Exterior of a Primrose School at Golf Village

Primrose School at Golf Village

Franchise Owners

Cam and Lee Struck are pleased to announce their 10 year anniversary on February 11, 2018. Primrose at Golf Village is owned and managed by both Cam and Lee. Cam relies on her educational backgroun...

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franchise owners

Our Staff

Cam Struck, Owner

Cam Struck


Christi Berridge, School Director/RN

Christi Berridge

School Director/RN

Lisa Cress, Curriculum Coordinator

Lisa Cress

Curriculum Coordinator

Deanna Brown, Assistant Director

Deanna Brown

Assistant Director

Kathy Krohn, Child Life Specialist

Kathy Krohn

Child Life Specialist

Tami Cheslock, Kindergarten Teacher

Tami Cheslock

Kindergarten Teacher

Christa Peterson, Explorers' Teacher/Bus Driver

Christa Peterson

Explorers' Teacher/Bus Driver

April Williams, Lead PreKindergarten 1 Teacher

April Williams

Lead PreKindergarten 1 Teacher

Leanna Estes, Assistant Prekindergarten 1 Teacher

Leanna Estes

Assistant Prekindergarten 1 Teacher

Jennifer Stewart, PreKindergarten Teacher

Jennifer Stewart

PreKindergarten Teacher

Sydney Granger, Assistant Prekindergarten 2

Sydney Granger

Assistant Prekindergarten 2

Picture for Mrs. Rook

Erica Rook

Assistant PreKindergarten Teacher

Jessica West, Preschool 2 Lead Teacher

Jessica West

Preschool 2 Lead Teacher

Megan Hider, Preschool Assistant Teacher

Megan Hider

Preschool Assistant Teacher

Sarah Tanko, Preschool Teacher

Sarah Covelli

Preschool Teacher

Janet Woodyard, Preschool Lead Teacher

Janet Woodyard

Preschool Lead Teacher

Emily Suhovecky, Assistant Preschool 1 Teacher

Emily Suhovecky

Assistant Preschool 1 Teacher

Picture of Mrs. Hearn

Linda Hearn

Assistant Preschool Teacher

Sarah Beum, Early Preschool 1 Lead Teacher

Sarah Schmidt

Early Preschool 1 Lead Teacher

Picture of Ms. Tenisha

Tenisha Hawkins

Preschool Pathways Teacher

Karolina Witek, Assistant Early Preschool 1 Teacher

Karolina Witek

Assistant Early Preschool 1 Teacher

Sarah Lanning, Lead Toddler Teacher

Sarah Lanning

Lead Toddler Teacher

Samantha McGeary, Assistant Toddler Teacher

Samantha McGeary

Assistant Toddler Teacher

Picture of Ms. Melissa

Melissa Brady

Young Toddler Teacher

Picture of Ms. Abbi

Abigail Curtiss

Young Toddler Teacher

Nadine Welch, Assistant Infant Teacher

Nadine Welch

Lead Infant Teacher

Christina Metzger, Infant Teacher

Christina Metzger

Infant Teacher

Marissa Kashmiry, Support Staff

Marissa Kashmiry

Support Staff

Picture of Ms. Allison

Allison Sparks

Support Teacher

Picture of Ms. Abbi

Abbi Cottrill

Support Teacher

Picture of Ms. Phyllis

Phyllis Williams

Support Teacher