Primrose School of Midlothian Village

Franchise Owners

Deb Peery is the proud owner of The Primrose School of Midlothian Village. Her daughter attended the Primrose School of Southlake in Texas, which is where she found her passion for Primrose. Deb ha...

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franchise owners

Our Staff

Veronica Nuckols

Executive Director

Brittany Smyser

Associate Director

Jessica Edwards

Education Director

Heather Tate

Assistant Director

Jessica Williams

Infant Teacher, Teacher Council Representative

April Petersen

Infant Teacher

Debbie McAbee

Infant Teacher

Javonne Frazier

Young Toddler Teacher

Jamie Gravenor

Young Toddler Teacher

Chelsey Lafoon

Young Toddler Teacher

Tracy Lightsey

Young Toddler Teacher

Jeanne Franklin

Toddler Teacher, Teacher Council Representative

Christina Brown

Toddler Teacher

Raven Clayton

Toddler Teacher

Bonnie Lembicz

Operations Assistant, Early Preschool 1 Teacher, Teacher Council Representative

Kristen Crampton

Early Preschool 1 Teacher

Amie Barnett

Early Preschool 2 Teacher, Teacher Council Representative

Erin Compton

Early Preschool 2 Teacher

Sarah Barnett

Preschool 1 Teacher

Emefa Selormey-Hammond

Preschool 1 Teacher

Jessie Dobbins

Preschool 1 Teacher

Kelsey Crist

Preschool 2 Teacher - Teacher Council Representative

Kristen Kenley

Preschool 2 Teacher

Kayla Dove

Pre-Kindergarten 1 Teacher, Teacher Council Representative

Ashley Frechette

Pre-Kindergarten 1 Teacher

Melissa Carter

Pre-Kindergarten 1 Teacher

Madeline Head

Pre-Kindergarten 1 Teacher

Jana Humphrey

Pre-Kindergarten 2 Teacher

Annie Boddicker

Pre-Kindergarten 2 Teacher

Kristy Ledford

Private Kindergarten Teacher, Teacher Council Representative

Lacey Moorman

Explorer's Program Teacher

Brandon Jarvis

Explorer's Program Teacher, Teacher Council Representative

Grace McCauley

Explorer Summer Camp Teacher

Julia Cone

Support Staff

Tiffany Pate

Support Staff Teacher

Deborah Ziherl

Support Staff

Tom Baumann

Food Service Manager