Primrose School of Griffin Parc

Parent Testimonials

  • As a first time mom, I began searching for child care long before Camryn was born. I visited at least 10 programs and always left with the feeling that I didn’t think I could leave my child there. I thought perhaps I’m being too picky, maybe my standards are too high. I walked into Primrose Griffin Parc and was immediately welcomed by the front desk staff. They offered to give me a tour, showed me all of the classrooms, and answered all of my questions. For the first time, I had a good feeling about sending my child to day care! I registered Camryn right away. I told myself I could always keep looking. I didn’t. I knew it was the right choice. Camryn started school at 3 months of age. She initially had a rough transition, and so did my husband and I. We left crying that first morning (all of us). Mrs. Lisa was so good with her, I knew she would be okay. I didn’t even make it to work before the director was emailing me pictures of her smiling. That was very comforting, and really made me feel good about her being there. It’s obvious that Camryn loves her school, teachers, and is treated well each day. I would have no hesitation recommending Primrose Griffin Parc. It has been a great experience for our family!

    Christen D.


  • I adore, love and am passionate about this school! The Teachers, Staff, Directors and Owners are without a doubt are the absolute best! We are so blessed to have found them! It is so nice to take our children somewhere we know they will be loved, nurtured in both mind and body, as well as a place where I know they are protected. The facilities, education and events they have are impeccable! My 4 year old twins are proud to call this their second home for a little over two years and are truly excited to go to school!

    Ali M.


  • Moving can be very upsetting and nerve-wracking for anyone but especially a young toddler. When we move from Keller to Frisco, TX, my husband and I were nervous about finding a school that was just perfect for our daughter, Abigail. Little did we know that perfection was literally 3 minutes down the street from our house. We enrolled Abigail at Primrose Griffin Parc in June 2013 and in the short 5 1/2 months, we have come to love the school and its employees dearly. We never worry about Abigail, truly. We know she is learning and growing by leaps and bounds in her EP1 class. The staff at Griffin Parc truly are the best! Mrs. Rea, the director, is a God-send. She is present every morning, knows all the parents and kids and makes our 6:30 am dropoff pleasant. Ms. Lewis, Mrs. Truitt, Ms. Katy at the front are so welcoming and always happy and the 4 teachers in Abigail's room always love to share stories with us on what our little princess has done throughout the day. We eagerly recommend Primrose Griffin Parc for your family - you truly will not find a better school. They are superstars and we love them all!

    Rebecca K.


  • When we moved to Frisco, we began looking for a school for our children that would meet two major criteria: educational/social stimulation was a huge factor, but it had to be coupled with a staff that gave us peace of mind each and every day we saw them. We found that in Primrose - Griffin Parc! The teachers and staff are amazing, and we have never had to wonder or worry if our children are being attended to or loved. Every day, our kids want to hug and kiss their teachers before leaving, and that tells us more about the school than any survey or testimonial ever could!



  • As a educator, I am focused on my child being supported in all facets of his develop. I am constantly in awe of the way Primrose Griffin Parc goes above and beyond to support my child's emotional well being, while also building his educational foundation. It makes my day when he comes home with new learning. He is constantly telling us the days of the week, months of the year, colors, shapes, animals, and the list goes on. I recently walked in to his classroom at 4:30 pm to see that he was working in a small group weighing different size objects with a balance scale to determine weight. Wow! This makes me proud to send my son to Primrose.

    Kyla P.