Primrose School of Keller

Parent Testimonials

  • This is Aimee, Indika's mom and I would like to sincerely thank you and your staff for being so thoughtful and kind. Specifically, Ms. Coursey and Ms. Green (and I'm sure all of your staff) for taking the time to make sure every child is taken care of every Wednesday during February mail call. I completely dropped the ball today 2/25/15 and did not put anything in the box for her. To be honest, I kept forgetting what day it was and forgot it was even still February! Even though I typed and wrote the date ALL day! Excuses aside, I am the worst today and I won't forget it! But what I really won't forget is the kindness your staff shows to my daughter and every child I see them with. I am truly grateful for all you and your staff have done for my daughter and me. I will always think and speak nothing but praise of your school and staff. Again, thank you for unknowingly picking up my slack, I'm sorry that you had to be the ones there. Patty, I know it starts at the top. And here it doesn't stop anywhere, or at least anywhere that I have noticed. So thank you for setting the standard. This is this kind of practice and environment that aids and nurtures character building. I say this not because every child receives something, but because you (the teachers) take the time to think of others and make everyone special and included. This is learned behavior that I want my daughter around. I thank you for your contributions; not just to her head, but also to her heart and soul. ***This may seem dramatic, but it is the little things that make such a big difference and they don't go unnoticed by me. Besides, this has been a long time coming, ALL of your staff members are amazing ;-)

    Aimee F.


  • I won't be able to say these words without crying so I'm putting it in an email. Please share with Patty, Angie, Tammy, Bill & Ms. Scott. Today being Taryn's last day at Primrose is a sad day for me. While she is excited to start kindergarten, I'm terrified for her to be leaving the place I feel so comfortable and confident in. I honestly can't thank you all enough for your love, support, care, patience (lord knows you've all needed it with my strong willed little girl) and guidance over the last 5 years. Taryn wouldn't be who she is today without the influence each of you, and the rest of the amazing staff, has had on her life. Leaving Taryn, my baby, to pursue a career remains the hardest decision I've ever made and you all made that decision a little easier each year. To see the teachers that Taryn had as a baby still on staff 5 yrs later speaks wonders about the kind of school you run & I know many of them were there long before Taryn was. Stephen & I will be forever grateful for each of you! Thank you! Julie S.

    Julie S.


  • Our family has been at Primrose since 2011. We have had a great experience at Primrose. I feel my children are getting the very best in educational and social development. Bill and Patty Merriman and the management team are always ready to listen and help and sincerely care about what is in the best interest of the child in all circumstances. The teachers are wonderful and it is evident they love what they do. I am so grateful that my children have a wonderful place to spend time learning and developing. Thank you Primrose School of Keller for all you do every day for each child and family.

    Catherine L.


  • My Primrose experience has been nothing less than exceptional since joining Primrose Keller. I joined the Primrose Family in May 2008 at Primrose Old Orchard. A year later, we transferred to Primrose Southlake. A year later and with the birth of my second child, we transferred to Primrose Keller. We interviewed with Bill & Patti shortly before my son was born and quickly made plans to transfer our daughter. It was very clear to me the character and devotion of the Merryman family. They are committed to running a successful franchise, they are committed to providing a fantastic facility, and they are committed to their staff and the children. I adore the staff directly responsible for the interaction with my children. Mrs. Angie Baliem is phenomenal. My daughter raves about her teacher on a daily basis! My son, while only one, loves his teachers Mrs. Rani, Mrs. Earlene and Mrs. Susan. He is excited to have breakfast with them every day and his face lights up when he sees them! This tells me what a great job they do interacting with him. Every chance I get to recommend Bill & Patti I do!

    Stephanie C.


  • Sending our children to Primrose School of Keller was one of the best decisions we have made as parents. We have complete confidence in this school to meet our children's needs and know that they are always safe, happy and engaged when they are there. We have been extremely pleased with teachers, the curriculum and the family friendly environment. We are thankful for the positive and encouraging environment that Primrose provides for our sons and we know that the management team and the faculty have their best interest at heart! Thank you Primrose of Keller and all owners and staff!! You all are an important part of our family's happiness. Sincerely, Thatthamla Family

    Sunida T.


  • Audra is a very energetic eight year old and she has found a place where she can express herself while she enjoys the company of other children!

    Carol F.