Primrose School of Overland Park

Parent Testimonials

  • Our near 2 year old son came from another school and we've been happy with the change since day 1. The staff and teachers are all extremely nice and have a genuine interest in Bennett's development. We can't say enough how happy it makes us that he enjoys and wants to be at school. He's learning far more than we expected at this age. Thanks!



  • If you are looking for not just a daycare but an educational experience for your child, look no further than Primrose of Overland Park. My husband and I visited a number of Schools, but after visiting Primrose we both instantly knew this was the place for our daughter. We could not be happier with the our decision. My daughter Kierra has attended Primrose of Overland Park for almost 1 year and she absolutely LOVES her school. She is happy and excited from the time she steps in the door until the time she leaves. She has learned so much since being at Primrose and has flourished both mentally and socially. The curriculum is top-notch. Everyone at Primrose, from the Owners, Director, and Staff really foster a safe, friendly, caring family environment. It is comforting as a Parent to know that when I drop my daughter off at school she is in great hands. Thank you Primrose for all that you do every day for our kiddos!

    Kimberly T.


  • We have loved Primrose from day one! Our daughter was always really shy but after going to Primrose even after a few months she was beaming with excitement and talking to everyone. Over the past year she has grown up more than I ever could have imagined. Primrose has taught her the weather, letters, how to spell and write her name and colors and shapes in Spanish, its amazing! Thank you Primrose for all that you have done for us!

    Rebecca K.


  • We moved to Primrose this year after 4 years at another "prestigious" area school. We liked the other school, but we LOVE Primrose. The teachers are fantastic. The lessons are fun and parents are kept updated on what their kiddos are working on so we can chat with our children about it - we even get to sing along to the same songs their working on in class with a CD at home. Uniforms eliminate morning fights. The backpack makes my pre-K kiddo feel so grown up. My son is so proud of the work he does at Primrose and I think he'll be in great shape for Kindergarten next year as a result. And to my husband and I, the biggest thing is that the staff at Primrose knows my son and cares about his well being. All kids are greeted by name every day. We feel the school is more secure and appreciate that the Primrose team is so committed to our son's safety and happiness.

    Kelli R.


  • We have had our son enrolled in Primrose Overland Park since August 2013. He currently is in the private Pre-K class. He has a great time in class, playing with his friends, learning spanish along with his letters and math. He mostly loves the trips to Rose Estates Assisted Living Community. We are very happy with our choice to transfer Mikey to Primrose. The staff is extremely friendly and accommodating! I always leave there knowing the staff truly cares about my children.

    Stephanie K.