Primrose School of Hixson

Our Staff

  • Mrs.  Cheryl, Director

    Mrs. Cheryl


    Mrs. Cheryl is our dedicated director here at Primrose School of Hixson. She has a background in elementary education and enjoys working with and around children. Since Cheryl began working with Primrose in 1998 she has not only been a valuable asset to our management team, but a Primrose parent of 4 children as well. We are all very grateful for everything that Mrs. Cheryl does at Primrose each day!

  • Mrs. Jessica, Assistant Director

    Mrs. Jessica

    Assistant Director

    Mrs. Jessica is our Assistant Director here at Primrose School of Hixson. She has been part of our Primrose team for many years and has filled many roles since she began in 2000. Mrs. Jessica was our Early Preschool 2 Lead Teacher for 12 years, she also assisted in our Summer Camp Program and at one time was our Staff Trainer and Curriculum Coordinator between our two Chattanooga schools. She has 4 amazing children of her own that all graduated from Primrose. Mrs. Jessica enjoys spending time with them and her wonderful husband as well has her 2 dogs. Her favorite thing about childcare is watching the children's personalities come to life and believes that each child is amazing in their own way. We are very happy to have Mrs. Jessica as part of our Primrose team and thank her for her many years of dedication.

  • Ms. Jordan, Primrose Chef

    Ms. Jordan

    Primrose Chef

    Hometown:  I grew up on Signal Mtn., but currently live in Soddy Daisy, Tn.

    Family:  I am an only child and have 2 sweet cats.

    Education/Experience:  I attended Chattanooga State for 2 years where I studied nursing/childcare. I have been at Primrose since 2022.

    Personal Interest:  I love to shop, draw and play softball.

    Favorite Children's Book:  I always loved BFG, we read Puppy Love a lot in class.

    Most Excited:  Meeting new people and a career with children.

  • Mrs. Betty, Infant I Lead Teacher

    Mrs. Betty

    Infant I Lead Teacher

    Hometown: I grew up in Meriden, CT and moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee in 1997.

    Family: I have been married for over 40 years. I have 4 children, 10 grandchildren, 8 fur grand-dogs and 1 grand-kitty.

    Education / Childcare Experience: I graduated from High School and continued my education at community college where I studied Early Child Care and Home Economics. I ran an in home daycare for 20 years while my children were growing up. I have been a part of Primrose since 1999.

    Personal Interest: I love spending time with my family! Playing board games with my grandchildren and reading them stories is my favorite thing to do. I also enjoy doing crafts of all sorts.

    Favorite Children's Book: I love all books, my favorite as a child was always Mother Goose Rhymes. I teach infants so mostly we read animal books and we really enjoy books about colors and shapes. My favorite children's book right now is " I'll Love You Forever".

    Favorite Primrose Friend: I really love them all! They help us teach the children to be kind, loving and well rounded little people.

  • Mrs. Ashley, Infant I Afternoon Teacher

    Mrs. Ashley

    Infant I Afternoon Teacher

    Hometown: I am from beautiful Chattanooga,TN.

    Family: I am happily married to my husband, Jeff and we have 2 sweet fur babies named Jemma Grace and Sophie Lee.

    Education/Childcare Experience: I babysat alot when I was younger, years and years ago LOL. I started at Primrose in June of 2023 and I absolutely love it!!

    Personal Interest: I love spending time with family, bowling, swimming and spending as much time outdoors as possible.

    Favorite Children's Book: My favorite children's book is Corduroy! I like to read books to the children and figure out which stories are their favorites. 

    Favorite Primrose Friend: My favorite Primrose Friend would be between Peanut the Pony who teaches us about Honesty and Billy the Duck who teaches us to Keep Promises. Both are very important character traits for children to learn.

    What I am Most Excited About: I am excited to watch the children grow and develope into their own little people. Seeing their personalities form is the best! 

  • Mrs. Cathy, Infant II Lead Teacher

    Mrs. Cathy

    Infant II Lead Teacher

    Hometown: I am from Signal Mountain, Tennessee.

    Family: I have been married to my husband Jerry for 37 years, we met playing softball. We have a son named Heath who is now married and expecting a baby in October, so we will be grandparents very soon.

    Education / Childcare Experience: I graduated from Chattanooga State in 1983. I played basketball there and I have an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice. I babysat from the time I was 13 years old and have always loved kids. I started here at Primrose in June of 2021 and really love the baby's I work with each day.

    Personal Interest: I love all sports and I play Senior Softball. I love boating and spending time with my family, we bike a lot. Swimming and sunbathing are some of my favorites also.

    Favorite Children's Book: The Jungle Book has always been my favorite book.

    Favorite Primrose Friend: My favorite Primrose Friend is Katie the Cat because she teaches us about cooperation. In order to have a good team, everyone needs to cooperate, do their part and work together. Team work is very important in all areas of your life.

  • Mrs. Libby, Infant II  Assistant Teacher

    Mrs. Libby

    Infant II Assistant Teacher

    Hometown:  I am from Florida.

    Family:  I'm married ,we have 2 beautiful daughters and  2 sweet Australian Shepherds named Rio and Keya.

    Education/Experience:  I attended Florida State University

    Personal Interest:  I enjoy traveling, boating, the beach and Disney.

    Favorite Children's Book:  I really enjoy Chicka Chicka Boom Boom!

    Favorite Primrose Friend:  Libby the Lamb is my favorite Primrose Friend because she teaches everyone about fairness and we have the same name!

  • Ms. Kaylee, Infant II Afternoon Teacher

    Ms. Kaylee

    Infant II Afternoon Teacher

    Hometown:  I am from Harrison, Tennessee

    Family:  I have 2 sisters and 3 dogs.

    Education/Childcare Experience:  I babysat for 5 years before starting here at Primrose in August of 2023.

    Personal Interest:  I like to read and color, my mom and I really enjoy doing crafts together. I also like to go hiking when it's nice outside.

    Favorite Children's Book:  My favorite children's books are definitely the Mercer Mayer Books. My grandfather used to read them to me every night.

    Most Excited:  I am most excited to watch all the little babies that come through my class grow up. They are all so precious!

  • Mrs. Morgan, Young Toddler Lead Teacher

    Mrs. Morgan

    Young Toddler Lead Teacher

    Hometown: I am from Hixson, Tn.

    Family: I'm married to my high school sweetheart we have a little boy named Maddox, and two little girls named Emme and Layla and a puppy named Neo.

    Education / Childcare Experience: I graduated from Soddy Daisy High School in 2008 and I started here at Primrose in March of 2021.

    Personal Interest: I love spending free time with family and taking trips to Target often.

    Favorite Children's Book: Goodnight Moon has always been one favorites. My class really enjoys No David.

    Favorite Primrose Friend: It's hard to pick just one Primrose Pal. They all have very important character traits.

  • Ms. Natasha, Young Toddler Assistant Teacher

    Ms. Natasha

    Young Toddler Assistant Teacher

    Hometown:  I am from South Pittsburg, Tennessee.

    Family:  I am happily married to my husband of 14 years and we have 2 wonderful sons, Taja and Bryson.

    Education/Childcare Experience:  I have babysat since I was a teen and still babysit on the weekends in my free time, it's just something I really enjoy. I started here at Primrose in August of 2023 and love it.

    Personal Interest:  I love shopping, riding in my Razor and enjoying boat rides in the summer.

    Favorite Children's Book:  My favorite was always "Cat in the Hat". I like to read the Touch & Feel books to the children in our class, they really enjoy them a lot.

    Most Excited:  I'm excited to watch them grow and develop with their own little personalities. 

  • Ms. McKenna, Toddler I Lead Teacher

    Ms. McKenna

    Toddler I Lead Teacher

    Hometown:  I am from Chattanooga, Tennessee

    Family: I have a fur baby named Patrick, he is a sweet little tuxedo cat that I adore.

    Education/Childcare Experience:  I am currently working towards my Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education. I love children and have been babysitting since I was about 13 years old, I still occassionally babysit on the weekends. 

    Personal Interest:  Some of my hobbies include hiking, shopping and visual arts (drawing and painting)

    Favorite Children's Book:  I had so many favorite books growing up, but one that really sticks out is "Where the Wild Things Are". My favorite book to read to my class is "Dig Dig Digging", by Margaret Mayo and Alex Ayliffe. 

    Most Excited:  I am most excited to watchthe kiddos in my class learn new things and to finish up my degree.

  • Ms. Evelin, Toddler I Assistant Teacher

    Ms. Evelin

    Toddler I Assistant Teacher

    Hometown:  I was born in Atlanta, Georgia but I grew up in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

    Family:  I am in a relationship and I have a fur baby, a Belgian Malinois, that I love and adore.

    Education/Childcare Experience:  I studied Psychology in college and started here at Primrose in November of 2023.

    Personal Interest:  Outside of work I love to go shopping, spend time with my mom, sister and boyfriend and training my dog.

    Favorite Children's Book:  I loved reading Llama Llama Red Pajama! The Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed is a book I love to read to my class.

    Most Excited:  I am excited to observe the emotional and mental as well as the physical development of my children!

  • Ms. Tybee

    Toddler I Afternoon Teacher

    Hometown:  I am from right here in Chattanooga, Tennessee!

    Education/Childcare experience:  I went to school for nursing assistant because I always knew I wanted to help people. I taught swim lessons for awhile and fell in love teaching kids and that led me to Primrose! I started here in December of 2023 and I love it!

    Personal Interest:  When I am not at work I'm either at Ballet Class or reading my kindle. I have always loved to dance and I am so glad to be able to still do it as an adult.

    Favorite Children's Book: I LOVED reading as a child so this is a tough one. Little Critter stories by Mercer and Mayer were probably my favorite, they taught me a lot. I love to read "How Kind!" to my kids in class, they love it.

    Most Excited:  I'm most excited about the friendships I have made already and will continue to make here at Primrose.

  • Ms. Melissa, Toddler II Lead Teacher

    Ms. Melissa

    Toddler II Lead Teacher

    Hometown: I am from Clearwater, Florida.

    Family: I am a single mom of 3 great kids. I have one in high school, one in elementary school and one here at Primrose. We have a sweet kitty named Cinderella.

    Education/Childcare Experience: I have worked with children a lot over the years. I worked at Bethel Bible Village, I was a nanny and babysat a lot when I was a teenager.

    Personal Interest: I like doing things with my kids like hiking, going to the movies, planning day trips and vacationing with family.

    Favorite Children's Book: The Giving Tree is my favorite book from when I was a child. I like to read Pete the Cat Books to my class and their favorite is "The Pete's Go Marching"

    Favorite Primrose Friend: Og because he is a bookworm. I love books read all the time.

  • Ms. Bridget, Toddler II Afternoon Teacher

    Ms. Bridget

    Toddler II Afternoon Teacher
    Apple of Our Eye

    Hometown:  I am from Hixson, Tennessee.

    Family:  I have my dad and two siblings, who I love very much. I also have a sweet little fur baby that I adore.

    Education/Childcare Experience:  I attened school at Lee University and began working at Primrose in June of 2023. 

    Personal Interest:  I love watching Star Wars, Marvel and Disney movies, reading, hanging out with friends as well as swimming and hiking when the weather is nice.

    Favorite Children's Book:  Rainbow Fish was my favorite when I was little and later on I really enjoyed the Amber Brown series. I really love to read If You Give a Mouse a Brownie to the kids.

    Favorite Primrose Friend:  Erwin the Dog is my favorite because he represents friendship!

    What Are You Most Excited About:  I am excited to watch the children grow and see their little personalities develope.

  • Ms. Abby, Early Preschool I Lead Teacher

    Ms. Abby

    Early Preschool I Lead Teacher

    Hometown:  I am from Chattanooga, Tennessee

    Family:  I have 2 daughters that both attend Primrose and sweet cat named Dewey.

    Education/Childcare Experience: I graduated from Montreat College in 2019 with a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education. In July of 2019 I became a part of Primrose and have been teaching ever since.

    Personal Interest:  I enjoy spending time with my family and loe sports. I played volleyball and tennis in college and still enjoy playing occassionally.

    Favorite Children's Books:  Brown Bear, Brown Bear is one of my favorite children's books. I really enjoy reading the Pig the Pug series to our class along with Pete the Cat.

    Most Excited:  I am looking forward to watching the children learn and grow during their time here at Primrose. 

  • Ms. Allison, Early Preschool I Assistant Teacher

    Ms. Allison

    Early Preschool I Assistant Teacher

    Hometown:  I am from Covington, Tennessee.

    Family:  My family consist of my mom, me and my fur baby, Piper. She is a 2 year old Boxer and the sweetest fur baby ever. My family is small but there is a ton of love and laughter.

    Education/Childcare Experience:  I am currently in college for Early Childhood Education. I have several years of babysitting experience and came to Primrose in May of 2023 and I love it!

    Personal Interest:  Outside of Primrose I love to paint, draw and crochet blankets and I love doing these activities outside in the fresh air.

    Favorite Children's Book:  My favorite book growing up was "The Very Hungry Caterpillar". My favorite book to read to the class is "The Pout Pout fish".

    Favorite Primrose Friend:  Mia the Mouse is my favorite Primrose Friend! She teaches the children about citizenship and reminds me the community is everyones and it's ours to make better.

    What I am Looking Forward to Most:  I am looking to watching the children's progress while they are in my class.

  • Ms. Courtney, Preschool II Lead Teacher

    Ms. Courtney

    Preschool II Lead Teacher

    Hometown:  I am from Sale Creek, Tennessee.

    Family:  I am a single mom of two incredible kiddos, Hayden and Hannah Grace. They are my entire world!

    Education/Childcare Experience:  In my 20's I was a nanny during the summer for 2 sisters, it was amazing! I am at Chattanooga State currently working towards my degree for Early Childhood Education. I also have several years of experience teaching in Hamilton County Schools and just recently started here at Primrose in May of 2023, I love it!

    Personal Interest:  My kids are my life! We love Marvel Movies! If I am not with them, I love trying new restaurants with my friends and really enjoy reading a good book.

    Favorite Children's Book:  SO MANY! ChickaChicka, BoomBoom, The Giver, All Harry Potter Books, All the Little Critter books and Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs.

    Favorite Primrose Friend:  I love Molly the Cow because she teaches us to respect ourselves and our friends. That is such an important life skill!

    What Are You Most Excited About:  I am so excited to watch the children learn to love books! Books can take you on so many journeys and they can teach you so many things that will carry you far in life.

  • Ms. Danae, Preschool II Assistant Teacher

    Ms. Danae

    Preschool II Assistant Teacher

    Hometown:  I am from Lorain, Ohio. I moved to Dunlap, Tennessee when I was 14 years old. 

    Family:  I am a single mom to my beautiful daughter, Anastasia. We have 1 fur baby, a cat named Blue.

    Education/Childcare Experience:  I attended Chattanooga State where I studied cosmetology. I started here at Primrose in March of 2023.

    Personal Interest:  I love to spend time outdoors with my daughter. We also really enjoy watching movies and attending church.

    Favorite Children's Book:  My favorite books are Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs or any of the Magic Treehouse Boos. I love to read Pepa Pig books to my daughter.

    Most Excited:  My favorite thing about working at Primrose is coming in everyday and the children being so happy to see me. I love watching them grow and learn who they are.

  • Ms. Chloe, Preschool II Afternoon Teacher

    Ms. Chloe

    Preschool II Afternoon Teacher

    Hometown:  I am from Greenville, South Carolina.

    Family:  I have 2 furbabies! A sweet kitten named Cookie and a cute poodle dashhound mix named Bandit.

    Education/Childcare Experience:  I am a student at Chattanooga State where I am majoring in Early Childhood Education. 

    Personal Interest:  I love to spend time with family and friends.

    Favorite Children's Book:  Growing up my favorite book to read was, Pinkalicious.

    Most Excited: To get to know all the kids and watch them learn new things, but also watch them have fun being kids.

  • Ms. Jessica G., PreK Lead Teacher

    Ms. Jessica G.

    PreK Lead Teacher

    Hometown: I am from Florida.

    Family: I am a single mom to a wonderful little boy who is my whole world.

    Education/Childcare Experience: I have my AA in ECE. I have worked with children for over 20 years. I worked at a Primrose School in Florida and I am happy to have found a Primrose here in Chattanooga.

    Personal Interest: I truly enjoy spending time with my son and going to the gym.

    Favorite Children's Book: My favorite book is I Love You Forever.

    Favorite Primrose Friend: Benjamin is my favorite because I really love helping other people.

  • Mrs. Carlita, PreK Afternoon Teacher

    Mrs. Carlita

    PreK Afternoon Teacher

    Hometown:  I am originally from Wisconsin and have lived here in Chattanooga for 17 years.

    Family:  I am married and we have 2 children, 1 boy and 1 girl.

    Education/Childcare Experience:  I went college and have my Associates Degree in Business Management. I also took many classes for Early Childhood Education and at one time had my own daycare. 

    Personal Interest:  I like to shop, read, travel, see movies at the theater, spa treatments, sing at my church and teach classes at church.

    Favorite Children's Book: My favorite children's book Cat in the Hat!

    Favorite Primrose Friend:  My favorite is Benjamin the Bear because he teaches us about Generosity. 

    Favorite Part About Working at Primrose:  The Children for sure! They are fun to be with, very creative and silly. They love to be loved and to love you back.

  • Ms. Ashlee, Support Staff

    Ms. Ashlee

    Support Staff

    Hometown:  I am from Chattanooga, Tn.

    Family:  I have 2 fur babies, a Golden Retriever and a Chocolate Lab.

    Education/Experience:  I graduated from East Hamilton High School in 2022 and currently attend Bryan College. I am a Primrose School of Hixson Alumni and I really enjoy working with children at the school as well as babysitting.

    Personal Interest:  I love to watch movies, hang out with friends, drive around singing and spending time with my family.

    Favorite Children's Book:  I love "Where the Wild Things Are". 

    Most Excited:  I am excited to watch the kids grow, learn and have fun just like I did at Primrose. Having the chance to watch their personalities really start to come out is amazing!!


  • Ms. Ansley, Support Staff

    Ms. Ansley

    Support Staff

    Hometown: I am from Hixson, Tennessee.

    Family: I have a beautiful German Shepherd named Max, he is my best friend.

    Education/Childcare Experience: I attended Hixson High School and plan to start UTC in the Fall, I am also a Primrose School of Hixson Alumni. I enjoy working with children and plenty of babysitting experience. 

    Personal Interest: I love reading, spending time with family and friends, and playing with my dog.

    Favorite Children's Book: I LOVED Pinkalicious books and the Rainbow Magic Books.

    Most Excited: To get to know the kids and teach them, also to start college in the Fall. Go MOCS!

  • Mrs. Karen, Support Staff

    Mrs. Karen

    Support Staff

    Hometown:  I am from Northwest, Ohio

    Family:  I have been married for over 51 years and we have 2 daughters, 3 grandchildren and 3 granddogs.

    Eduaction/Experience:  I babysat a lot as a teenager and also throughout adulthood. I worked for a childcare center in Alabama for 10 years before coming to Chattanooga.

    Personal Interest:  I love spending time with my grandchildren, especially watching them play sports. Teaching 5yrs - 5th grade at church and traveling are also some of my favorite things to do.

    Favorite Children's Book:  I have always enjoyed "The Little Engine That Could"

    Most Excited:  To spend a little time each week with sweet children and enjoy my retirement. I plan to travel more in the near future as well.

  • Ms. Ansley G., Support Staff

    Ms. Ansley G.

    Support Staff

    Hometown:  I am from Soddy daisy, Tennessee.

    Family: I have my wonderful parents, 4 cats and 2 dogs.

    Education/Childcare Experience:  I attended Primrose as a child and just recently graduated from GPS. I will attend Sewanee: The University of the South in the Fall of 2023.

    Personal Interest:  I like to play softball, paint, draw, watch tv and exercise.

    Favorite Children's Book:  My favorite children's book would have to be Llama Llama Red Pajama.

    Favorite Primrose Friend:  Perscy the Rooster is my favorite Primrose Friend because he teaches about courage. I think that is a huge character trait that children need.

    What Are You Most Excited About:  I am most excited about being in the classroom and just having fun with the kids and giving them all of my attention.

  • Ms. Taylor, Support Staff

    Ms. Taylor

    Support Staff

    Hometown:  I am from Soddy Daisy, Tennessee

    Family:  My sister, Dylan, is my best friend and we have a Frenchie named Gus and a Black Lab named Helo.

    Education/Childcare Experience:  I graduated from Soddy Daisy highschool and currently attend the University of Montecallo where I am studying Elementary Eduaction. I have a lot of babysitting experience, it has always been something I have enjoyed doing. I really love working at Primrose during my breaks at school, the kiddos are wonderful.

    Personal Interest:  I love to travel and play softball for my university.

    Favorite Children's Books:  Anything Dr. Seuss! I love reading books that involve the kids, where they can ineract. The kids always love those the most. 

    Most Excited:  Making connections with the children at Primrose and leaving an impact the same way my daycare teachers did.

  • Priyank and Riya Bakani, Franchise Owner

    Priyank and Riya Bakani

    Franchise Owners

    Meet the Bakani’s, we are the proud owners of Primrose School of East Brainerd and Primrose School of Hixson. Together, we Riya and Priyank Bakani are thrilled to bring an unparalleled life changing early education experience to the children and families in our community.

    Our Journey has been deeply influenced by our upbringing in the families of doctors and entrepreneurs. Growing up, we were fortunate to be immersed in an enriched environment where education and family values served as the driving force. This ignited a deep passion for early education and a strong believe in its ability and importance to shape young minds. It is this calling that led us to the field of child care, where we want to play a crucial role by committing ourselves to making a difference in lives of young children. Recognizing the utmost importance of child’s development in the first five years, we were dedicated to create a curriculum with a holistic approach towards growth and learning. At the core of our philosophy lies the belief that a happy mind can work wonders. With this in mind, we aimed to create a positive, joyful and safe environment, fostering a happiest community of children, parents and teachers - a true home away from home.

    During the course of our research, we discovered that Primrose’s balanced learning program, their vison and mission completely meshed with our philosophy. What impressed us most was the Primrose’s guiding principal of who children become is just as important as what they know. Focusing not just on growth but on developing a child through purposeful play, encouraging curiosity, confidence and compassion resonated deeply with us. Furthermore, Primrose’s sterling reputation made Primrose an ideal opportunity for us.

    We feel incredibly fortunate to have acquired Primrose Schools, and inheriting a team rich in culture, consisting of highly experienced professionals and leaders with over 20 years of child care experience. Together, with our passion, purpose and a phenomenal team, we are determined to create the happiest learning environment for children to reach their full potential.

    We want to welcome you to join our vision of creating the brightest minds in the country by providing a solid foundation to children. Together, we can shape their future and make a lasting impact for generations to come. We look forward to meeting you and embarking on this journey together to provide the best possible experience to your child.

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