Primrose School of Fort Worth West

Our Staff

  • Ms. McKinzie, Director of Operations

    Ms. McKinzie

    Director of Operations

    As the Director of Operations, Tonya McKinzie is responsible for enrollments, staff recruitment and retention, health and safety, and the overall operation of the school.

    Ms. McKenzie grew up in Overland Park, Kansas and attended Emporia State University where she received a Bachelors of Science in Rehabilitation Education with a minor in Sociology. Go Hornets! She has been in the childcare industry for over 16 years, with 11 years in leadership. One of the things that Tonya loves about Primrose is how we develop the entire child from the Balanced Learning curriculum to their character development program.

    When Tonya isn't working, she enjoys Zoomba, her church, serving the homeless, watching the latest Avengers movie, and spending time with her daughter Tiana.

    Ms. McKenzie wants everyone to know she has an open door and is happy to answer anyone's questions or concerns. Every day Tonya looks forward to serving our children, playing a role in their development, and building strong relationships with all of our families.

  • Mrs. Jones, Director of Education

    Mrs. Jones

    Director of Education

    As the Director of Education for Primrose School of Fort Worth West, Ashley Jones oversees implementation of our Balanced Learning curriculum and teacher development.

    Mrs. Jones came to Primrose School of Fort Worth West with broad classroom, operations, and Primrose experience. She graduated from Texas Tech University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2012. Go, Red Raiders! She started her teaching career as a first-grade teacher at Harmony Science Academy in Odessa, Texas, and then as a professor at Midland College. Her Primrose experience began as the Director of Operations of multiple Primrose campuses in Midland, Texas, and Houston, Texas. After becoming a newlywed, Mrs. Jones moved to Fort Worth, Texas, and began working as the Education Specialist at Primrose School at Alliance, where she helped mentor and train a staff of 30 teachers. Ashley holds a teacher EC-4 license, an ESL EC-4 license, Texas Directors Certificate, and is a Red Cross CPR & BLS instructor.

  • Mrs. Kessler, Admissions Coordinator

    Mrs. Kessler

    Admissions Coordinator
  • Mrs. Cain, Education Coach

    Mrs. Cain

    Education Coach

    As the Education Coach, Jennifer Cain is responsible for supporting the Director of Education.

    Jennifer has been in early education for over 21 years and came to our school with a wealth of experience. Over the past two years, she has taught our Preschool and Pre-K students before moving into a leadership position.

    Mrs. Cain volunteers with the City of White Settlement and various White Settlement School activities in her spare time, has a grandchild, and is raising two boys.

  • Ms. Alex, Infant Teacher

    Ms. Alex

    Infant Teacher
  • Ms. Morgan, Infant Teacher

    Ms. Morgan

    Infant Teacher
  • Ms. Penney, Infant Teacher

    Ms. Penney

    Infant Teacher
  • Ms. Chaffin, Young Toddler Teacher

    Ms. Chaffin

    Young Toddler Teacher
  • Ms. Flores, Younger Toddler Teacher

    Ms. Flores

    Younger Toddler Teacher
  • Ms. Fuller, Young Toddler Teacher

    Ms. Fuller

    Young Toddler Teacher
  • Ms. Miranda, Young Toddler Teacher

    Ms. Miranda

    Young Toddler Teacher
  • Ms. Sophia, Young Toddler Teacher, Degreed

    Ms. Sophia

    Young Toddler Teacher, Degreed
  • Ms. D. Wilson, Older Toddler Teacher, Degreed

    Ms. D. Wilson

    Older Toddler Teacher, Degreed
  • Ms. Barnett, Early Preschool Teacher

    Ms. Barnett

    Early Preschool Teacher
  • Ms. Casas, Early Preschool Teacher

    Ms. Casas

    Early Preschool Teacher
  • Ms. Karla, Early Preschool Teacher

    Ms. Karla

    Early Preschool Teacher
  • Ms. Serrano, Early Preschool Teacher

    Ms. Serrano

    Early Preschool Teacher
  • Ms. Smith, Early Preschool Teacher

    Ms. Smith

    Early Preschool Teacher
  • Ms. Williams, Early Preschool Teacher

    Ms. Williams

    Early Preschool Teacher
  • Ms. Crockett, Preschool Pathways Teacher

    Ms. Crockett

    Preschool Pathways Teacher
  • Ms. Coleman, Preschool Pathways Teacher

    Ms. Coleman

    Preschool Pathways Teacher
  • Ms. Gillaspie, Preschool Pathways Teacher

    Ms. Gillaspie

    Preschool Pathways Teacher
  • Ms. Amanah, Preschool Teacher

    Ms. Amanah

    Preschool Teacher
  • Ms. "Icy" Jackson, Preschool Teacher

    Ms. "Icy" Jackson

    Preschool Teacher
  • Ms. Jones, Preschool Teacher

    Ms. Jones

    Preschool Teacher
  • Ms. Sanchez, Preschool Teacher

    Ms. Sanchez

    Preschool Teacher
  • Ms. Adams, Pre-K Teacher, Degreed

    Ms. Adams

    Pre-K Teacher, Degreed
  • Mrs. Revathi, Pre-K Teacher, Degreed

    Mrs. Revathi

    Pre-K Teacher, Degreed
  • Ms. Walker, Pre-K Teacher

    Ms. Walker

    Pre-K Teacher
  • Ms. Davidson, Infant Support Teacher

    Ms. Davidson

    Infant Support Teacher
  • Ms. Cade, Support Teacher

    Ms. Cade

    Support Teacher
  • Ms. Cash, Support Teacher

    Ms. Cash

    Support Teacher
  • Ms. Jo Ellen, Support Teacher

    Ms. Jo Ellen

    Support Teacher
  • Ms. Nevaeh, Support Teacher

    Ms. Nevaeh

    Support Teacher
  • Ms. Rector, Support Teacher

    Ms. Rector

    Support Teacher
  • Ms. Evans, Chef

    Ms. Evans

  • Glenn Hadsall and Christi Brownlow, Franchise Owner

    Glenn Hadsall and Christi Brownlow

    Franchise Owners

    Meet Glenn Hadsall and Christi Brownlow – a husband and wife team and proud Franchise Owners of Primrose School of Fort Worth West. Glenn, Christi, and their three children, TJ, Mackenzie, and Gigi, are thrilled to bring the Primrose experience of premier early education and care to families in the Fort Worth community.

    Glenn and Christi were first introduced to Primrose in 2010 while searching for a high-quality childcare provider for their youngest daughter, Gigi, whom they had recently adopted from India. After visiting several schools, Glenn and Christi fell in love with Primrose School of Firewheel, which was close to their home then, and felt the Balanced Learning® curriculum and caring, nurturing atmosphere were the right fit for her.

    Seeing how quickly Gigi developed and flourished at Primrose, Glenn and Christi began considering opening their own Primrose school. They started the process by contacting Patriksha Rigley, who owned Primrose School of Firewheel.

    “Patriksha’s passion for education and love for Primrose is infectious,” said Christi. “We knew this was a unique opportunity for us to make a difference in our community and provide a positive learning environment for all children.”

    When Glenn and Christi learned there was a growing need for quality care in West Fort Worth, they jumped at the opportunity to move back to an area that is very special to Glenn’s side of the family. Glenn’s mom grew up in the Arlington Heights neighborhood of Fort Worth and met Glenn’s father while he was stationed at the Carswell Air Force Base. In 1954, Glenn’s parents married and moved into the apartments that once sat on the location of Glenn and Christi’s new Primrose school on Westridge Ave. Two-thirds of a century later, Glenn and Christi were excited to build their new school on the foundational elements their parents and grandparents built so long ago – literally.

    “It means so much to us to build upon the character traits our parents shared with us, including the value of a quality education,” said Glenn. “We get to forge an even stronger path – one that not only will impact our family but also influence the community around us.”

    Glenn and Christi have always shared a love of learning with each other and their children. Christi graduated from Oklahoma University with a degree in Business, and Glenn graduated with a degree in Design Communication from Texas Tech, where their son, TJ, graduated with a degree in Finance. Their daughter, Mackenzie, is also a Red Raider and will soon graduate with a Master's in Accounting.

    Glenn and Christi’s goal is to ensure Fort Worth children are loved and cared for in an environment that fosters a lifelong love of learning. Primrose School of Fort Worth West will provide an atmosphere where children can grow their Active Minds, Healthy Bodies, and Happy Hearts®.

    Primrose School of Fort Worth West features the Primrose Balanced Learning® curriculum for children ages 6 weeks old to 6 years old and after-school and a summer program for children up to age 12. Developed by and taught exclusively at Primrose Schools, the research-based curriculum blends teacher-guided and child-initiated activities with a special emphasis on character development.

    Primrose School of Fort Worth West is located at 3777 Westridge Ave., Fort Worth, TX, 76116.

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