Primrose School of Littleton

Our Staff

  • Kiyana Farzaneh, Franchise Owner & Licensed Practical Nurse

    Kiyana Farzaneh

    Franchise Owner & Licensed Practical Nurse

    For the past 15 years, Kiki has been a surgical nurse that has enjoyed helping her patients! With so many similarities between nursing and child care, her professional skills are put to good use at our school.

    When her sister Farima and her brother in-law Reza decided to purchase the school, she moved with them to remain close to her family. She is close to her two nephews and is very active in their lives. Like all good aunts, she loves every minute with them. She's now a co-owner to the school and loves seeing all the children's faces.

    She looks forward to learning more about you and your family.

  • Delise Evans, Director

    Delise Evans


    Delise Evans has been the Director of Primrose School of Littleton since 2012. She briefly stepped away from the position in 2016 but returned when Farima and Reza Nemat acquired ownership of the school. As the new owners, the Nemats offered a tremendous amount of support to the leadership team, teachers and families. It was their passion and the fact that she truly missed the wonderful families and staff that she rejoined the Primrose family as their Executive Director. She has been in the Early Childhood Education field for 18 years. She also has qualifications as an American Heart Association Instructor and as a Certified Qualistar Continuing Education Instructor.

    She is excited and honored to be a part of a successful school that believes in the success of every young child. While working closely with the teachers and families, she has witnessed how beneficial the Balanced Learning Curriculum is to each student. While maintaining developmentally appropriate activities for each age group, the curriculum is fun and exciting. She looks forward to ensuring an environment where children flourish and where health and safety remain Priority Number One.

    As a Colorado native, she and her my family enjoy exploring the Rocky Mountains by mountain biking, snowboarding, hiking and four-wheeling.

    Should you have any questions or concerns, her door is always open.

  • Amy Lopez, Assistant Director -     Education Coach  A.C.C.  Mentor

    Amy Lopez

    Assistant Director - Education Coach A.C.C. Mentor

    Amy was born in Albuquerque, NM, but got to Littleton as soon as possible. She was raised in the area. She has worked at Primrose since 2007 in the Preschool, Early Preschool rooms, as well as a Floater. Her experience has led her to lead our Infant classrooms. In that room, she enjoys nurturing, teaching and shaping these beautiful students. She is the mom to a sweet little girl who is the light of her life. Her daughter attends the school. In her "spare time," she enjoys four-wheeling, but would like to take up dirt biking.

  • Andrew Kolczynski, School Chef

    Andrew Kolczynski

    School Chef

    Born in the Philippines, our school chef Andrew loves to paint, play the violin and exercise. When it's warm outside, he loves to hike in the mountains. He has been cooking since 2016. He is most excited about learning what our children like to eat. What does he like to eat? Spaghetti!

  • Jessica Conklin, Lead Teacher - Infant Nursery Supervisor - Young Infants

    Jessica Conklin

    Lead Teacher - Infant Nursery Supervisor - Young Infants

    She is so excited to be back at a Primrose School. She taught at Primrose of LoneTree for five years, and her daughter and son both attended school there. Now her children are both off to Elementary School! The great thing about Primrose is they are everywhere, and she is able to find one closer to home.

  • Rocio Velazquez, Lead Teacher - Infant Nursery Supervisor - Older Infants

    Rocio Velazquez

    Lead Teacher - Infant Nursery Supervisor - Older Infants

    Rocio was born in San Diego, CA but was raised in Denver. She has a handsome son and enjoys being outdoors with him! They also love watching movies and cooking together. Rocio also enjoys staying active at the gym as well as spending any extra time with my family & friends.

  • Alia Avila, Lead Teacher - Older Infants

    Alia Avila

    Lead Teacher - Older Infants

    While born in Los Angeles, CA, she was raised in Aurora, CO. She has been working at Primrose Littleton since 2016. In her spare time, she enjoys watching her niece and nephew, watching football and playing ultimate frisbee. Her favorite football team is the Raiders! (yes, she said it!) She is excited to watch all of our children grow at our school. Her favorite book is anything by Dr. Seuss. The Primrose character she most relates to is Molly the Cow. She can't wait to learn more about you and your family.

  • Amanda Clark, Lead Teacher - Young Toddlers

    Amanda Clark

    Lead Teacher - Young Toddlers

    She was born and raised right here in Littleton, Colorado. Her and her boyfriend still live in the area with our 12 year old boxer/lab, Roxxy, and a new puppy, Simba. She is a huge dog lover and enjoy spending her free time doing any activity that involves her dogs! She has worked in a variety of childcare positions over the years and one of her favorite jobs was when she was a camp counselor at a sleep-away camp in Maine for a few summers! She is currently a student at Metro State University and working towards a degree in Elementary Education. She looks forward to getting to know all of our wonderful families.



  • Jessica Aguirre, Lead Teacher - Older Toddlers

    Jessica Aguirre

    Lead Teacher - Older Toddlers

    Jessica was born and raised in Denver, CO. Working with children is such an adventure for her. She believes that children learn from her as much as she learns from them. She believes there are no bad day with kids, they bring out the best in her everyday! She loves working with children and watching them grow. Creating memories is definitely in the books when it comes to being around children all day.


  • Elizabeth Lizama, Lead Teacher - Early PreSchool 1

    Elizabeth Lizama

    Lead Teacher - Early PreSchool 1

    Elizabeth is originally from California, but moved to Colorado when she was 8 years old. She loves being outdoors and going for long walks with her dogs. She has always wanted a career with children and has loved every minute of getting her Lead qualifications. She can't wait to learn more about you and your family!

  • Katheryne Borkowski, Lead Teacher - Early PreSchool 2

    Katheryne Borkowski

    Lead Teacher - Early PreSchool 2

    Katheryne who likes to be called Kaydee moved to Colorado from Michigan in 2016 with her husband, Steve. They have two dogs, Buddy and Buttercup. She enjoys going for bike rides, shopping and creating various art projects. Hobby Lobby and Michael's are her favorite stores!!

  • Grace Povich, Lead Teacher - Pathways

    Grace Povich

    Lead Teacher - Pathways

    Grace recently graduated from CU Boulder and am now studying School Counseling for my Masters at UNC Denver. Outside of the classroom, she loves to read, spend time with family and play with her canines Pete & Pepper. She is so excited to be part of our Primrose Family.

  • Courtney Ward, Lead Teacher - PreSchool 1

    Courtney Ward

    Lead Teacher - PreSchool 1

    Courtney is a Proud Air Force Veteran that has recently moved from Florida to Colorado. She also is an abstract artist as well as a mental health advocate specifically with children & veterans. She is currently working on a children’s book as well! She does not have any children at this time so she spends most of her free time learning other cultures & traveling while doing art.

  • Kalyn Fong, Lead Teacher - PreSchool 2

    Kalyn Fong

    Lead Teacher - PreSchool 2

    Kalyn's name is pronounced Kay-Lin, & it is a compound of her parents middle names. She was born in Littleton, CO, and has always wanted to be a teacher since she was in Kindergarten. She's traveled to 19 out of 50 states, and can’t wait to travel some more! In her free time, she enjoys hiking, painting, and swing dancing!

  • Leslie Nunez, Lead Teacher - PreKindergarten / Explorers

    Leslie Nunez

    Lead Teacher - PreKindergarten / Explorers

    Leslie was born in New Mexico but raised in Colorado. She attended CU Denver and pursued a BA in Psychology.  Ultimately, her goal is to become a school counselor. She has four wonderful fur babies, 3 dogs named Milo, Coco, and Luna; and a bunny named Lola. As a morning person, her favorite activities include hiking, running, and drinking coffee with her husband. She also loves road trips with her family. Her favorite seasons include summer and fall! Prior to working at Primrose, she was a High School office secretary and compliance analyst.  She is very excited to be a part of the Primrose family and be a positive impact on children during their critical developmental years.

  • Andrea Tice, Lead Teacher -  Red Rocks Comm. College Mentor

    Andrea Tice

    Lead Teacher - Red Rocks Comm. College Mentor

    Tice loves working with children. She thinks they are the sweetest and funniest beings on the planet. She graduated in 2013 with a degree in Psychology. Her goal is to work closely with children in order to help them gain life skills through curriculum and social interactions that will prepare them for preschool and beyond. Personally, she recently married and is ready to embark in the next chapter of her life. She is very excited to be the Lead Teacher in the Early Preschool class.

  • Farima, Reza and KiKi Nemat, Franchise Owner

    Farima, Reza and KiKi Nemat

    Franchise Owners

    Hello! We are Farima and Reza Nemat, the franchise owners of Primrose School of Littleton. As parents of two children (ages 10 and 7,) we understand first-hand the importance of ensuring that children get the best start in life.

    We were professionals living in the Washington DC area when we became parents. As a mother, I had a clear vision of what I expected since my undergraduate degree in psychology focused on the impact of early education on children.

    We quickly realized the enormous challenge of finding proper childcare where we lived. This experience and passion for early childhood education led us to Primrose.

    When we sat down with the Primrose Schools education team, we were impressed with their research and expertise. Their exceptional Balanced Learning curriculum that focuses on character development convinced us that Primrose is where we belong.

    Five years ago, we made the decision to move to Colorado and imerse ourselves in our new community. Kiyana Farzaneh (Farima’s sister) decided to leave her nursing position and join us at Primrose School of Littleton. We are fortunate to have her medical expertise to help our families navigate these challenging times.

    We feel there is no greater privilege and honor than being entrusted with the care of your children. We pledge to provide every child in our school with a safe, loving, and fun environment in which they will flourish and learn the skills that will help prepare them for success in their lives ahead.

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