Exterior of a Primrose School of Fletcher Heights

Primrose School of Fletcher Heights

Franchise Owners

Thank you for your interest in Primrose School of Fletcher Heights. Owners Greg and Heather Legeza both attended the University of Cincinnati and moved to Arizona in 1997. Soon after they moved to ...

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franchise owners

Our Staff

Sarah Ellington, Assistant Director

Sarah Ellington

Assistant Director

Monique Griffith, Curriculum Director

Monique Griffith

Curriculum Director

Greg Lung, Campus Environmental Manager

Greg Lung

Campus Environmental Manager

Dee Ingram, Lead Teacher

Dee Ingram

Kindergarten Lead Teacher

Priscilla Ortega, Lead Teacher

Priscilla Ortega

Pre-Kindergarten Lead Teacher

Wendy LeRoy, Lead Teacher

Wendy LeRoy

Pre-Kindergarten Lead Teacher

Sarah Roberts, Lead Teacher

Sarah Roberts

Pre-School Lead Teacher

Shelby Berry, Assistant Teacher

Shelby Berry

Co-Lead PreSchool Teacher

Courtney Geith, Assistant Teacher

Courtney Geith

Co-Lead Preschool Teacher

Ashley Vitale, Early Preschool Lead Teacher

Ashley Vitale

Early Preschool Lead Teacher

Liz Smith, Lead Young Toddler Teacher

Liz Smith

Early Preschool Lead Teacher

Haley Griffin, Lead Toddler Teacher

Haley Griffin

Toddler Lead Teacher

Vanessa Martinez, Lead Teacher

Vanessa Salas

Infant Lead Teacher

Brianna Kasallis, Assistant Teacher

Brianna Kasallis

Assistant Teacher

McKenzie Quilter, Assistant Teacher

McKenzie Quilter

Assistant Teacher

Vanessa Cipriano, Assistant Teacher

Vanessa Cipriano

Assistant Teacher

Hannah Nelson, Lead Afternoon Teacher

Hannah Nelson

Lead Afternoon Teacher

Allyson Mote, Assistant Teacher

Allyson Mote

Lead Afternoon Teacher

Samantha Netz-Mowrer, Lead Afternoon Teacher

Samantha Netz-Mowrer

Lead Afternoon Teacher

Maddisen McCall, Assistant Teacher

Maddisen McCall

Lead Afternoon Teacher

Lindsay Geith, Assistant Teacher

Lindsay Geith

Lead Afternoon Teacher

Bailey Rich, Lead Afternoon Teacher

Bailey Rich

Lead Afternoon Teacher

Kassidy Copley, Lead Afternoon Teacher

Kassidy Copley

Lead Afternoon Teacher

Jaedalyn Austin, Assistant Teacher

Jaedalyn Austin

Lead Afternoon Teacher

Bailee Lynch, Lead Afternoon Teacher

Bailee Lynch

Lead Afternoon Teacher

Victoria Reppert, Assistant Teacher

Victoria Reppert

Assistant Teacher

Samantha Mercrer, Assistant Teacher

Samantha Mercer

Assistant Teacher

Montserrat Ruiz, Assistant Teacher

Montserrat Ruiz

Assistant Teacher