Primrose School of Madison

Our Staff

  • Mrs. Amy Bellerose


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  • Mrs. Maria Martinez, Education Coordinator

    Mrs. Maria Martinez

    Education Coordinator

    Mrs. Maria Martinez joined Primrose School of Madison in the summer of 2021 as our lead Pre-K Teacher. Mrs. Martinez brings with her 15 years of teaching experience in various age-groups. Recently, Mrs. Martinez stepped into the role of Education Coordinator and has fit seamlessly into the Leadership Team. She supports all teaching staff in assisting with lesson plans, providing educational materials, and executing the Primrose Curriculum while fostering a nurturing environment for each student who passes through our doors.

    Mrs. Martinez lived in Maryland for many years prior to moving to Alabama. She is married with 3 wonderful children. She enjoys spending time with her husband and going to Rocket City Trash Pandas games.


    Some favorites include:

    • Color – Red
    • Candy & Soft Drink – Peanut M&M’s, Diet Coke and Tea
    • Restaurant – Kona Grill
    • Places to shop – Amazon


  • Mrs. Samantha Adkins, Assistant Director

    Mrs. Samantha Adkins

    Assistant Director

    Mrs. Samantha Adkins has been with Primrose School of Madison since 2018 when she joined as a teacher. Currently Mrs. Adkins serves as our Assistant Director and is a vital member of our Leadership Team. Her responsibilities include scheduling, staff support, parent communication, conducting tours, and many additional tasks that aid in ensuring Primrose School of Madison is running smoothly. Mrs. Samantha effectively trains our staff on Primrose health and safety protocols, in addition to Primrose policies and procedures.

    Mrs. Adkins moved to the Huntsville area in 2016 with her husband and her daughter, Anna. When not at work, Mrs. Adkins can be found reading, watching movies, and studying Japanese.


    Some favorites include:

    • Color - Emerald Green
    • Candy & Soft Drink - Twizzlers & Cream Soda
    • Restaurant - Outback, Golden China, Culvers
    • Places to shop - Target


  • Ms. Hannah Sivley, AM Captain & Support Teacher

    Ms. Hannah Sivley

    AM Captain & Support Teacher

    Miss Hannah Sivley joined Primrose School of Madison in 2021 as an infant teacher. Throughout her tenure, Miss Hannah has spent time with many of our students as she supports each classroom whenever necessary. Her skillset and diligent work ethic propelled her to the Leadership Team quickly. As AM Captain, Miss Hannah ensures each day at Primrose School of Madison begins promptly and efficiently.

    Miss Sivley has a passion for childcare and loves building connections with our students. In her personal life, Miss Hannah enjoys writing and expressing herself through her art. She wants to travel in her future and plans to write about her adventures.


    Some favorites include:

    • Color – Blue
    • Candy & Soft Drink – Welch’s Fruit Gummies & Cherry Lime Coke
    • Restaurant – O’Charlie’s
    • Places to shop – Bridge Street
  • Ms. Kaylee Brown, PM Captain & Support Teacher

    Ms. Kaylee Brown

    PM Captain & Support Teacher

    Miss Kaylee Brown has been with Primrose School of Madison since 2021. As a support teacher, Miss Kaylee quickly developed rapport with our staff and students. Through her experience in each classroom and her strong leadership skills, Miss Kaylee has grown into our PM Captain role. Miss Kaylee ensures each classroom is sanitized, secured and prepared to open for the subsequent school day.

    Miss Kaylee has several years of experience in childcare facilities, and we feel lucky to have her. She is currently studying Math and will graduate in 2023.


    Some favorites include:

    • Color - Red
    • Candy & Soft Drink - Lemonade and any Chocolate
    • Restaurant - Texas Roadhouse
    • Places to shop - Target
  • Mrs. Allison Fenuccio, Leadership

    Mrs. Allison Fenuccio


    Mrs. Allison Fenuccio is the Business Manager at Primrose School of Madison. Her many responsibilities include staff onboarding, enrolling new students, conducting facility tours, payroll, and coordinating our day-to-day operation. Mrs. Allison had exposure to the Primrose brand throughout her childhood and is passionate about providing an exemplary childcare experience to our families. Mrs. Allison has been a crucial member of the Leadership Team for 2 years, and her attention to detail and efficiency supports all team members in delivering the Primrose experience.

    After moving to Huntsville in 2019 with her husband, Mr. Anthony Fenuccio, they made the decision to partner with Glenn and Amy Gallagher to join the family business. She is excited to continue to serve the Madison, AL community for many years to come. Mrs. Allison enjoys reading, spending time with friends and family, and napping with her English Mastiff, Roxie.


    Some favorites include:

    • Color – Yellow
    • Candy & Soft Drink – Tootsie Rolls and Barq’s Rootbeer
    • Restaurant – Sonic & Chic-Fil-A
    • Places to shop – Target


  • Mr. Anthony Fenuccio, Leadership

    Mr. Anthony Fenuccio


    Mr. Fenuccio works cohesively with the Leadership Team to assist in daily operations at Primrose School of Madison. Throughout his first year at Primrose, Mr. Fenuccio began to learn the business through supporting Chef Tanner in the kitchen, training with the front office, and providing assistance to our staff wherever possible. Currently, Mr. Fenuccio handles vendor partnerships, facility maintenance and upgrades, and assists with community relations endeavors alongside Mrs. Amy Gallagher.

    Mr. Fenuccio graduated from West Virginia University in 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies along with a Minor in Spanish. He met his wife, Mrs. Allison Fenuccio, in Orlando, FL. Anthony and Allison moved to Huntsville in 2019, and ultimately decided to partner with Glenn and Amy Gallagher to join the family business in 2021. As a Massachusetts native, Mr. Fenuccio has a deep-rooted passion for the Boston Celtics and New England Patriots. He enjoys playing sports and spending time with his family and friends in his spare time. The students refer to him as “Mr. Chef.”


    Some favorites include:

    • Color – Celtic Green
    • Candy & Soft Drink – Twix and Arnold Palmer
    • Restaurant – Tom Brown’s
    • Places to shop - Academy
  • Mrs. Marta, Infant Teacher

    Mrs. Marta

    Infant Teacher
  • Glenn and Amy Gallagher, Franchise Owner

    Glenn and Amy Gallagher

    Franchise Owners

    Meet Glenn and Amy Gallagher - Amy has over 20 years of experience with Primrose Schools working at the National Support Center where she focused her expertise on training and supporting Primrose Franchise Owners in their new school journey.Glenn has over 25 years of global IT and Program Management experience that included three years as Executive Director of IT for Primrose Schools. Amy and Glenn love the Primrose Brand for the same reasons you and your family do. Their professional backgrounds make a great fit to operate a Primrose school. Amy and Glenn, originally from Baton Rouge, LA and Memphis, TN, have been married 31 years…. and spent those 30 plus years in Marietta, GA raising their family. It is with joy and gratitude that Amy and Glenn bring quality early education and care to children in their Madison community.

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