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  • The gowls

    Family of The Month ''The Gowl's"

    Dear Primrose, From the moment we walked in the doors in August of 2013, we felt welcome and confident that the little girl we were expecting to be born that coming October would be happy at Primrose. Brianna (a.k.a. Bree) started attending Primrose when she was 6 months old and has enjoyed her Primrose family ever since. We have heard many moms tell me how guilty they felt first time they left their babies at daycare, but we never had that feeling. When we left Bree in Ms. Rosie’s arms that first day, she was smiling as we left and so were we because we knew she would be just fine. Since then Bree has reached many milestones, but one of the milestones we remember most vividly was the first time Bree used sign language to communicate with us. She was about 9 months old and we were all having dinner. Bree began making some gestures to us and was getting frustrated that we were not responding. Suddenly Jerry exclaims, “I think she is signing!” We immediately got out the sign-language cards we had been given, and sure enough, our baby girl was asking for more milk. That is just one of many moments when we have been amazed by what our daughter has learned at Primrose. In fact, we have had many people comment about how smart Bree is, almost on the verge of thinking her gifted, but we think that although she is bright, her excellence is mainly due to Primrose’s curriculum since many of her classmates show the same brilliance. It has been a joy to watch Bree grow along with her many classmates; some of which she has been with since she was 6 months old. Our immediate family consists of Dad, Mom, Brianna, Madie (our dog), and Minnie, (our kitty). As a family we enjoy many activities, including attending our church and various church activities, reading together, watching movies, playing games, visiting various parks around Pearland and Friendswood, and jumping on our trampoline. Last October we celebrated Halloween at our church’s trunk or treat. Last month to celebrate Mother’s Day, Mom had the pleasure of attending Muffins for Mom with Bree. We had fun talking with other moms while we enjoyed our muffins. Also last month, Dad and Bree did some fishing for the first time at Cabela’s sporting store in League City. Cabela’s had a large pool of water stocked with small fish that children could catch and release. With a little help from Dad, she caught 3 fish! Thank you Primrose staff for giving our little girl so much love in addition to a terrific education. You have given us, her parents, piece of mind knowing that she is well cared for every time we leave her with you. Best regards, Brooke, Jerry, and Bree

  • Johnican

    Apple of Our Eye

    Please help us congratulate Ms. Adrienn Johnican for the Apple of Our Eye for the month of July! Ms. Johnican started with us in February 2018 with 12 years childcare experience. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication.

  • Close up of foam letters spelling out the words "THANK YOU"

    Primrose Parent Testimonial

    We want to take the opportunity to thank you and all of the Directors and staff members of Primrose for making Primrose a positive environment for the kids to learn. Samuel sees Primrose as his second home and this is possible because of all the people who work at Primrose who have the same goal of making this school a lovely place where kids feel accepted, respected and loved. He has been blessed to have wonderful teachers who nurture the kids. They give them the opportunity to let them be kids but at the same time, with love, would correct when necessary in a positive way. Thank you very much for all you do for kids!!

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