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Kelli Miller
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Kelli Miller


I am an Oklahoma native, a Broken Arrow high school graduate and a proud University of Oklahoma alumni.  After living all over the country, I returned to Oklahoma in 2017 to make my dream of owning a Primrose school a reality. I believe that every community should have access to premier early education options that are dedicated to the belief that who children become is as important as what they know.

When I was expecting our first child, I was on a never-ending quest for quality child care in our community. I came home in tears because I did not find people I could trust to keep my child safe when I went to work. Working parents should not have to worry about their children while they are pursuing their professional ambitions.

When my husband and I moved to Franklin, Tennessee, in 2011, we went through the process of searching for child care for our daughter all over again. The first school we visited was a Primrose school, and we immediately knew we found what we had been looking for. We were impressed by the thoughtful curriculum and impressive character-building focus of the Balanced Learning® approach.

My sister, who lives in the Tulsa area, was looking for childcare and had similar trouble. When she had the opportunity to visit the Primrose school my daughter was attending, she fell in love with it and said Tulsa needed a Primrose too. This conversation started us down the road of returning to Oklahoma to provide a Primrose school where children can grow in curiosity, creativity, confidence and compassion.  Our youngest child had the privilege of attending our first Primrose School – starting in the infant room and graduating from the PreK program.  He is now flourishing in elementary school, both academically and socially. 

Owning my own business has always been a dream of mine. Our family is proud of the great community we’ve seen develop at Primrose School of South Tulsa and we are looking forward to building another flourishing community at Primrose School of Midtown Tulsa.  We’re committed to continuing to build a brighter future for all children, starting with the ones in Tulsa.

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