Primrose School Building

Primrose School of Las Vegas at Silverado Ranch

Our Staff

  • Jaini Jariwala, Franchise Owner

    Jaini Jariwala

    Franchise Owner

    My Name is Jaini Jariwala. I am the proud Owner and Operator of Primrose School of Las Vegas at Lone Mountain and Primrose School of Las Vegas at Silverado Ranch. Prior to opening the Primrose Schools in Las Vegas, I worked for several years in the banking industry where I started as a part-time bank teller and worked my way up as branch manager. In addition, I worked as a business development manager with a few dental companies in Las Vegas and North Carolina. I am happily married and a proud mother of two wonderful daughters, Niva and Navya. Navya graduated from Primrose School of Las Vegas at Lone Mountain in 2023. I am familiar with how important it is that children are in the best hands and how hard it is to find high quality, curriculum- based childcare. This became my vessel through which I strive to deliver exceptional childcare service to the parents of the Las Vegas Valley. With equal passion and perseverance, I was determined to create a healthy and happy community for children to prosper. While challenges might present themselves along the way, the overall well- being of children will always make my career rewarding. I chose Primrose for many reasons, one of which would be implementation of “Balanced Learning.” The approach instills the love of learning and discovery that equips children for success in their adolescent and adult life to come.

  • Valerie Valdez, Director

    Valerie Valdez


    Valerie Valdez has worked in childcare nearly twenty-five years, but has been a director for twenty.  She is happily married for five years with beautiful adult children and one grandchild.  What she enjoys most about being a director and working in childcare is being able to inspire and mentor teachers as well as guide and motivate children to be the best version of themselves.  In her spare time, she enjoys reading, hiking, swimming, and watching football.  Please stop by and say, hello! 

  • Lexy Lewis, Administrative Assistant

    Lexy Lewis

    Administrative Assistant
  • Brittney Wendlandt, Administrative Assistant

    Brittney Wendlandt

    Administrative Assistant

    Ms. Brittney was born in Fontana, California but was raised in a small town in Newberry Springs, CA. She is a young mother to two boys, both of whom she adores. Ms. Brittney began her Early Childhood Education in 2019 and is still continuing her education. She started as a Teachers Assistant in the two-year-olds classroom and later became lead of her own class. She now holds her position as an Administrative Assistant where her knowledge and expertise help guide parent's and staff alike. During her spare time, she enjoys socializing with her family, friends, and village. 

    What she loves most about Primrose School is seeing children actively "being children" while also nurturing a love for learning. 

  • Rosana Mordina, Director of Education

    Rosana Mordina

    Director of Education
  • Kimberly Oseguera, Toddlers

    Kimberly Oseguera


    Ms. Kimberly was born and raised here in Las Vegas, Nevada.  She currently has three-years of childcare experience in which she has worked here for two.  Ms. Kimberly is currently attending early childhood education courses at CSN to receive her degree within the new few years.  She shows up each day prepared and ready to teach each day.  Each day, she is excited to watch her Toddlers thrive and nuture under the Primrose curriculum as it helps them grow into their person. 

  • Gabriela Gomez


    Gabriela Gomez was born and raised here in the Las Vegas Valley and is proud to call here home.  She is a loving wife of ten years and a devoting mother to two beautiful little boys.  Ms. Gabriela is apart of a military family and is lucky enough to be able to stay here stationed at Nellis Air Force Base.  She is new to the childcare field and is happily learning each day with our specialty training.

  • Laureen-Jane Cabradilla, Early Preschool

    Laureen-Jane Cabradilla

    Early Preschool

    Ms. Laureen was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. She moved to Las Vegas in 2014 with her family and loves it here. She is a mother to three beautiful children who she loves more than anything.  Ms. Laureen has over eight years of childcare experience and has primarily worked with twenty-months to two-year olds.  Ms. Laureeen shares a clear passion for working with the youngest children here at Primrose and has the patience and kindess like no other.

    Ms. Laureen loves working here at Primrose due to the creativity and exploration the curriculum offers to children. 

  • Haven Cabradilla, Early Preschool

    Haven Cabradilla

    Early Preschool

    Ms. Haven is originally from Honolulu, Hawaii but moved here in 2014 and is still getting used to living here.  This is her first year in the childcare field and is so excited to learn more each and every day.  She is one of our youngest staff members and is currently taking early childhood courses at the College of Southern Nevada.  Ms. Haven is most excited for this school year to watch her students grow and nuture under our Balanced Learning Program.  She hopes to learn more about you and your family.

  • Kristina Martin

    Preschool Pathways
  • Erica Gomez, Preschool Pathways

    Erica Gomez

    Preschool Pathways

    Ms. Erica was born and raised here in Las Vegas, Nevada.  She has worked with several age groups ranging from infants to three-year-olds in the three years of her childcare experience.  Ms. Erica is currently taking classes at CSN in obtaining her Early Childhood degree.  Every year, she is so excited to watch her students improve academically and emotionally as they enter Pre-Kindergarten. 

  • Alexandra Aguirre, Preschool

    Alexandra Aguirre


    Ms. Ally was born and raised here in Las Vegas, Nevada.  She has over seven years of childcare experience and have worked with several age groups.  Ms. Ally was most excited for this year especially because this is her first year teaching pre-kindergarten.  For years, she had spent her time with the toddler age group but welcomed herself to teach older.  Ms. Ally is always willing to lend a helping hand and never expects in return. 

  • Maria Batistiana

  • Estefania Aguirre, Preschool

    Estefania Aguirre


    Ms. Estefania was born and raised here in Las Vegas, Nevada. Ms. Estefania has nearly four years of child care experience and has been a lead teacher for three.  Her goal every school year is to teach children to have kindness within themselves and for each other.  

    What she loves most about Primrose is how the Primrose Friends help foster compassion, creativity, gratitude and honesty within her students. 

  • Michelle Claire, Pre-Kindergarten

    Michelle Claire


    Ms. Michelle is from Middletown, New York.  She is a "mimi" to two amazing little boys whom she adores. Each year, she is excited to watch her students grow and enjoy watching the joy that overcomes their face when they finally understand a concept. 

  • Neida Montes

  • Yesenia Gomez

  • Melissa Herrera, Private Kindergarten

    Melissa Herrera

    Private Kindergarten

    Ms. Melissa was born and raised here in Las Vegas, Nevada.  She had received her AA in Psycology at the College of Southern Nevada and later went on to receive her BA in psycology from Utah Tech University.  Ms. Melissa has over six years of childcare experience and cannot see herself working in any other field.

    One of the reasons she loves working here at Primrose schools is the amount of creativy the curriculum offers and the skills children gain that will last them a lifetime. 

  • Ambrooke Dunn, Private Kindergarten

    Ambrooke Dunn

    Private Kindergarten

    Ms. Ambrook is originally from a small town in Pulaski, VA but has roots in all different areas of the country.  She is an Air Force wife of thirteen years and is a mother to three beautiful children.  Ms. AmBrooke has over fifteen years of childcare experience ranging from all different age groups.  In Delaware, she worked for the boys and girls club of America as one of the Youth Coordinators.  She was responsible for the homework assistance center, the sports and activities specials, as well as assisting weekly reviews for kindergarten and first grade.  From there, Ms. AmBrooke moved to Honolulu, HI where she opened her own in-home daycare that provided services to surrounding military bases.  During this time, she taught and supervised children from ages six months to school-age, attended field trips to the local zoo, theatre, and pumpkin patch.  Ms. AmBrook then took these skills and training to Fort Bragg, North Carolina where she opened yet another childcare program for military families and successfully ran the business until she was forced to close in March of 2020.  Most recently, she has taught preschool at one of the local charter schools and wants to extend her passion for teaching.  She believes preschool is one of the best stepping stones to entering Kindergarten, and cannot wait to extend the growth here at Primrose Schools. 

  • Keira Rheubottom

    Assistant Teacher
  • Emma Latar