Primrose School of Lutz

Parent Testimonials

  • Our family is in constant motion! We never stop, and our schedules are not always consistent. Primrose has been a place where our child has found consistency and education. I believe it is the owners' dedication to providing the best resources for the children and the teachers, as well as fostering an environment where the focus is more like a school and not like a stereotypical daycare. I know from the moment my child goes in for the day, till the time we arrive to go home, the activities are engaging, educational, and mostly fun. At this age, learning should be fun and not institutionalized. As a family, we know our child is safe, happy, genuinely loved and receives the type of care we would expect from a private preschool setting. We decided long ago the value of education for our child, to insure the best possible opportunities from the very beginning. We have experienced other schools where there was an obvious difference in atmosphere, teaching professionals, and overall demeanor of the children. We know without a doubt we made the right decision for our child by choosing Primrose of Lutz, and have had no regrets.

    Sarah W.


  • I used to think of day care activities for a toddler in terms of children simply playing with toys or equipment all day under the supervision of the day care staff. I was recently invited to a parent's day function at the Primrose my grandson attends in Lutz, Florida, and I went. It was a wonderful experience and I left with a very positive impression of the educational and behavioral work the staff does with the children. My observations that day parallel many positive behaviors I see at home from my 21 month old grandson, such as: self initiated activities with books, saying animal names and sounds, drawing with pencils or crayons ,displaying sign language, good table habits (for a toddler), and using the bathroom sink via a step stool. The point is that education is an emphasis at Primrose and it shows in my "little buddy." Thank you for the great work Primrose. John Cuesta III, Esquire Deputy Chief of Police (Retired), Tampa Police Department

    JOHN C.


  • After meticulous visits to several places, my husband and I found Primrose to exceed other child care schools in the area. The staff and teachers are very friendly and hospitable. We were immediately greeted and welcomed the minute we walked in. They were very accommodating despite of us coming in during the busiest time of the day. Lunch time! We were able to see how the teachers interacted with the children and were impressed at how organized and caring they are. The school itself and the rooms are always kept clean, disinfected and smelling good. As parents, we appreciate that the school’s curriculum promotes physical, emotional and intellectual growth as well as good manners and positive behavior. The teachers also make it a point to include us in our daughter’s growth and education by letting us give our input as this promotes consistency and stability for our daughter. Most importantly, the school keeps a happy and fun environment for our whole family where we feel that our daughter is always kept safe and loved.



  • What makes Primrose so special to us is that the entire staff genuinely love and care about the children. You see it in how they greet them each morning, how they interact with the kids throughout the day during educational lessons and play, and how they take interest in the children's lives. For us, it really is a home away from home. Our 4 yr. old son has been at Primrose for about 2 and 1/2 years and our 10 month old son has been at Primrose for 7 months. We can honestly say they both are thriving in the positive environment that Primrose provides. There have been times where we had a few issues or concerns come up but all of them were immediately addressed by Primrose Management/Leadership and ultimately resolved. My wife and I both take great comfort in knowing that our kids are in great hands.

    Doug H.


  • After months of researching and visiting numerous facilities we decided to enroll our 3 year old son, Joshua, at Primrose. He had never been to daycare before so we initially enrolled him for only two days a week. We were attempting to ease the transition from staying at grandmas but in hindsight it would have been a better choice to start full time. Once he started full time and had a consistent schedule (as opposed to grandmas 3 days then Pre-K 2 days) he felt more comfortable with going to school, taking naps and taking direction. Joshua’s teachers are wonderful, caring and always share how his day went. The reason we chose Primrose was because they take a balanced developmental approach to learning. We truly believe that with the curriculum that Primrose offers he will be well prepared to enter kindergarten. Joshua has been at Primrose Lutz for 3 months now and so far it has been a great experience!



  • Every October, our family looks forward to the Trunk or Treat parade. The Trunk or Treat parade at Primrose is awesome! We loved seeing all of the students and teachers dressed in their costumes and parading! It was such an enjoyable event and I am thrilled that I was able to witness my son having such a wonderful time! Recently, the school has also been sending home the official school calendar around the first of the month. I appreciate having the calendar at my fingertips and it is an awesome way to stay on top of events happening at Primrose. We are very fortunate to have our child attend such a wonderful preschool!