Exterior of a Primrose School of Hudson

Primrose School of Hudson

Franchise Owners

Hello, we are Dave and Jana Massary, the proud Franchise Owners of Primrose School of Hudson. We are passionate about early childhood education and dedicated to positively impacting children's live...

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franchise owners

Our Staff

Alicia Williams, Young Infant Teacher

Alicia Williams

Young Infant Teacher

Angela Zellers, Young Infant Teacher

Angela Zellers

Young Infant Teacher

Sharon Wooldredge, Older Infant Teacher

Sharon Wooldredge

Older Infant Teacher

Pamela Christopher, Infant 3 Teacher

Pamela Christopher

Infant 3 Teacher

Lisa Pruitt, Early Preschool 1 Teacher

Lisa Pruitt

Early Preschool 1 Teacher

Chelsea Gregory, Early Preschool 1 Teacher

Chelsea Gregory

Early Preschool 1 Teacher

Diana Fisher, Early Preschool 2 Teacher

Diana Fisher

Early Preschool 2 Teacher

taylor photo

Taylor Miller

Early Preschool 2 Teacher


Kathryn Marcinkiewicz

Preschool 2 Teacher

Kristyn Syroid, Preschool 2 Teacher

Kristyn Syroid

Preschool 2 Teacher

Kayla Stack, Pre-Kindergarten 1 Teacher

Kayla Stack

Pre-Kindergarten 1 Teacher

Sara Zuniga,Pre-Kindergarten 1 Teacher

Sara Zuniga

Pre-Kindergarten 1 Teacher

Stacy Breuhler, Pre-Kindergarten 2 Teacher

Stacy Breuhler

Pre-Kindergarten 2 Teacher


Amanda Fuller

Pre - Kindergarten 2 Teacher

Jennifer Briggs, Kindergarten Teacher

Jennifer Briggs

Kindergarten Teacher