Primrose School of Hilliard at Mill Run

Parent Testimonials

  • If I had to tell somebody why to choose Primrose, I would use the word perfection. You can’t get any better than this environment. There is such a trust level that they establish, the curriculum is very enriching, it’s very well-rounded, the teachers are very warm. So you feel like it’s a family environment.



  • I never thought I would feel this good about where I bring my children every day. I have a great peace of mind knowing that they’re in good hands and that they’re getting the best education they can.



  • We decided to enroll Benjamin at The Primrose School of Hilliard at Mill Run about 5 months ago after his nanny decided to retire. We were hesitant to go the formalized daycare route because we really liked the idea of Ben being able to stay in a home environment, but finding a suitable replacement for his nanny proved to be difficult. We toured 4-5 different schools and fell in love with Primrose. The facility and staff are first rate and Ben loves going there. He's grown leaps and bounds in the short time he's been there. The interaction he gets with his teachers, the staff and his classmates is priceless and we would highly recommend The Primrose School of Hilliard at Mill Run to any parents that are exploring educational childcare options for their kids, it's one of the best decisions we've made for Benjamin so far!

    Nasser N.


  • We started our son at another daycare at 3 months old and by the time he was 9 months we switched to Primrose. We realized he needed a more interactive environment and that is exactly what we've received at Primrose. We are amazed by all the fun activities they plan, even for the youngest children. Our son comes home with artwork, crafts and potted plants and I'm sent photos at least once a week of something fun they're doing at "school." After being at Primrose for just a few weeks, he began using sign language they taught him as well as blow kisses and dance. He's also shown an increased interest for spending time outdoors as they take the kids out once a day and have "water-splash days" in the summer. I've never had to worry leaving my son at Primrose. The teachers are attentive and hands-on and genuinely love the children they teach and care for each day. My husband and I are only upset we waited 6 months to make the switch. We wish we would have found Primrose to begin with!

    Shawnda V.


  • My daughter Kaitlyn absolutely loves going to Primrose! She has so much fun with her teachers and has been learning so much! Each month Primrose has fun activities for the children to look forward to, and many times parents are also invited to participate in the fun. The staff is super friendly and genuinely care about every child. There are many avenues of communication (emails, newsletters, etc.) going out to the parents that you are always informed of what your child did each day, what they are learning about, and what you can do at home to continue the learning process. The whole program has been very well thought out. I couldn't have asked for a better place to send my child, and I highly recommend Primrose-Hilliard at Mill Run.

    Makenzie D.


  • Simply put, we really could not be happier with our Primrose school. We had our daughter enrolled in another child care center in the area, but were interested in Primrose as our son had been enrolled in another Primrose school several years ago in another area. We are so happy to have made the switch. The teachers, and staff are genuinely happy, friendly, and caring. We have only been at the school for about 8 months, but already feel like everyone there is family. I have always been pleasantly surprised that even teachers in other classrooms know my daughter by name! The security measures they take make me feel comfortable as a parent leaving my child, where this was definitely not the case at our previous school. The meal menu has a great variety, and covers nutritional standards. Our family is vegan, and Primrose was more than happy to work with us to accommodate this. There are so many great activities at this school, it seems like every time I turn around there is something else going on! We have also appreciated that there is a great emphasis on education at Primrose. We looked into virtually every child care center in our area, and strongly believe that Primrose is head and shoulders above the rest!

    Kristin D.