Primrose School of NE Green Oaks

Franchise Owners

Primrose School of N.E. Green Oaks is owned and operated by Lynne Groff, LMSW and her parents Jim & Isobel Morton

LYNNE GROFF LMSW was born in Scotland. Lynne has been married to Douglas Groff ...

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franchise owners

Our Staff

Katherine Scott

Curriculum Coordinator

Meli Ngenyi Musanga

Infant Teacher

Alora Askew

Young Toddler Teacher

Sharon Taylor

Early Preschool Teacher

Katrina Zervos

Early Preschool Teacher

Aislinn McDonald

Early Preschool Teacher

Anika Chowdhury

Early Preschool Teacher

Shelia Williams

Preschool Teacher

Deserae Abdullah

Preschool Teacher

Sulena Douglas

Explorers Teacher/Preschool Teacher

Shlynda Askew

Private Pre-Kindergarten 1 Academic Teacher

Rikki Tatum

Private Pre-Kindergarten 2 Academic Teacher

Kristen McQueen

Pre-Kindergarten 2 Teacher

Hollie Hewitt

Private Kindergarten Teacher