Primrose School of Gilbert at Santan

Our Staff

  • Sonal Patel, Assistant Director

    Sonal Patel

    Assistant Director

    My name is Sonal Patel and I am very excited to be taking on the role of Assistant Director at Primrose of Gilbert at Santan! I have been working as the Office Administrator since the school opened, and I am happy to step into this new role to better serve our families. I was born and raised in Southern California before moving to Arizona in 2004. I have a Bachelor's degree in Psychology with concentrations in Social and Clinical Psychology. While completing my degree at Arizona State and my Master's degree in Forensic Psychology I worked as a full-time nanny for four years. Both concentrations of my Bachelor's degree would have allowed me to move forward in working with children or adults, but working at Primrose just cemented my love for early education and care. With that passion for early education, also I bring ten years of experience in customer service to this position. I have two younger brothers and an enormous extended family! In my free time I love to read and dance. I am also an avid foodie, and I love trying new recipes and new restaurants! I am so happy to have the opportunity to watch your children learn and grow!

  • Kassie Stradling, Administrative Assistant

    Kassie Stradling

    Administrative Assistant

    Hello! I am excited to be a part of the Primrose School of Gilbert at Santan! I am originally from Roy, Utah but I moved to Arizona in 2018. I live in Chandler with my husband and our two dogs. We enjoy going camping, going to the movies, and traveling. I love working in early education and my hope is to be the best role model I can be for my students!

  • Ms. Breana, Mentor Teacher

    Ms. Breana

    Mentor Teacher

    Hello! My name is Breana Morgan. I am a full time student at NAU online and a full time doggy mom. As a teacher, I understand the importance of a safe, nurturing and fun learning environment. I love watching all children grow because I believe children are the future. I am going to school for a degree in Child Psychology and one day hope to open my own practice. I am excited to be on the Primrose Team!

  • Ms. Claire, Mentor Teacher

    Ms. Claire

    Mentor Teacher

    Hi! My name is Claire and I moved to Arizona from central Illinois with my husband. We are VERY excited to not be shoveling snow in the winters. I received my Associate's degree in Elementary Education from Illinois Central College and am working towards finishing my Bachelor's degree in English. My love for children and the enjoyment from helping them learn and grow is what has kept me so happy working with children 6 weeks to 12 years for the last 10+ years. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, going to sporting events and concerts, or just relaxing with a good book. I am very excited to continue to be a part of the Primrose Family and help your little ones learn and grow.

  • Ms. Stuart, Closing Lead Teacher

    Ms. Stuart

    Closing Lead Teacher

    Hi there! My name is Samantha and I recently graduated from Perry High School. I studied all four year in the Early Childhood Education program there, and am working towards a CDA (Child Development Associates). I have an older brother who lives in Michigan, and two younger siblings that attend Chandler Schools. I love spending time with my family and friends, and traveling to see new things around me.

  • Ms. Sandy, Infant Teacher

    Ms. Sandy

    Infant Teacher

    My name is Sandy Wirth. I started working with children at 18 years old, straight out of high school. I have worked with all aged children but have worked in an infant room for over 6 years. I am the very proud mother of 3 grown children. They are the people I love to spend my free time with. I am also the twin sister of Ms. Darvin. The best part of working with children is watching how much they learn and grow as you spend time with them.

  • Ms. Tracy, Infant Teacher

    Ms. Tracy

    Infant Teacher

    My name is Tracy and I am originally from Southern California. I attended school in Ventura County and Colorado Springs. My life’s journey has led me to plant my roots in California, Oregon, Japan and Colorado before stopping in Arizona. I have worked with children for 25 plus years. I have taught children from all walks of life, ages 6 weeks to 5 years old and enjoy all of the joys and surprise that each age group has to offer. In between teaching children, I have raised two of my own and now enjoy being a grandma to 5 grandchildren. In my free time I enjoy my family, books, music, and the ocean.

  • Ms. Kaitlyn, Infant/Toddler Support Teacher

    Ms. Kaitlyn

    Infant/Toddler Support Teacher

    Hi! My name is Kaitlyn. I am a student at Perry High School. I am a middle child with an older brother and a younger sister. I am a trampoline and tumbling gymnast and have been involved in gymnastics my entire life. I have worked with my high school's childcare center through the early childhood education program. I work in early education because I love the way children view the world and I hope to shape young children into the best versions of themselves!

  • Ms. Emilia, Infant/Toddler Teacher

    Ms. Emilia

    Infant/Toddler Teacher

    Hello my name is Emilia. I'm so excited to come back to the Primrose family, and bring my daughter to attend here too. I finished my Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education in the Philippines, with 12 years of teaching experiences, I have a passion for teaching young children. I am hoping to finish my Master's degree in Early Childhood Education. I'm happy to be here to watch these infants and toddlers grow!

  • Ms. Elle, Infant/Toddler Teacher

    Ms. Elle

    Infant/Toddler Teacher

    Hello! I'm Elle and I have 3 years of experience working primarily with Infants and toddlers. I grew up in the Chandler-Gilbert area, graduated from Basha in 2012. I am a single mom to one awesome daughter, and my current hobby is learning everything I need to know to get her into hockey! Other than being a mom, I am very artsy and enjoy painting, drawing and embroidery. I hope to create a warm, fun, and creative environment for the babies to flourish in their development.

  • Ms. Lizzie, Toddler Support Teacher

    Ms. Lizzie

    Toddler Support Teacher

    My full name is Elizabeth, but I prefer to be called Lizzie. I have two siblings and two dogs, so it's never a dull moment in my household! I am very bubbly and excited, I love to explore and try new things. I am also an avid artist and I am pretty good at drawing dragons and other mythical creatures. I am currently a senior at Campo Verde High School and I hope to attend ASU one day to become an Elementary school teacher!

  • Ms. Amanda, Toddler Teacher

    Ms. Amanda

    Toddler Teacher

    Hi! My name is Ms. Amanda and I have been working with children for a few years now and more to come! I am currently in the process of working towards by CDA (Child Development Associate's). I love coffee, reading books, flowers, singing, drawing, and spending time with those I love. I am so happy to be back with the Primrose family and am looking forward to getting ot know everyone and create fun memories with the children!

  • Ms. Kate, Toddler Teacher

    Ms. Kate

    Toddler Teacher

    Hi! My name is Kathryn, but everyone calls me Kate. I am a social work major at ASU where I do online school full-time and work full-time. My area of interest is to be a behavioral specialist for pediatrics: I am about a year and a half away from graduation. My family is all from Brooklyn, New York where all of my siblings were born except for me. My grandparents moved down here to Arizona and they wanted to be there for somebody's birth - and they chose me! Soon after, we moved back to New York where I grew up, and then returned to Arizona when I was 10. My hobbies include hiking, dancing, and artwork. I have been a dancer for over 15 years and also have a background in cheer and gymnastics. I graduated from Mesa high in 2018 and then attended MCC for credits towards my associates degree in arts. I'm working in early education because it's something that will help me lead to where my end goal is! I love kids and I'm inspired by kids - I look forwards to learning from them and with them!

  • Ms. Katelyn, Early Preschool A Teacher

    Ms. Katelyn

    Early Preschool A Teacher

    Hi! Ever since I was 10 years old, I've had the passion of working with young children. My goal is to nurture every child to help them become the best version of themselves, whatever that may look like! I am also currently a registered and licensed Behavioral, Social and Mental Health Technician (BHT). Being a licensed BHT has given me the knowledge and experience to adequately understand and work with a variety of children and people, with direct focus on developmental stages and growth. A few fun facts about me, I've been vegetarian for almost 9 years, I love cacti, and I currently work as a special needs care providers as well!

  • Ms. Korey

    Support Teacher

    Hi my name is Korey. I am going to be a senior at Higley High this fall. After high school I plan to get my nursing degree then go towards my master's so I can be a physician's assistant. I love to work with kids because they are so fun to play with and get to know! I have been babysitting for 4 years and I absolutely love it, I also have 2 siblings, an older brother and a younger sister. I love my family and love hanging out with them. My favorite thing to do with them is play board games and have movie night. I'm excited to gain experience in a school like Primrose!

  • Ms. Jayna, Early Preschool Support Teacher

    Ms. Jayna

    Early Preschool Support Teacher

    Hi! My name is Jayna and I'm currently a senior at Perry High School. I live with my two parents and a younger sister. Childcare has been my passion for several years now, and I'm so excited to be able to help with the process of learning for children at Primrose!

  • Ms. White, Early Preschool B Teacher

    Ms. White

    Early Preschool B Teacher

    Hello everyone! My name is Jailesia and I'm very excited to be joining the Primrose Team and helping to care and shape the young minds of children. I'm the oldest of three with a brother and sister, and I always took it upon myself to help take care of them and be a good older sister. I'd say this is what started my interest in working with children, and all through high school I was in the Early Childhood Education program until I was employed at the campus preschool my senior year. I spent nearly 3 years working there and it was some of the best times of my life! Working with children is truly my passion and I aim to give them the best learning experience I can!

  • Ms. Jay, Early Preschool B Support Teacher

    Ms. Jay

    Early Preschool B Support Teacher

    Hi! My name is Jaycee, I prefer to go by Ms. Jay. I have two brothers, a sister-in-law, and a nieve that I adore. I love to read, hike, and camp, as well as, foster kittens and train my dog. I graduated Perry a year early during the summer of 2021 and am currently attending CDCC part-time. I love learning about child psychology and development and am hoping to find my future career with children.

  • Ms. Samantha, Preschool Pathways A Teacher

    Ms. Samantha

    Preschool Pathways A Teacher

    My name is Samantha and I have been working with children for over eight years. I have always loved being with children from a young age. I love being around my family, going out of town and writing! My goal has always been to see children happy and well cared for and I know I can bring that.

  • Ms. Jamie, Preschool Pathways B Teacher

    Ms. Jamie

    Preschool Pathways B Teacher

    I have over 18 years of experience working with children of all ages. I have 4 kids of my own. My family loves going to the park, RV camping at the river, and movie nights. I enjoy working with kids and watching them grow emotionally and academically. I'm happy to be back with my Primrose family!

  • Ms. Culp, Preschool Pathways B Teacher

    Ms. Culp

    Preschool Pathways B Teacher
    Apple of Our Eye

    Hi! I'm Ms. Culp. I have been working with children for over 20 years, and have two of my own. I love getting out into nature and love doing that with my kids especially. I absolutely love children and I am excited to gain even more experience with young children, to help them learn and grow. I found Primrose through my daughter, Ms. Samantha and now I'm excited to get to know everyone here at the Primrose School of Gilbert at Santan.

  • Ms. Sydney, Pathways Support Teacher

    Ms. Sydney

    Pathways Support Teacher

    Hi! My name is Sydney Howell, and I am now a senior at Perry High School. I have a younger sister and a beagle dog. I have been a ballet dancer since I was a little girl, and I love being an inspiration to other younger dancers. Since my freshman year, I have worked in the child care at my school and I hope to become a significant figure in each child's young life as they continue on their educational and developmental journeys!

  • Ms. Diyana, Preschool 1 Teacher

    Ms. Diyana

    Preschool 1 Teacher

    Hello, my name is Diyana and I'm really excited to become a part of the Primrose team! I have loved spending time with kids for as long as I can remember and I find it joyful helping children grow and develop. I was born in Lebanon but was raised here in Arizona. I graduated from Higley High school and went back to the Middle East to get my Bachelor's degree in Business management. I look forward to working with you children and getting to have some fun with them!

  • Ms. Emma

    Support Teacher

    Hi! My name is Emma, I have had a passion for working with young children since I was 11 years old. I have about seven years of experience working with all kinds of age groupd. I volunteered at my church in different activities, including Sunday service, and kids summer camp. I'm excited to get to know the preschool students in this kind of school setting! I just graduated from high school and I hope to continue school in the fall. I enjoy competitive ballroom dancing, I've been vegetarian for almost three years, and I enjoy spending time with loved ones. 

  • Ms. Maria *Maternity Leave*, Preschool 2 Teacher

    Ms. Maria *Maternity Leave*

    Preschool 2 Teacher

    My name is Maria Valenzuela and I am currently attending Mesa Community College to obtain my associates in Elementary Education. Something about me is that I love and enjoy being around children. Teaching and working with students is one of my biggest passions, and I am extremely glad that I have the opportunity to be able to work with children. Seeing students learn and grow is very important from my part. During my free time, I like to spend time with family and friends, and go to the gym. Something I hope to accomplish at Primrose is to develop a strong connection with students and staff.

  • Ms. Jessica, Teacher

    Ms. Jessica


    Hi! My name is Jessica. I am a student at Brigham Young University in Utah where I am studying to get my Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education with minors in TESOL and Psychology. I am the fifth of six kids, with eight nieces and nephews! I spend my free time talking with my siblings and their young kiddos on FaceTime. I love learning about how people learn and grow - particularly children! I have a passion for education and love learning from children as they bring unique perspectives and understanding into the classroom. I can't wait to form relationships with the Primrose staff and students!

  • Ms. Andersen

    Support Teacher

    Hi! My name is Brooke Andersen, I love drawing, painting, watching movies, and hanging out with my dog. I am currently studying to become a nurse at Utal Valley University and hope to one day work in pediatrics. I've always loved working with kids and can't wait to meet everyone!

  • Ms. Aubrey, Preschool Support Teacher

    Ms. Aubrey

    Preschool Support Teacher

    Hi! I'm Ms. Aubrey! I am the youngest of 5 siblings, and I love to ride horses competitively. I have worked with children as an assistant swim coach as well! I am a senior in high school and I have always had a passion for working with children and I hope to gain more experience here at Primrose!

  • Ms. Stacie, Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

    Ms. Stacie

    Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

    Hi! I'm Ms. Stacie! I'm so happy to be back at the Primrose School of Gilbert at Santan! I've taught here for about 3 years and love this Primrose Family! I have over 20 years of experience teaching various ages from Kindergarten, to Pre-K to even a year of Preschool. My heart is set on guiding our young students and helping them explore the world around them and learn what they need to know for Kindergarten and beyond.

  • Ms. Stephanie, Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

    Ms. Stephanie

    Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

    Hello there! My name is Stephanie Carpenter. I have a son named Joel and a cat named Alice. I love spending time with my family and friends. Disney movies are my favorite and ever since I was a little girl, I knew I wanted a career with children. Children are our future, after all. I'm so excited to be at Primrose meeting the families and helping to mold the children into the best people they can be.

  • Mr. Tanner, Pre-K Support Teacher

    Mr. Tanner

    Pre-K Support Teacher

    My name is Tanner Shell. I am currently a junior at Perry High School and in my third year of Early Childhood classes. I play the saxophone in the marching band. I have a twin sister, as well as, an older brother and sister. I hope to build strong foundations fro every child in teh classroom, foundations taht will hodl up the rest of a child's life.

  • Ms. Brooke, Support Teacher

    Ms. Brooke

    Support Teacher

    My name is Brooke Bartishell. I was born and raised in Arizona, and I am currently a senior at Perry High School. I live with both of my parents and my two brothers. I love working with kids and hope to make them smile! I'm excited to join the Primrose family!

  • Ms. Fiona, Food Service Teacher

    Ms. Fiona

    Food Service Teacher

    I have been living in Arizona since 2013 with my family, which consists of me, my husband and two children. My son is 6 years old, and my daughter is almost 3. I like to watch movies and play games with my kids. I enjoy all the outdoor activities with my family include travel around. I used to work as a cooker for the Williams High School, The Learning Experience, Brookdale Senior Living, and the Compass group for the Inter Campus. I like to work in the early education environment the most because I like kids so much adn really want to provie them with high-quality foods.

  • Malini Bhakta & Neeta Bhakta, Franchise Owner

    Malini Bhakta & Neeta Bhakta

    Franchise Owners

    Hello! We are Malini Bhakta and Neeta Bhakta—friends and proud Franchise Owners of Primrose School of Gilbert at Santan. As working parents ourselves and longtime members of the community, we are excited to offer the Primrose experience that’s enriched our lives and our children’s lives to even more families in Gilbert.

    Initially, what sparked our interest in Primrose was its commitment to quality care and the school’s research-based Balanced Learning® curriculum. As parents who struggled to find quality care and early education for our children, we wanted to find the perfect solution for our family and all families in the Gilbert community. This need combined with our passion for children and early education, inspired us to open a school of our own.

    As parents, we understand the importance of pursuing a career while providing a nurturing environment for your children. Primrose parents at our school can rest easy, knowing their children are receiving the best care and premier early education that will help set the foundation for future success. In fact, our kids will be enrolled in our school and involved in the after-school program, a testament to how much we love Primrose and how confident we feel about the quality of care it provides. Our hope is that our school will feel like an extension of your family and will provide parents a peace of mind knowing their children are growing their Active Minds, Healthy Bodies and Happy Hearts®.

    Opened on April 25th, 2016, Primrose School of Gilbert at Santan features the exclusive Balanced Learning® curriculum.

    We can’t wait to meet you and welcome you to our Primrose family!

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