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  • Grow Your Own Primrose Patch

    Roll up your sleeves! Primrose kids learn that loving healthy foods starts with getting their hands dirty in the garden.

  • Father's Day

    Every day is a great day to celebrate our dad, and we love showing some extra love and appreciation for all the wonderful Primrose dads on Father's Day.

  • Donuts with Dad

    How better to end the first week of summer than with donuts and dads, unicorns 🦄 and robots 🤖 and Kona Ice of Madison!

  • June 2019: Apple of Our Eye

    Congratulations to our June Apple of the Eye, Ms. Toseff. Ms. Toseff has been at Primrose for almost two years and has brighten each classroom with her smile and positive attitude. During the school year, Ms. Toseff can be found in all of our classrooms, offering support to each teacher. In the summer, Ms. Toseff spends her days with our Explorers, going on field trip adventures and engaging in curriculum. Ms. Toseff has been nothing but outstanding and her coworkers describe her as being “a bubbly teacher that families and parents trust to deliver information. Her creativity engages her students and she is enjoyable to work with. Her positive attitude makes her fun to work with and she is always up for anything.” Thank you Ms. Toseff for being a part of our Primrose family and filling our days with smiles!

  • June 2019: Family of the Month

    Congratulations to our Family of the Month, the Nackers! We are so glad you are a part of our Primrose Family! "Lifelong Wisconsinites, Steve and Kirstin met at UW-Madison in 2003, married in 2007, and moved to Middleton shortly after their daughter was born in 2015. They joined the Primrose family in October 2016 and their daughter has been so excited to have her baby brother at school with her this past year. Pixie, an 8 year old English cocker spaniel, is the fifth member of the family. Steve is an engineer and enjoys racing cars. Kirstin is a physician who crafts. Their oldest, loves coloring, dancing, and swimming, while their son loves giggling with his big sister and trying new foods. Pixie also loves frisbees."

  • Best Friends Day

    Best friends help us be our best, from preschool until forever.

  • Happy Anniversary!

    Happy Anniversary to Mrs. Lewis! Thank you for all that you do for your students, coworkers and Primrose Family!

  • Congrats Grads!

    Another school year comes to an end, a new adventure for these amazing students... Kindergarten! Congratulations to our Pre-K and 4K Class of 2019! Pre-Kindergarten and 4K graduation 6/6/2019

  • Closed - Memorial Day

    Just a reminder that we are closed today in honor of Memorial Day!

  • Red Nose Day

    We loved celebrating Red Nose Day to help bring awareness to Child Poverty.

  • May 2019: Apple of Our Eye

    Congratulations to our May Apple of Our Eye, Mr. Solheim. Mr. Solheim has been teaching at Primrose for only a short time, and has been nothing short of amazing. He has built positive relationships with his students, as well as the families and his co-teachers. Mr. Solheim's co-teacher says, "Mr. Solheim's high energy and caring personality make the children strive for greatness in the Preschool Pathways classroom." Thank you Mr. Solheim for your flexibiliy, wit, and humor! We are so grateful to have you as part of our Primrose Family.

  • Happy Anniversary!

    Happy Anniversary Chef Nick!

  • May 2019: Family of the Month

    Congratulations to our Family of the Month, the Foxen family! We are so happy to have you as a part of the Primrose family! "Both Jeremy and I grew up in Mt. Horeb, WI, going to school together starting in Kindergarten! While we officially met in school we didn’t get married until 2010 and waited to start our family four years later. Our family took a short leave of absence from Wisconsin for my career and 2 years later, last April, headed back to WI for Jeremy’s job. Luckily I am able to work remote 3 days a week and venture to Illinois only 2 days a week. It works but keeps us on our toes, constantly adjusting schedules. We landed a home in the country with some land in Black Earth and we love to explore the woods together as a family. We spend a lot of time outside, especially now that the weather permits. In fact, our two children are pretty hard to convince to come inside. Our son enjoys going on ‘a bear hunt’ in the woods, playing with his action figures, and hot wheels to name a few. Our daughter loves to read, play with her dolls, draw and keep up with her brother running around outside. We are blessed with lots of family living very close, including an abundance of grandparents for the both of them. The last year we have been renovating our kitchen & living room space at our new home, and have made a point to make every phase an adventure for the kids. Every box becomes a fort, or house and it is always a fun scavenger hunt to find what we need."

  • Dance Like a Chicken Day

    It's National Dance Like a Chicken Day! Bust out your best moves and get your kids to join in on the fun with Percy and friends.

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