Primrose School of Julington Creek

Parent Testimonials

  • My wife and I enrolled our daughter at Primrose in July of 2012 and have been extremely pleased. The teachers are loving, caring and kind, the curriculum is engaging and fun and the facility is safe, clean and welcoming. The teachers and administrators take great measures to communicate with parents about upcoming events, the lessons that are being taught in the classroom and the food that is being served to our daughter. We receive frequent feedback from our daughter's teachers through daily progress reports and individual notes home. My wife and I love everything about Primrose and recommend it to anyone looking for a childcare center that will effectively prepare their child for kindergarten.

    Brian G.


  • "On September 25, 2009 our son Joshua was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. He was two and a half years old. He was ketoacidotic (a potentially fatal condition of Type 1 diabetes) and rushed into PICU he was treated and cared for by an amazing staff of doctors and nurses. We had a crash course in Juvenile Diabetes and were given tools and support to help us to manage Josh’s disease. Josh started off on synthetic insulin injections. The year following his diagnosis, Josh received approximately 2600 shots of insulin and received nearly 2900 finger pokes to check his blood glucose. Not only did we have to figure this out and manage it, we had to rely on the staff of Primrose of Julington Creek to monitor Josh 10 hours a day while we were at work. I was so nervous that they couldn’t or wouldn’t be able to do it. It was such a huge responsibility and burden to place on the management staff and teachers. He was so little and so much of his condition would have to be interpreted through his mood, his coloring…to look for signs of hypoglycemia (another potential fatal condition of Type 1 diabetes). In addition to the repetitive finger pokes and calculations to determine his glucose levels and the dose of insulin to give throughout the day, his food has to be monitored and each carbohydrate has to be counted. It is an endless job that requires the utmost attention. I was taken aback by the overwhelming, “Of course, we’ll do what ever we need to do!” attitude put forth by the management staff of Primrose. It was such a blessing. They were so willing to learn about the disease and truly understand it. They weren’t scared, they weren’t timid. They were so confident. Each of them made me feel so comforted. It’s hard enough to imagine leaving your infant with someone else, simply because they aren’t you. Now, to leave your high-needs child with someone else; this takes it to a whole new level. You are literally putting your child’s life in someone else’s hands. But, I did it. And still do, every day. I leave Josh at Primrose and can honestly say that I have no worry at all while he is there. I have more trust in the Primrose staff than with many of my own family members who do not fully understand Josh’s condition. We call Primrose our family. They truly are an extended family. Each member of the management staff and every teacher who has been with Josh over the last two years is appreciated more than they know. It’s hard to articulate that kind of gratitude. And the love that comes from them for Josh and for our family; it’s overwhelming. Josh is now on an insulin pump. He gets a quick stick to change the pump site every other day. That’s down to around 185 sticks a year. But, the pump has presented its own challenges. As with any new device, while ultimately making life easier, in the beginning it was difficult to get used to. And, while I hated to present a new challenge to the Primrose staff, they once again took it on without hesitation! Josh is now 5 and he is doing amazing. He will be starting kindergarten this year and this has not only been worrisome for me, but for all of his Primrose “mommies” as well. One thing that gives me solace is knowing that he will be picked up and safely transferred from his new elementary school to our beloved Primrose each afternoon where he will continue to receive the best care possible! "

    Robin H.


  • Our daughter has been at Primrose since she was 3 mos. old. I have always felt very comfortable having her there, which as a parent- anyone knows is priceless! She is now four years old and going into VPK in a few weeks and we couldn't be more pleased with her development. She has been learning Spanish, writes her numbers and letters and is so advanced in her learning. We are consistently amazed at her vocabulary! Over the summer, they do all kinds of fun things for the kids and our daughter always looks forward to going to school. What more could we ask for? We would definitely recommend Primrose to anyone looking for a school (it is not just a daycare)!



  • Aidan has blossomed at Primrose. He came from a private in-home sitter at three, and easily transitioned to Primrose due to the loving and warm environment. My daughter attended Primrose for three years and now my son has many of the same teachers she had. One of the things I love most about Primrose is the consistency of teachers and the supportive staff. They treat Aidan as one of their own and are very communicative with me and my husband. I would highly recommend Primrose to others (as I have)!



  • As a mom of a child who has food allergies and asthma, he requires special attention on occasion and the staff at Primrose School of Julington Creek has been absolutely amazing!! I know every day when I drop my child off at school that he receiving the best care possible!! Before finding Primrose my son attended another school which I pulled him immediately when I found he was not being fed along with some other issues. Because of this I was very skeptive of putting him in another school. A friend referred me to Primrose and to this day I still thank her!! Primrose is not just a school it is a family that you can feel apart of!

    Kim E.


  • Both of our boys started attending Primrose-Julington Creek this summer. It has been a truly awesome experience for our family. The Primrose staff has been extremely warm and welcoming and I can tell they are genuinely vested in the growth of all the children that attend. From day one, my boys have shared nothing but wonderful stories about their days. They have been excited to go to Primrose each day. My kids have attended two other childcare facilities previously and Primrose has been the best fit for our family, hands down! Even in the short time that the boys have been there, I have seen them grow in new ways. I would recommend Primrose to anyone, without hesitation. Primrose has been a blessing to our family, nothing is greater than having peace of mind when you are away from our children, knowing that they are getting the love and education they need!