Primrose School of Peachtree Corners

Our Staff

  • Mrs. Johnson, Director

    Mrs. Johnson

  • Ms. McCollum, Assistant Director

    Ms. McCollum

    Assistant Director
  • Mrs. Mills, Curriculum Coach

    Mrs. Mills

    Curriculum Coach
  • Ms. Emily, Office Assistant

    Ms. Emily

    Office Assistant
  • Mrs. Berenice, Office Assistant

    Mrs. Berenice

    Office Assistant
  • Mrs. Rashidatu, School Chef

    Mrs. Rashidatu

    School Chef
  • Ms. Kaitlin, Lead Pre-K Teacher

    Ms. Kaitlin

    Lead Pre-K Teacher
  • Mrs. Nahid, Assistant Pre-K Teacher

    Mrs. Nahid

    Assistant Pre-K Teacher
  • Ms. Brianna, Lead Pre-K Teacher

    Ms. Brianna

    Lead Pre-K Teacher
  • Ms. Rahma, Lead Preschool B Teacher

    Ms. Rahma

    Lead Preschool B Teacher
  • Ms. Daisy, Assistant Preschool B Teacher

    Ms. Daisy

    Assistant Preschool B Teacher
  • Ms. Yasha, Lead Preschool A Teacher

    Ms. Yasha

    Lead Preschool A Teacher
  • Ms. Deja, Assistant Preschool A Teacher

    Ms. Deja

    Assistant Preschool A Teacher
  • Ms. Williams, Lead Early Preschool Teacher

    Ms. Williams

    Lead Early Preschool Teacher
  • Ms. Caryn, Assistant Early Preschool Teacher

    Ms. Caryn

    Assistant Early Preschool Teacher
  • Ms. Akaasha, Early Preschool Teacher

    Ms. Akaasha

    Early Preschool Teacher
  • Ms. Folasade, Lead Pathways Teacher

    Ms. Folasade

    Lead Pathways Teacher
  • Ms. Christina, Assistant Pathways Teacher

    Ms. Christina

    Assistant Pathways Teacher
  • Ms. Crystal, Lead Toddler Teacher

    Ms. Crystal

    Lead Toddler Teacher
  • Ms. Angel, Toddler Support Staff

    Ms. Angel

    Toddler Support Staff
  • Ms. Luam, Toddler Support Staff

    Ms. Luam

    Toddler Support Staff
  • Ms. Carolina, Older Infants Teacher

    Ms. Carolina

    Older Infants Teacher
  • Ms. Sydney, Older Infants Teacher

    Ms. Sydney

    Older Infants Teacher
  • Ms. Lauren, Older Infants Assistant Teacher

    Ms. Lauren

    Older Infants Assistant Teacher
  • Ms. A'maya, Young Infant Teacher

    Ms. A'maya

    Young Infant Teacher
  • Ms. Jill, Young Infant Teacher

    Ms. Jill

    Young Infant Teacher
  • Mrs. Shaista, Young Infant Teacher

    Mrs. Shaista

    Young Infant Teacher
  • Ms. Annika, School Support Staff

    Ms. Annika

    School Support Staff
  • Ms. Armani, School Support Staff

    Ms. Armani

    School Support Staff
  • Ms. Courtney, School Support Staff

    Ms. Courtney

    School Support Staff
  • Ms. Litzy, School Support Staff

    Ms. Litzy

    School Support Staff
  • Ms. Melissa, School Support Staff

    Ms. Melissa

    School Support Staff
  • Ms. Rachel, School Support Staff

    Ms. Rachel

    School Support Staff
  • Mrs. Rimbey, School Support Staff

    Mrs. Rimbey

    School Support Staff
  • Simon and Kathy Edwards, Franchise Owner

    Simon and Kathy Edwards

    Franchise Owner

    Meet Simon and Kathy Edwards, proud Franchise Owners of Primrose School of Peachtree Corners. They are excited to bring the Primrose Experience, offering premier early education and care to families in the Peachtree Corners community. They first discovered Primrose in 2002 when they were searching for high quality preschool providers for their two sons, Justin and Matthew. After enrolling in a Primrose School, they quickly learned that Primrose was the right fit for their family.

    The Edwards' acquired Primrose School of Peachtree Corners in 2003. Their goal is to offer an atmosphere that will foster a love of learning and will help children develop Active Minds, Healthy Bodies and Happy Hearts®.

    Simon and Kathy both have strong backgrounds in business. Simon's experience is in education, counseling and administration. He has worked as a social worker, family therapist, and administrator for some of the largest social service agencies on the east coast. Kathy's background is in business management and finance. She has worked for large companies such as NBC, Time Inc. and Turner Broadcasting, all in the finance divisions. They embrace the importance of working with staff and parents and strive to create the best possible environment for children.

    Simon and Kathy look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to the Primrose family!

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