Exterior of a Primrose School of Huebner Village

Primrose School of Huebner Village

Franchise Owners

Hi! We are Laura and John Guerrero, together with our sons Benjamin and Brady, we are happy to be a part of the community! While looking for quality educational childcare for our first son, we disc...

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franchise owners

Our Staff

Ms. Caroline Tovarez, Assistant Director

Ms. Caroline Tovarez

Assistant Director

Ms. Samantha Cantu, Administrative Assistant/Teacher Mentor

Ms. Samantha Cantu

Administrative Assistant/Teacher Mentor


Ms. Esther Perez

Primrose Teacher/Administrative Assistant


Janinne Mouret

Infant Teacher


Linda Garza

Young Toddlers Teacher

Cassandra McAtee, Young Toddlers Teacher

Cassandra McAtee

Young Toddlers Teacher

Amy Salask, Young Toddlers Teacher

Amy Salas

Young Toddlers Teacher

Yolanda Cantu, Toddlers Teacher

Yolanda Cantu

Toddlers Teacher

Sabrina Castillo, Toddlers Teacher

Sabrina Castillo

Toddlers Teacher

Kiara Mays, Early Preschool Teacher

Kiara Mays

Early Preschool Teacher

Tabitha Johnson, Early Preschool Teacher

Tabitha Johnson

Early Preschool Teacher

Samantha Garcia, Preschool Pathways Teacher

Samantha Garcia

Preschool Pathways Teacher

Brookelyn Ferramosca, Preschool Pathways Teacher

Brookelyn Ferramosca

Preschool Pathways Teacher

Aida Villasenor, Preschool I Teacher

Aida Villasenor

Preschool I Teacher

Kimberly Quijano, Preschool II Teacher

Kimberly Quijano

Preschool II Teacher

Samantha Garcia, Preschool II Teacher

Samantha Garcia

Preschool II Teacher

Lorena Martinez, Prekindergarten I Teacher

Lorena Martinez

Prekindergarten I Teacher

Aparajita Ghosh, Prekindergarten I Teacher

Aparajita Ghosh

Prekindergarten I Teacher

Cierra Atanasio, Prekindergarten II Teacher

Cierra Atanasio

Prekindergarten II Teacher

Angel Duran, Prekindergarten II Teacher

Angel Duran

Prekindergarten II Teacher

Elizabeth Kalifa, Explorers Teacher

Elizabeth Kalifa

Explorers Teacher

Clarissa Barrera, Assistant Teacher

Clarissa Barrera

Support Teacher

Susan Morante, School Chef

Susan Morante

School Chef