Exterior of a Primrose School of Lake Mary Heathrow

Primrose School of Lake Mary Heathrow

Franchise Owners

Hello, my name is Sabrina Boesch and my husband Christopher and I are the proud owners of the Primrose School of Lake Mary Heathrow. In Central Florida for over 27 years, we are excited to call thi...

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franchise owners

Our Staff

Donya Ellis, School Admissions Director

Donya Ellis

School Admissions Director

Ms. Howes, Education Coach

Ms. Howes

Education Coach

Mrs. Hinz, School Chef

Mrs. Hinz

School Chef

Mrs. Astudillo, Infant Teacher

Mrs. Astudillo

Infant Teacher

Mrs. McGahuey, Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. McGahuey

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. D, Preschool Teacher

Mrs. D

Preschool Teacher

Mrs. Cruz, Preschool Teacher

Mrs. Cruz

Preschool Teacher

Mrs. Hampson, Toddler Teacher

Mrs. Hampson

Toddler Teacher

Ms. Juliet, Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Juliet

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Surreda, Facility & Staff Support

Mrs. Surreda

Facility & Staff Support

Ms. Fisher, Early Preschool Teacher

Ms. Fisher

Early Preschool Teacher

Mrs. Ruiz, Early Preschool Teacher

Mrs. Ruiz

Early Preschool Teacher

Mrs. Flores, Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Flores

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Morrissey, Early Preschool Teacher

Mrs. Morrissey

Early Preschool Teacher

Ms. Brow, Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Brow

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Jimenez, Young Toddler Teacher

Ms. Jimenez

Young Toddler Teacher

Ms. Espinosa, Toddler Teacher

Ms. Espinosa

Toddler Teacher

Mrs. Boveington, Private Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Boveington

Private Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Schwendeman, Preschool Teacher

Ms. Schwendeman

Preschool Teacher

Mrs. Bermudes, Older Infant Young Toddler Teacher

Mrs. Bermudes

Older Infant Young Toddler Teacher

Ms. Luzio, Preschool Teacher

Ms. Luzio

Preschool Teacher

Ms. Kaiser, Early Preschool Teacher

Ms. Kaiser

Early Preschool Teacher

Mrs. Launt, Toddler Teacher

Mrs. Launt

Toddler Teacher

Ms. Reynolds, Explorers Teacher & Support Staff

Ms. Reynolds

Explorers Teacher & Support Staff

Ms. Keikes, Toddler Teacher

Ms. Keikes

Toddler Teacher

Mrs. Riso, Young Toddler Teacher

Mrs. Riso

Young Toddler Teacher