Primrose School of North Rockwall

Our Staff

  • Mrs. Kali, Executive Director

    Mrs. Kali

    Executive Director
  • Ms. Samantha, Assistant Director

    Ms. Samantha

    Assistant Director
  • Ms. Alyssa, Education Coach

    Ms. Alyssa

    Education Coach
  • Ms. Teara, Teacher Support

    Ms. Teara

    Teacher Support
  • Ms. Jena, Chef

    Ms. Jena

  • Ms. Jennifer, Infant Teacher

    Ms. Jennifer

    Infant Teacher
  • Ms. Adriana, Infant Teacher

    Ms. Adriana

    Infant Teacher
  • Ms. Krystal, Infant Teacher

    Ms. Krystal

    Infant Teacher
  • Ms. Grace, Infant Teacher

    Ms. Grace

    Infant Teacher
  • Ms. Cici, Early Preschool Teacher

    Ms. Cici

    Early Preschool Teacher
  • Ms. Estela, Support Teacher

    Ms. Estela

    Support Teacher
  • Ms. Cece, Toddler Teacher

    Ms. Cece

    Toddler Teacher
  • Ms. Rochelle, Toddler Teacher

    Ms. Rochelle

    Toddler Teacher
  • Ms. Awilda, Toddler Teacher

    Ms. Awilda

    Toddler Teacher
  • Ms. Reyna, Toddler Teacher

    Ms. Reyna

    Toddler Teacher
  • Ms.Priscila, Early Preschool Teacher


    Early Preschool Teacher
  • Ms. Mallory, Preschool Teacher

    Ms. Mallory

    Preschool Teacher
  • Ms. Thirloka, Preschool Teacher

    Ms. Thirloka

    Preschool Teacher
    Apple of Our Eye
  • Ms. Linda, Teacher

    Ms. Linda

  • Ms. Zaman, Support Teacher

    Ms. Zaman

    Support Teacher
  • Ms. Raven, Explorer Teacher

    Ms. Raven

    Explorer Teacher
  • Ms. Zarhaa, Support Teacher

    Ms. Zarhaa

    Support Teacher
  • Ms. Jamie, Support Teacher

    Ms. Jamie

    Support Teacher
  • Ms. Zipporah, Preschool Pathways Teacher

    Ms. Zipporah

    Preschool Pathways Teacher
  • Ms. Izabella, Toddler Teacher

    Ms. Izabella

    Toddler Teacher
  • Ms. Alejandra, Support Teacher

    Ms. Alejandra

    Support Teacher
  • Ms. Katlynn, Support Teacher

    Ms. Katlynn

    Support Teacher
  • Ms. Taylor, Venture Teacher

    Ms. Taylor

    Venture Teacher
  • Ms. Kiah, Infant Teacher

    Ms. Kiah

    Infant Teacher
  • Ms. Kristen, Pre-K Teacher

    Ms. Kristen

    Pre-K Teacher
  • Ms. Huong

    Infant Teacher
  • Ms. Holly, Early Preschool Teacher

    Ms. Holly

    Early Preschool Teacher
  • Ms.Lauren, Toddler Teacher


    Toddler Teacher
  • Arshad, Arshia & Lubna Nizam, Franchise Owner

    Arshad, Arshia & Lubna Nizam

    Franchise Owners

    Welcome to Primrose Schools!

    Hello, we are Arshad, Arshia & Lubna Nizam, the proud owners of Primrose School of North Rockwall!

    We are so excited to deliver Primrose Schools proven Balanced Learning® curriculum to the families across the Rockwall community. We have spent most of our professional careers working in the corporate world, but it has long been a passion to get involved with early childhood education.

    In September of 2012, Arshad and Arshia became the proud owners of Primrose School of Chase Oaks. Soon after, in 2014, we acquired our next campus, Primrose School of Rockwall. Together, we have two daughters and three wonderful granddaughters. Our youngest daughter, Lubna, has been our Operations Manager and has now joined us as the proud owner of Primrose School of North Rockwall. With a daughter of her own, she is thrilled to see her child thrive within the Primrose program.

    Who children become is as important as what they know is a belief that is at the core of our Balanced Learning® approach. Our exclusive early learning approach balances purposeful play with nurturing guidance from teachers to encourage curiosity, creativity, confidence and compassion. We deliver more than a curriculum; it’s a life-changing early learning experience for children and their families.

    We have a strong passion for family, early childhood education and teaching children that they can do anything they put their minds to. We're committed to upholding the highest standards in early childhood education and helping lay the foundation for a lifelong love for learning and overall success in school and in life. We strive to provide the very best premier child care experience in North Plano and Rockwall.

    We are excited to meet you and your family!

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