Exterior of a Primrose School at Mountainside

Primrose School at Mountainside

Franchise Owner

Hello, we are Ashley and Charles Gray, the proud Franchise Owners of Primrose School at Mountainside. As parents we value the importance of the high-quality, educational child care that Primrose Sc...

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Our Staff

Jennifer Torres, Lead Infant Teacher

Jennifer Torres

Lead Infant Teacher

Bryanne Dilts, Assistant Infant Teacher

Bryanne Dilts

Assistant Infant Teacher

Zahirah Sharif, Lead Toddler Teacher

Zahirah Sharif

Lead Toddler Teacher

Naiesha Houston-Brooks, Lead Teacher- Early PreSchool

Naiesha Houston-Brooks

Lead Teacher- Early PreSchool

Phyllis Pacella, Assistant Preschool Teacher

Phyllis Pacella

Assistant Preschool Teacher

Lauren Altomare, Lead Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Lauren Altomare

Lead Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Cristina Reino, Curriculum Coordinator

Cristina Reino

Curriculum Coordinator

Izaiah Moultrie, Kitchen Assistant

Izaiah Moultrie

Kitchen Assistant

Kathy Smiatacz, Assistant PreSchool Teacher

Kathy Smiatacz

Assistant PreSchool Teacher

Naeemah Johnson, Assistant Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Naeemah Johnson

Assistant Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Shandel Noda, Lead Early Preschool Teacher

Shandel Noda

Lead Early Preschool Teacher

Beverly Holland, Assistant Teacher

Beverly Holland

Assistant Teacher

Erika McLaughlin, Assistant Teacher

Erika McLaughlin

Assistant Teacher

Ceiola McRae, Lead Teacher - Pre Kindergarten

Ceiola McRae

Lead Teacher - Pre Kindergarten

Maria Ismail, Assistant Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Maria Ismail

Assistant Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Bianca Negron, Assistant Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Bianca Negron

Assistant Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Ashley McDowell, Assistant Kindergarten Teacher

Ashley McDowell

Assistant Kindergarten Teacher

Raqeeah Merritt- Assistant Teacher

Raqeeah Merritt

Assistantt Teacher

Tawanyette Hunter - Support Teacher

Tawanyette Hunter

Support Teacher

Rita Shehady - Kindergarten Teacher

Rita Shehady

Kindergarten Teacher