Primrose School of Parker

Franchise Owners

The Primrose School of Parker is owned and operated by the husband and wife team of Deb Tynan and Bob Tagliani. Unable to find quality child care for their daughter, Bob and Deb took matters into t...

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franchise owners

Our Staff

Mrs. Meagan Brandt

Assistant Director

Mrs. Roxanne Mitchell

Office Manager

Mr. Kaelan Davis

Director of Marketing

From the Beginning...

Our Seasoned Teachers

​Ms. Renee Sarmiento

Infant Nursery Supervisor - Infant Classroom

Miss Kristina Boyadjiev

Assistant Teacher - Infant Classroom

Ms. Tara Llewellyn

Assistant Teacher - Infant Classroom

​Ms. Debra Sorg

Infant Nursery Supervisor - Young Toddler Classroom

Ms. Rajni

Assistant Teacher - Young Toddler Classroom

Mrs. Allison Hirko

Early Childhood Teacher - Toddler Classroom

Miss Rachel Penrose

Assistant Teacher - Toddler Classroom

Mrs. Mallory Hudson

Early Childhood Teacher - Toddler Classroom

Mrs. Lorena Orellana

Early Childhood Teacher - Early Preschool 1 Classroom

Mrs. Jane Cox

Early Childhood Teacher - Preschool Pathways Classroom

Miss Kandin McCall

Assistant Teacher - Preschool Pathways Classroom

Mrs. Sharon Fite

Early Childhood Teacher - Preschool 1 Classroom

Ms. Beth McGraw

Early Childhood Teacher - Preschool 2 Classroom

​Mrs. Debbie Prueter

Early Childhood Teacher- Private Pre-Kindergarten 2 Classroom

Miss Taylor Whittle

Assistant Teacher - Private Pre-Kindergarten 2 Classroom

Miss Dhriti Pangasa

Assistant Teacher - Private Kindergarten/Explorer's Club Classroom

Mrs. Linda Covnot

Early Childhood Teacher - Explorer's Club Classroom

Miss Tiana Cannon

Early Childhood Teacher

Mrs. Sharissa Watson

Assistant Teacher