Primrose School at Polaris

Our Staff

  • ​Megan Doughty, Director

    ​Megan Doughty


    My name is Megan and I am the Director at the Primrose School at Polaris. I have worked here since July of 2014. I was a teacher in the Early Preschool 2 classroom for over 4 years, then moved on to be the Education Coach for over 2 years and took on the role as Director in 2020.

    I have a daughter, Peyton, who started at this school when she was one! Peyton and I love playing card and board games, going on bike rides, and swimming.

    I was born in West Virginia and raised in a small town in eastern Ohio. I am 1 of 6 children and my siblings are my best friends. Peyton and I love to visit my family as much as possible.

    I am so grateful that I get to be apart of your child's life. Watching the kids throughout our school grow has been and will continue to be the highlight of my time at Primrose Polaris. I look forward to working closely with each of your families!

  • ​Jamie Clokey, Assistant Director

    ​Jamie Clokey

    Assistant Director

    My name is Jamie Clokey and I am the Assistant Director here at the Primrose School at Polaris. I have been apart of the Primrose family since May 2014 and have grown so much here.

    My husband, Cammeron, and I live in Delaware, Ohio with our daughters, Davie, Eden, & Sutton and our pup Oakley. I spend most of my time chasing twin toddlers & snuggling my babies but when I'm not doing that I love doing anything that sparks creativity, binge watching the best TV shows & spending time with our friends and family.

    I'm so grateful for the personal growth I have experienced and will continue to have with my Primrose family. I truly adore each connection I have made with each co-worker, parent, and child. I am so lucky to be able to watch these kids grow!

  • Erica Egbert, Education Coach

    Erica Egbert

    Education Coach

    I couldn’t be more excited to be a member of the Primrose family! Since day one, our community here has made me feel so welcome. I’m looking forward to learning and growing with you all.

    I’m from northeast Ohio and graduated with my Bachelors in Early Childhood Education from Youngstown State University. Not long after, I headed west to Colorado where I eventually met my husband, who’s also originally from OH. After our wedding in 2018, we decided to move back home to start our family. We feel so lucky to have our son attend school here.

    Travel, the outdoors, yoga, biking, food, and music are some of my favorite things. On the weekend you will find our little family laughing and playing as much as possible. Like our dog Teddy, I love a good hike and a nap.

    Thank you for letting me witness the thrill of learning with your children. Let’s have some fun!

  • Ashley Bent, Infant Teacher

    Ashley Bent

    Infant Teacher

    My name is Ashley Bent and I've worked here at Primrose School at Polaris since May 2012, almost 9 years! I've worked in child care for over 10 years now. Most of my experience is with ages 6 weeks to 1.5 years old!

    I was the Young Toddler teacher for about 5 and half years before switching to the Infant class! I've been one of the Infant teachers for just over 3 years now. I love it!

    I have a 6 and half year old son and he attends Private Kindergarten here! He's been attending Primrose Polaris since he was a toddler at 16 months old. He's grown, developed great relationships, and learned so much here. He loves Primrose!

    I have loved working here at Primrose School at Polaris for many reasons. You get such a family vibe working here between the relationships gained with parents to relationships built with my co teachers and even the relationships I've had with my sons teachers over the years. I've met so many great children and families over the years! I've grown and learned so much as well.

    In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my son, doing a variety of fun activities! We love going to the zoo, parks, and swimming. I also love spending time with family, being outdoors when possible, and whatever each day might bring! My favorite season is Fall, I enjoy candles, love the ocean/beach, and my favorite flowers are Sunflowers!

    I'm so glad you've chosen us with your child care needs and I look forward to meeting you!

  • Kathy Clokey, Infant Teacher

    Kathy Clokey

    Infant Teacher

    My name is Kathy Clokey. I am a wife, a momma to four amazing children, and a nana to five grandbabies. I have worked with children for over thirty-five years. I have been at Primrose for nearly 10 of those years. Teaching is my true passion! Every single day is filled with learning experiences, laughter, and lots of love. Witnessing the physical and emotional development of these precious little human-beings is a true blessing to me. This Primrose family is part of the “village” that will help to teach, encourage and develop your children’s young minds.

  • Ashley Bell, Young Toddler Teacher

    Ashley Bell

    Young Toddler Teacher
  • Ciarrah Closson, Young Toddler Teacher

    Ciarrah Closson

    Young Toddler Teacher
  • Elena Clark, Toddler Teacher

    Elena Clark

    Toddler Teacher

    Hello! My name is Ms. Elena and this is my first year working at the Primrose School! I have a lot of experience working as a caregiver and I absolutely love it! I’ve received my Associate of Applied Science from Cuyahoga Community College in 2013. Previously, I’ve worked providing Occupational Therapy Services to children and adults of all ages at various settings. I am very passionate about helping children learn! I enjoy spending time with my family, taking nature walks and reading books.

  • Olivia Dotson, Toddler Teacher

    Olivia Dotson

    Toddler Teacher
  • Krystin Allard, Young Toddler & Toddler Support Teacher

    Krystin Allard

    Young Toddler & Toddler Support Teacher

    Hi my name is Krystin. I have worked in childcare for over a year and a half. I started at the Primrose School at Polaris in 2019. I grew up in Worthington, Ohio. I am currently studying education at Otterbein University. I love working at Primrose and getting to work with the children. As well as getting to see how they grow and all they learn!

  • LaNikea Woods, Early Preschool 1 Teacher

    LaNikea Woods

    Early Preschool 1 Teacher
  • Tay'Shaunna Carter, Early Preschool 2 Teacher

    Tay'Shaunna Carter

    Early Preschool 2 Teacher
  • Jessica Barton, Preschool Teacher

    Jessica Barton

    Preschool Teacher
  • Patricia Herlensky, Preschool Teacher

    Patricia Herlensky

    Preschool Teacher
  • Caitlan Fetters

    Preschool Teacher
  • Martie Conklin

    Preschool Teacher
  • Meagan Coultas, Pre-Kindergarten 1 Teacher

    Meagan Coultas

    Pre-Kindergarten 1 Teacher

    Hi! My name is Meagan Coultas. I have been a Pre-Kindergarten teacher at Primrose since September 2021 and have loved seeing each child learn and grow every day! Finding new ways to help them be creative, solve problems, and build confidence in themselves is such a rewarding experience.

    I graduated from Otterbein University in 2019 with a Bachelor’s in English and a minor in Psychology. I am passionate about reading and writing, and hope to publish a book someday. Fostering a love for reading in each child is important to me, and our story time in class is one of my favorite parts of the day!

    I currently live in Westerville, Ohio. Some of my favorite things are thrifting, yoga, coffee, and my two cats.

    I can’t wait to meet you and your family!

  • Grace Hoover, Pre-Kindergarten 1 Teacher

    Grace Hoover

    Pre-Kindergarten 1 Teacher
  • Meranda Gee, Pre-Kindergarten 2 Teacher

    Meranda Gee

    Pre-Kindergarten 2 Teacher

    Hi! My name is Meranda Gee and I have been teaching Pre-Kindergarten 2 at the Primrose School at Polaris for five years now. What I love about working at Primrose at Polaris is that we are one big family working towards the goal of educating children in a loving and safe environment. I have an Associates degree in Education from The Ohio State University and I've been teaching overall for over a decade. I have plans on completing my Bachelors in Education hopefully in the near future. My favorite thing about teaching this age group is getting to watch them grow and learn. It's so rewarding to watch my students succeed with a new concept and to see how much joy it brings to them when they achieve their goal. This age is also so much fun as they are learning more about themselves and what they like and just love having fun. I am a child at heart and I love playing video games and reading books about fantasy worlds. My husband and I welcomed our baby girl into the world on June 2019 and she has brought so much joy to our lives. She is currently in the Toddler classroom and loves to come to school everyday. Our family is about to grow again in May as we prepare to welcome a little boy into the world. I look forward to getting to know more about your families over the next year and I'm so excited to get to the privilege of teaching your child.

  • Annabelle Gribble, Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

    Annabelle Gribble

    Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
  • Christina Marks, Kindergarten Teacher

    Christina Marks

    Kindergarten Teacher

    Hello, my name is Mrs. Marks and I am excited to be teaching your child at Primrose! Kindergarten is a fun year of growth and learning which I am sure we are both looking forward to.

    I come to Primrose with a lot of diverse experience. I started teaching in Columbus City Schools as a reading teacher at the elementary level. I recently taught reading and second grade for several years at a charter school in Columbus. I love working with children and watching them grow and succeed is rewarding for me.

    I live with my family in Powell. In my spare time, I enjoy watching my children play sports and reading.

    I look forward to meeting you soon!!

  • Kari Good, Support Staff Teacher

    Kari Good

    Support Staff Teacher

    Hi! My name is Kari Good. I have been with Primrose for a year and a half now. I am currently a student at Otterbein University, majoring in P-5 education! I will obtain my bachelors of science in primary education at the end of the year, and received my associates degree in early childhood education from Columbus state in December of 2019. I love working with kids, and have been since I was about 17. It’s been a very rewarding 6 years in childcare! Over the years I have primarily worked in daycare, but also was a swim instructor for kids and a nanny. I grew up in southern Michigan, and moved to Ohio in 2012. I enjoy cooking, the outdoors and spending time with my family and friends. I love to learn, and I love to read. My fiancé and I spend a lot of time outside exploring during the warmer months, and watch good tv and read good books during the colder months. You’ll see me helping all around the school, which I love to do. It’s extremely rewarding helping and watching so many children learn and grow!

  • Julia Miller, Support Staff Teacher

    Julia Miller

    Support Staff Teacher

    Hello, my name is Julia Miller. I am from Westerville Ohio and still live here today. I graduated from Columbus State Community College with an associates degree in early childhood education and I am earning my bachelors degree at Otterbein University also in early childhood education. I have been working in childcare since 2015 and have been with Primrose since 2017. I went to the Delaware Career Center, in high school, for their early childhood education program and worked at Westerville’s Safety City during my summers while in high school. I love working at Primrose because the staff have become like a second family to me and they are very flexible with my schedule while I am going to school. I also love all the families at Primrose, my favorite part of being support staff is being able to go into the different classrooms throughout the years and see how the children have grown from toddlers to kindergarteners and know that I was apart of that growth just a little bit. My parents still live here in Westerville and brother and sister are attending different colleges. I also have a cat named Nala who I love very dearly and my parents have a puppy named Gemma. In my free time when I’m not at Primrose or doing home work I love doing crafts, like knitting, quilting and scrapbooking; also I visit or video chat my boyfriend who is in the Marines in a different state when I can. I am so happy to be apart of Primrose with all of you and your families.

  • Paula Sandahl, Support Staff Teacher

    Paula Sandahl

    Support Staff Teacher

    Hi! My name is Paula. I have worked for primrose for almost a year. I love to help and care for the children. Their warm greeting its what makes my day. I’m also bilingual, I speak both Spanish and English. My goal is to help little children become adults. I want them to learn the importance of team work and kindness.

  • Sophia Lytle, Cook

    Sophia Lytle

  • Natosha and Ehab Eskander, Franchise Owner

    Natosha and Ehab Eskander

    Franchise Owners

    Hello, we are Natosha and Ehab Eskander, the proud Franchise Owners of Primrose School of Polaris. Since opening our first preschool, the Primrose School at Pinnacle in December, 2009, we have seen the positive influence of the school’s top-notch teachers and curriculum on our own children, our students and the community. So we are truly honored to extend the Primrose experience to more children and families that live or work in the Westerville area.

    As parents, we understand how difficult it can be to find a safe, nurturing and educational environment where you can leave your children while you’re away at work. When we discovered Primrose, we instantly felt the welcoming environment that we know parents are looking for. We fell in love with the curriculum, the focus on character development and the partnerships formed with parents. The school made such an impact on us that we decided to open our very own. In fact, two of our children graduated from our Private Kindergarten program at the Primrose School at Pinnacle.

    The importance of education has always been stressed throughout our lives and Primrose embodies all the values that we hold dear. We have seen how a quality early education foundation has positively impacted our children and we hope to share the benefits with your family.

    We look forward to meeting you!

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