Primrose School of Gainesville

Our Staff

  • Ms. Amanda Holcomb, Area Director

    Ms. Amanda Holcomb

    Area Director

    Our Area Director, Amanda Holcomb, has been with Primrose Schools since 2002! Mrs. Amanda started her journey as the Lead Teacher of the Early Preschool class at our Gainesville school, and then served as the Operations Director for over 8 years. In 2012, she was promoted to Area Director. Amanda is married and has a son, Carson, who is now in 10th grade. Carson attended the Primrose School of Gainesville since he was 6 weeks old. He was a 2009-2010 Private Kindergarten graduate. Amanda is a true asset to all of our schools.

  • Ms. Elysha Hunter, Director

    Ms. Elysha Hunter


    Mrs. Elysha Hunter has been our Curriculum Director since October, 2003. She started with Primrose as our Preschool 2 Lead Teacher in July, 2001. Mrs. Elysha has also taught Private Pre-Kindergarten at our school. Elysha has her CDA certificate in Early Childhood Education. Elysha oversees all curriculum training and ongoing continual education for our staff. She and her husband, Brian, are parents to a 7th grade son, Brock. Brock is a 2013-2014 Private Kindergarten graduate.

  • Ms. Sandra Marvin, Operations Director

    Ms. Sandra Marvin

    Operations Director

    Ms. Sandra Marvin is our Operations Director. She has been with the Primrose School of Gainesville since January, 2006. She was quickly promoted from teaching in our Preschool 1 class to a member of the management team. Sandra has her CDA credential, and is such a hard working and dedicated member of our staff. She is always willing to go that extra mile to ensure the task is taken care of. She is a mother of three wonderful children, Carson, Raynin, and Ryott.

  • Ms. Sonia Walker, Curriculum Coach

    Ms. Sonia Walker

    Curriculum Coach

    Mrs. Sonia Walker joined our team in August, 2017, and works with all three of our schools. Sonia has a Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education from the University of North Georgia. She has several years experience as an elementary school teacher, a summer camp counselor, and is the mother of a beautiful six-year-old little girl and two-year-old little boy. Sonia supports both our teaching and leadership staff.

  • Ms. Christin Simmons, Chef and Manager

    Ms. Christin Simmons

    Chef and Manager

    Mrs. Christin Simmons joined the Primrose School of Gainesville and it's management team as the school's closer in January, 2013. She has been a great asset to our management staff. Christin is also the school's chef. She prepares delicious and nutritious meals to our students each day. Mrs. Christin Simmons is always here in the afternoon to greet each parent with a smile when they walk in, and a warm good bye to each child when they leave. We are very lucky to have her as part of our Primrose staff! Christin is also a Primrose mommy! She has two sons, Hayden and Easton.

  • Ms. Barbie Maloney, Closing Manager

    Ms. Barbie Maloney

    Closing Manager
  • Ms. Alayne Arnold, Infant Assistant Teacher

    Ms. Alayne Arnold

    Infant Assistant Teacher
  • Ms. Anna Spratlin, Infant Assistant Teacher

    Ms. Anna Spratlin

    Infant Assistant Teacher
  • Mrs. Annaleise Jones, Infant Assistant Teacher

    Mrs. Annaleise Jones

    Infant Assistant Teacher
  • Ms. Jasmine Dills, Toddler 2 Lead Teacher

    Ms. Jasmine Dills

    Toddler 2 Lead Teacher
  • Ms. Adriana Gonzalez, Toddler 2 Assistant Teacher

    Ms. Adriana Gonzalez

    Toddler 2 Assistant Teacher
  • Ms. Yomira Ramirez, Toddler 1 Lead Teacher

    Ms. Yomira Ramirez

    Toddler 1 Lead Teacher
  • Ms. Jill McCravy, Toddler 1 Assistant Teacher

    Ms. Jill McCravy

    Toddler 1 Assistant Teacher
  • Mrs. Savannah McElreath, Toddler Assistant Teacher

    Mrs. Savannah McElreath

    Toddler Assistant Teacher
    Apple of Our Eye
  • Ms. Whitley Wright, Early Preschool 1 Assistant Teacher

    Ms. Whitley Wright

    Early Preschool 1 Assistant Teacher
  • Ms. Emily Gutierrez, Early Preschool 2 Lead Teacher

    Ms. Emily Gutierrez

    Early Preschool 2 Lead Teacher
  • Ms. Maggie O'Bryan, Early Preschool 2 Assistant Teacher

    Ms. Maggie O'Bryan

    Early Preschool 2 Assistant Teacher
  • Mrs. Mia Hendrix, Preschool 1 Lead Teacher

    Mrs. Mia Hendrix

    Preschool 1 Lead Teacher
  • Ms. Madison McCliment, Preschool Lead Teacher

    Ms. Madison McCliment

    Preschool Lead Teacher
  • Ms. Dashana Tillman, Preschool Assistant Teacher

    Ms. Dashana Tillman

    Preschool Assistant Teacher
  • Ms. Nya Peoples, Preschool Assistant Teacher

    Ms. Nya Peoples

    Preschool Assistant Teacher
  • Ms. Shauna Bradley, Private Pre-Kindergarten Lead Teacher

    Ms. Shauna Bradley

    Private Pre-Kindergarten Lead Teacher
  • Ms. Grayson Boyd, Private Pre-Kindergarten Assistant Teacher

    Ms. Grayson Boyd

    Private Pre-Kindergarten Assistant Teacher
  • Ms. Rebekah Julian, Explorers Lead Teacher

    Ms. Rebekah Julian

    Explorers Lead Teacher
  • Jenifer and John McKnight, Franchise Owner

    Jenifer and John McKnight

    Franchise Owners

    The Primrose School of Gainesville is independently owned and operated by Jenifer and John McKnight. The McKnight's also own and operate the Primrose Schools of Buford and Braselton .All three schools are accredited by Cognia, a high distinction very few preschools can attain. They have been Primrose owners for over 21 years. The McKnight's were a Primrose family long before they became Primrose owners. Before joining the Primrose Family, John enjoyed a long and successful career as a Broadcast Journalist at both WSB and WGNX-TV in Atlanta. John has been honored with numerous journalism awards, including Emmy's and AP awards. He has also been honored for his long and active commitment to the community. Jenifer is a graduate of Georgia State University, and she previously worked as a writer, producer, and reporter at WGNX-TV in Atlanta. Jenifer and John have two children, Sean and Caitlin who grew up in Primrose Schools. John also has two older children, Jonathan and Andy. Jonathan has three children, Anna, Matthew, and Evelina. Anna and Matthew are also proud former Primrose students. Jenifer has served as the Advisory Council Chairperson representing all Primrose Schools. John has served as the Co-op representative for the Atlanta market, and even helped create it. The McKnight's are also the winners of the President’s Award! This high honor was awarded by the Primrose Schools Franchising Company for the outstanding reputation of the school, their commitment to the franchise organization, and to the communities they serve. They have also been honored each year for having schools that contribute among the highest in the system to the Primrose Children's Foundation through our annual Spring Fling Carnivals. All three of their schools serve as On Site Training Schools for new franchisees. The McKnight's are thrilled to bring Primrose Excellence to the Gainesville community.

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