Primrose School of Leawood

Parent Testimonials

  • When we brought out beautiful Natasha home from Russia we had many concerns. One concern was regarding her learning. We are so glad that we picked Primrose. Natasha has been a part of Primrose almost 2 years and we feel like she is ahead of other children her age. She has learned so much. Language, socialization, discipline, friendship, caring and much more. Our little girl from an orphanage in Siberia has developed into a well rounded child, and a lot of it is due to Primrose...

    Brooke C.


  • Our child loved to go to school every morning. The place was very friendly and at the same time maintained a very high standard of learning. Her love for art grew here and she also started to real well. She also likes the food which was a worry for us at a previous school.



  • Primrose School has been very flexible with my needs to secure a comfortable atmosphere for my toddler. In August 2012, I was very nervous about moving my toddler to a school since he had been at home all this time with a nanny or parent to care for him. I was anxious about the process of moving to a school with other kids. teaching my son new food habits and adapting him to a structured schedule. Sudha, Owner of the Leawood School, was extremely receptive to my needs to "sit in" with my toddler in class during the mornings. This way, the transition was easier for both mom and son. I had the comfort of spending time with his teacher and knowing how they do things in class and my son participated well since I was around during the morning routine. My toddler loves Primrose School!

    Monika P.


  • My grandchild, Sanjay, goes to the Leawood Primrose for the past one year and has been learning in leaps and bounds. He has a new found interest in reading when before, he wouldn't sit quiet for more than a couple of minutes when I wanted to read to him. Now, he brings books over for me to read aloud to him. He is also recognizing some letters and words!! Another major milestone has been his understanding of various roles people play. For instance, one day, he kept telling me ""I'm a doctor"" and he proceeded to imitate what a doctor would do using things around the home. When I asked my daughter in law what that meant, she said that he has been role playing as part of the school curriculum. The school curriculum has been great for young children to learn and grow even before they start first grade. I firmly believe that the Leawood school especially prepares kids to succeed at their elementary schools.

    Mithra T.


  • The facility here is top notch and very well maintained. The teachers always greet my daughter with a smile every morning. My daughter enjoys various activities that this program has to offer. I have already referred this school to two of my friends that are looking for infant care.

    Raj K.


  • We have been more than impressed since day 1 at Primrose. One of the best parts about the school are the new owners. They have gone above and beyond to make our experience there wonderful. We have felt a genuine, caring demeanor amongst the teachers and staff as well. Thank you, Primrose Leawood, for being so outstanding!!

    Kristi C.