Primrose School at Hope Valley Farms

Parent Testimonials

  • We absolutely love Primrose for our 3 year old! He is learning and growing at an alarming rate! We love the fact that he is actually being taught and and assessed in a safe, fun, and educational environment. He enjoys learning and sharing what he learns with us. There is daily evidence of the individualized care and education that he is receiving. He always has a story about his teachers or his classmates, which lets us know that he is not slipping through the cracks or behind the scenes in his classroom and that he is picking up what they are teaching. We also love the fact that his teachers and management will reinforce those things that we work with him on at home. They do not mind implementing strategies that work outside of the classroom, which shows us, as parents, that they care about who our child is as an individual. He is not restricted in his learning or his growth, which I must admit was a major concern of mine when I put him into school at the age of 3. His teachers know what is going on with him and can tell me his educational and social enjoyments each day. We could not have chosen a better school for our son!

    Candice J.


  • My wife and I have been happy customers of Primrose at Hope Valley Farms since we first dropped our older daughter Kaitlyn off as an infant, four and a half years ago. For the past two years, our younger daughter Sophia has been a student there as well. The staff is always professional, but they also show us how they care in so many small but important ways. The girls' teachers have become important role models and "friends" that they talk about constantly. In fact, the teachers at Primrose make all the difference. From class to class, we have been impressed at how the teachers pay attention to the children's needs and individual qualities. They seem to enjoy telling us the funny things that our daughters say, in addition to the usual daily reports. They understand that each child has a unique personality and a unique learning style, and they strive to accommodate those special qualities. Sometimes, when other parents compliment me on my daughters' behavior, or tell me how smart they are getting, I have to make a confession: "Thanks, but they learned that at school."

    Patrick H.


  • I had been a stay at home mom for nearly two years before deciding to return back to work and put my daughter in daycare. I was filled with a lot of fear trusting someone else to care for and love her as much as me; especially hearing so many horror stories through the media. My husband and I visited one other center besides Primrose. I did not get the vibe that this would be the fit that my family was looking for. My husband asked a friend of his where his kids attended and he said Primrose. My husband called and got an appointment for me to tour the center. What impressed me most was the cleanliness, friendliness of the teachers and staff, low classroom ratios and hands on interaction with the kids. By the end of the week I felt comfortable enough to register my daughter. The director allowed me to transition her into the class. I was able to come for an hour or two each day before she initially began and I was able to stick around to see the classroom routine in action. Boy, was I impressed!!! The kids in the class were between 15-24 months and they were counting in English and Spanish, knew their colors, days of the week and shapes. Mrs. Anita and Mrs. Fatima were the special caregivers I was looking for. My daughter had a rough transition and I could always count on Mrs. Anita to comfort her when I dropped her off in the morning. She would pick her up and bring her to the window to wave good bye to me. Mrs. Anita always greets her with a hug and kiss in the morning. In the afternoon when picking her up Mrs. Fatima gives her a hug and tells her that she loves her. My daughter has really blossomed. I can tell from their actions that the teachers enjoy what they are doing and genuinely love the kids and that this is just not a "job" to them. They have made us feel 100% confident in our decision. Our family has been truly blessed to have found Primrose.

    Freya L.


  • We have been very happy at Primrose, and appreciate all you do to make it a happy, educational, and safe place that Alex looks forward to every day. He has grown so much in the last two years, and we know that we owe you a lot of the credit for his happy personality, good social skills, and love of reading, art, and just running around like a kid! Thank you so much.

    James V.


  • I must admit that we are both happy and sad about leaving Primrose. Primrose has been the absolute best preschool. I regret not bringing our oldest son to Primrose instead of Yates Baptist Church. We can definitely see what Cameron missed and how that plays out in elementary school. Thankfully, we won’t have those same concerns with Cullen. Cullen’s assessment scores were near perfect when we came to Primrose and he received a perfect score this last time. So, that is not what has made the largest impact to us. The largest impact has been a multitude of things. For example,the daily structure is a God send. You know the struggles our family has faced with Bryant’s illness and long hospital stays. It was extremely difficult for me to keep things at home consistent and I did my best. Primrose was such a help because things there were consistent for Cullen each day. When there was a change, you communicated it to the parents and to the kids in ways they could understand. We also love the extracurricular activities you offer for small fees. It is very convenient when our child can do Smart Moves or Kidokinetics at school instead of the evening time. The book fair was a lot of fun and very organized as well. Ms. Messick is on the Scholastic website so we were able to order books earlier in the year and have them sent to the school.The curriculum is outstanding! Cullen has learned so much by growing things and experimenting. The discussions and the books are always hot topics in our house during dinner. When you have a theme, it permeates every facet of the week or month for deeper learning. Cullen loves visiting the retirement community and doing activities with them. Your building is extremely well maintained both inside and out. Everyone on your staff is both professional and knowledgeable, not to mention friendly and very pleasant to see each day. The teachers obviously love what they do and are treated well because they remain with great attitudes. We were sad to see Ms. Messick go but then she came back full-time which is another great testament of the work you do. We sing your praises when we get the chance. The pediatrician we saw last week has a son about to be moved to the toddler room at your school. We talked at length about Primrose and how grateful we are that you run such a tight ship and do such great work. This is why we are both happy and sad about leaving. Keep up the good work and we’ll continue to send referrals and sing your praises.

    Tonya W.