Primrose School of Fletcher Heights

Our Staff

  • Kaitlyn Nolan, Director

    Kaitlyn Nolan


    Ms. Nolan has been a valued Primrose employee since 2013! Ms. Nolan has tons of experience in the classroom, she used to be our Kindergarten assistant, Early Preschool teacher, Office Assistant, Assistant Director and Director since 2019.  In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family, working out, hiking, shopping, going to disneyland and watching Bravo shows.

  • Ashley Vitale, Assistant Director

    Ashley Vitale

    Assistant Director

    Ms. Vitale has been a part of our family since February 2015. She comes to us with experience in taking Child Development classes and helping out with her niece, younger siblings, and family members. While Ms. Vitale isn’t working she loves to spend time with her friends and family.

  • Esmeralda Ledesma, Office Manager

    Esmeralda Ledesma

    Office Manager

    Ms.Ledesma has been a part of our family since 2020. We can always find her in the classroom dancing and singing with the little ones! Ms. Ledesma is a parent favorite and always building relations with all the staff members and all the families in her class! When Ms. Ledesma isn't at work, she loves shopping.

  • Johana Mahan, Curriculum Director

    Johana Mahan

    Curriculum Director

    Mrs. Mahan has been a valued Primrose employee for 15 years! Mrs. Mahan has tons of experience in the classroom, she used to be an Early Preschool teacher and then a Preschool teacher and now the Curriculum Director! She works side by side with the teachers here at the school perfecting the curriculum and enhancing the daily activities. Mrs. Mahan is married with two boys who have attended Primrose as well! In her free time she enjoys decorating, crafting and spending time with her family

  • Shelby Berry, Traveling Training Manager

    Shelby Berry

    Traveling Training Manager

    Ms. Berry has been has been a part of our Primrose family since March of 2017! Since she has started here at Primrose School of Fletcher Heights, Ms. Berry has been in our Early Preschool, Preschool and our Pre-Kindergarten teacher! Ms. Berry is currently working towards her degree to become an Occupational Therapist for kids, and hopes to use her experience to help her reach that goal. Ms. Berry loves working for Primrose School of Fletcher Heights, because she gets to see kiddos reach their milestones, and loves being in the positive environment. When Ms. Berry isn't working, she loves spending time with her family and trying new things!

  • Greg Lung, Campus Environmental Manager

    Greg Lung

    Campus Environmental Manager

    Mr. Lung joined our Primrose Team in June of 2014! Mr. Lung is our go-to-guy, anything that goes wrong in the school, he is always there to fix or repair whatever it may be. We are so grateful to have Mr. Lung apart of Primrose family.

  • Alyssa Valadez, Infant Lead Teacher

    Alyssa Valadez

    Infant Lead Teacher
  • Kayla Jeffries, Young Toddler Lead Teacher

    Kayla Jeffries

    Young Toddler Lead Teacher
  • Alexandria Frey, Toddler Lead Teacher

    Alexandria Frey

    Toddler Lead Teacher
  • Kelly Eggleston, Early Preschool Lead Teacher

    Kelly Eggleston

    Early Preschool Lead Teacher
  • Destiny Belmontes, Preschool Pathways Lead Teacher

    Destiny Belmontes

    Preschool Pathways Lead Teacher
  • Lacey Hahn, Preschool Lead Teacher

    Lacey Hahn

    Preschool Lead Teacher

    Ms. Hahn has been apart of our family since March of 2018, and has been in our Infants, Toddler and found her most recent home in our Preschool classroom! Ms. Hahn is currently working towards her own personal goal of becoming a Speech Language Pathologist. Ms. Hahn is always coming into work with a positive attitude, the biggest smile on her face and ready to take on any task. Ms. Hahn loves working for Primrose School of Fletcher Heights because of the Owners, Management team and getting to watch all the kiddos learn and grow! When Ms. Hahn isn't working she loves sending time with family, crafting with her circuit machine and doing yoga.

  • Aileen Bowers, Preschool Lead Teacher

    Aileen Bowers

    Preschool Lead Teacher

    Mrs. Bowers has been a part of our Primrose family since 2009! Mrs. Bowers has been in many different classrooms over the years, and has found a special place in our Preschool classroom. Mrs. Bowers, is very dedicated and creative, we can always count on her to have something planned to enhance our curriculum. She also has a very bubbly personality and her smiling face welcomes all of the kiddos every morning, and makes them love coming to school every day! Mrs. Bowers loves working at Primrose because she is able to help kids reach their milestones, and help them be the best they possibly can be!

  • JazzMyn Thomas, Pre-Kindergarten Lead Teacher

    JazzMyn Thomas

    Pre-Kindergarten Lead Teacher
  • Priscilla Ortega, Pre-Kindergarten Lead Teacher

    Priscilla Ortega

    Pre-Kindergarten Lead Teacher

    Ms. Ortega has been a part of our Primrose team since March of 2007. Ms. Ortega is currently our Lead Teacher in our Pre-K classroom. Her customer service and attention to detail is appreciated by her parents, students and especially the Management Team. Her friendly demeanor wins over new students every time and parents leave feeling their child is loved, safe and well taken care of. These feelings are priceless when you’re a parent leaving your child in someone else’s care. She is is reliable, dedicated and we can count on seeing her smiling face every day. She is easy to work with and sets a great example to other employees. She follows all policies, never cuts corners and is trusted to train new staff members whenever possible. Ms. Ortega represents everything we could want in a Primrose Teacher and if we could clone her that would be a dream come true!!! We cannot express enough how grateful we are to have her as a part of our Primrose Family. You can now find her as a Lead teacher in our 4K2 classroom!

  • Dee Ingram, Kindergarten Lead Teacher

    Dee Ingram

    Kindergarten Lead Teacher

    Mrs. Ingram has been a part of our Primrose team since 2005! She is one of our most dedicated teachers, and always arrives early to make sure that she is prepared for her day. Mrs. Ingram loves coming to work and helping her Kindergartens become more mature socially and grow academically, it is very rewarding to her to watch her students achieve their goals and watch their faces light up! When Mrs. Ingram isn't working, she loves being with her 5 sons, and 7 grandkids, and traveling to new places with her husband.


  • Greg and Heather Legeza, Franchise Owner

    Greg and Heather Legeza

    Franchise Owners

    Thank you for your interest in Primrose School of Fletcher Heights. Owners Greg and Heather Legeza both attended the University of Cincinnati and moved to Arizona in 1997. Soon after they moved to the Peoria community, their son Derek joined the family and their daughter Kylie followed closely behind. Because of the lack of quality educational childcare in the area, Heather decided to quit her job as an elementary school teacher to stay at home with their children. Having a background in early childhood education, Heather knew what she was looking for a child care facility. After spending several days touring facilities, Heather found that the only thing that was available was basically, babysitting. Heather was looking for more, and it just was not available. After visiting a Primrose School in Cincinnati, Ohio, they knew Primrose was exactly what the Peoria community was in need of and decided to purchase a Primrose franchise. They were looking for more balance in their lives and a better quality educational opportunity for their children. Like so many parents in our community, they understand that a child's early years are crucial elements to a well rounded early childhood education. The Legeza's agreed that a private, preschool setting would benefit their family and the Peoria community. Primrose Schools recognize the importance of balance to parents: the need to juggle successfully work and family life and to find educational childcare that provides peace of mind. Primrose's exclusive Balanced Learning curriculum accomplishes this with purposeful play and nurturing guidance. We are so lucky to have been doing this since 2004. Thank you for your interest in Primrose School of Fletcher Heights. We are so excited to offer a quality educational private preschool to the Peoria community. We look forward to partnering in your child's education. Sincerely, Greg & Heather Legeza

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