Kindergarten Assistant Teacher

​Angela Arthur

Kindergarten Assistant Teacher