Primrose School at Macland Pointe

Franchise Owners

Jim and Francie Towey are the proud owners of the Primrose School at Macland Pointe. They have a strong background in both business and education and are very active and involved in the day to day ...

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franchise owners

Our Staff

Ms. Jackie

Director of Operations

Ms. Dana

Director of Education and Curriculum

Ms. Vivica

Assistant Director of Operations

Ms. Greta

Lead Primrose Private Pre-Kindergarten/Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Worthy

Lead Primrose Private Pre-Kindergarten/Kindergarten Assistant Teacher/Explorers Field Trip Leader

Ms. Christina

Preschool Assistant Teacher

Ms. Jasmine

Preschool Closing Teacher

Ms. Halie

Pathways Assistant Teacher

Ms. MiMi

Pathways Afternoon Support Teacher

Ms. Cynthia

Assistant Early Preschool II Teacher

Ms. Laurel

Assistant Early Preschool I Teacher

Ms. Danika

Assistant Early Preschool I Teacher

Ms. Keshia

Lead Young Toddler Teacher

Ms. Rachell

Assistant Young Toddler Teacher

Ms. Brittany

Lead Infant Room Teacher

Ms. Jojo

Assistant Infant Room Teacher

Ms. D

Assistant Infant Room Teacher

Ms. Ayanna

Assistant Infant Room Teacher

Ms. Jessica

Support Teacher/Primrose Pals Lead Teacher

Ms. Shaleigha

Primrose Pals Assistant Teacher

Ms. Amna

Assistant Private Pre-Kindergarten Teacher/Lead Junior Explorers Teacher

Ms. Jasmine G

Junior Explorers Assistant Teacher

Ms. Tyonna

Infant Room Assistant Teacher/Support Teacher

Ms. Trevia

Senior Explorer's Club Lead Teacher

Ms. Courtney

Senior Explorers Teacher

Ms. Hannah

Support Teacher

Ms. Lisa

Chef and Food Service Director

Ms. Sharenda

Support Teacher