Primrose School of Huebner Village

Parent Testimonials

  • We love the school since day one! Front office staff and teachers make the school a great and safe place to learn for our kids! What we love the most is the curriculum and activities that kids have.

    Maria L.


  • Coming from a previous daycare where we had significant safety concerns for our child, we can tell you enough about our experience with Primrose @ Huebner Village! Yes, we waited almost 8 months to get in, but it was worth the wait! From the owners to the front/administrative staff and passionate teachers, they are ALL very friendly, welcoming, compassionate, responsible and responsive to our child needs! From their curriculum, to their behavior modification strategies, it has been an amazing experience! We feel at ease knowing that our child is in good hands!

    Tamara A.


  • We relocated to the San Antonio area and we're worried we wouldn't find a place we were comfortable with to entrust our children. Primrose blew us away and we have never looked back. We love being greeted with warm smiles and the personal care of Primrose.

    Jayne S.


  • We have been attending Primrose with our 9 month old for six months, and we have had such a positive experience! The infant teachers took to our son immediately, and I always feel that he is well cared for when I leave him for the day. He is rarely without a smile when I come to pick him up, and I feel that he has already benefited from the social interaction and activity he is getting on a daily basis. Primrose has been a great choice for us, and we look forward to watching him grow here!



  • Our daughter has attended Primrose since she was 10 months old. She started daycare at another school when she was 3 months old which also promised "Educational Child Care" and a close nit community. After 7 months we realized that this was a ploy to compete with the likes of Primrose. After research and some referrals, we finally toured Primrose and were amazed the second we stepped inside. Every single staff member greeted every child and parent by name. Children ran up to staff members and gave them hugs like they were family. Not only was the school beautiful on the inside, the warmth was felt as soon as we entered. It felt like home and my guilt and anxiety about being a working mother lessened a little as I felt my child would be in excellent hands and I was right. My daughter has absolutely THRIVED in the two years she has been part of Primrose. A month into her school (yes, SCHOOL) she started doing sign language. This evolved into a rich vocabulary and we are now stepping into learning Spanish. They are immersed in physical activities and art and music. They have extra curriculars such as dance, soccer and S.T.E.M! Their progress is reviewed throughout the year with documented reports sent home to parents. Parents are notified any time there are incidents with children (big or small) immediately. More importantly, the teachers are incredibly passionate and caring for every student and my daughter has absolutely thrived because of this. There is never day that goes by where I don't believe that her best interests and education are at heart and the root of their passion. We're extremely grateful to be part of the Primrose family.

    Christine K.


  • Izabella has been in the USA for about a year, when she started school at Primrose on Aug. 1st 2014 she did not speak English. In less then a year she speaks English and sings all kinds of songs that she has been taught at Primrose. I also have the PrimMusic App. on my phone so the fun continues at home and in the car. We are Grateful!

    Belinda H.