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Primrose School at Fishers Station

Our Staff

  • Ms. Heidi Bradley, Executive Director

    Ms. Heidi Bradley

    Executive Director

    Ms. Bradley is our Executive Director. Ms. Bradley began her journey with Primrose Schools as a support staff at our sister school, Primrose School of West Fishers. She has been with our schools since January 2011. Ms. Bradley has worked in Early Childhood Education for more than twenty years. She has a true passion for teaching young children. Ms. Bradley has a Child Development Associate and is currently working towards earning a Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Education. She served in Christian Education for more than ten years. A fun fact about Ms. Bradley is that she was once a professional puppeteer! Ms. Bradley has two children of her own enrolled in our program. Ms. Bradley "loves Primrose" and all that it represents.

    "I absolutely love Primrose Schools!" "I get so excited when telling others about what we do here." "There is nothing that compares with the Primrose Balanced Learning Approach."

    -Heidi Bradley

  • Miss Lexi Turner, Director

    Miss Lexi Turner


    Meet our Director, Ms. Lexi Turner!  Lexi holds a Bachelor of Science in Health and Physical Education from Western Kenucky University. She has been very involved in both Kentucky and Indiana state organizations as well as national organizations for Health and Physical Education. She has worked with children since she was sixteen at camps, before and after school, and athletic programs. She currently coaches 8th grade girls basketball for the Sheridan Blackhawks. In her free time, Lexi enjoys literature, concerts, family time, and helping others in her community.  We are so excited to have Ms. Lexi on our team!

  • Mrs. Stephanie Harvey

    Assistant Director
  • Miss Eileen Garcia

    Education Coach
  • Ms. Minna Forney, Infant Teacher

    Ms. Minna Forney

    Infant Teacher

    Ms. Minna Forney is a building support staff member here at our school, as well as an early morning Infant Teacher. Minna has been with us since we opened. She graduated from Ball State University with a degree in Social Work and minor in Special Education. Ms. Forney has worked with children in private schools, state schools, and federal schools for more than 20 years. She developed a love of travel through her parents having been in the military. She had the privilege of living on different military bases throughout her childhood. Ms. Forney's favorite time of year is Fall because she enjoys cheering on the Purdue Boilermakers (Boiler Up!) and the Pittsburgh Steelers (Steeler Nation!). She also enjoys learning everything she can in the world of culinary arts - she loves to cook for family and friends!

  • Miss Alaina Bland, Infant Teacher

    Miss Alaina Bland

    Infant Teacher

    Please help us welcome Ms. Alaina Bland as a infant teacher here at Primrose! She is orginally from Kentucky but lived in South Carolina for 10 years before moving to Indiana. Ms.Bland and her Fiance have a 3 year old boy together. They enjoy spending time together at the pool or outside at the park. Ms. Alaina has always enjoyed being around children and watching them as they grow and learn new things. She believes being a teacher is not only about teaching them but also Building a connection with the child and is what she strives to do everyday. We are excited to have Ms. Alaina Bland joinour Primrose team, and we can't wait to see what the future holds!

  • Mrs. Lakshmi Sruthi Billa, Lead Older Infant Teacher

    Mrs. Lakshmi Sruthi Billa

    Lead Older Infant Teacher

    Meet Mrs. Mrs. Lakshmi Sruthi Billa! Mrs. Sruthi is joining our Infant Team. She currently holds a master degree in Computer Applications. During school she loved to play tennis and throw ball. Mrs. Sruthi is currently married and has one daughter who is going into first grade. She loves to spend time with her family, cooking, gardening, and watching movies.

  • Kim Apodaca

    Older Infant Teacher

    Welcome, Ms. Kim! Ms. Kim was born and raised in Indiana and loves exercising, spending time with her family, and being outdoor. Throughout her life she has traveled the world with her parents and has a lot of experiences to share! She has two children, one daughter and one son. We are so excited to have her on our team! 

  • Mrs. Huda Yang, Co-Lead Young Toddler Teacher

    Mrs. Huda Yang

    Co-Lead Young Toddler Teacher

    Meet Mrs. Huda Young from Taiwan. Huda has lived in Jordan, Chicago, and now Indianapolis. Huda graduated from the National Taipei College of Business. She worked as a volunteer in an orphanage in Taiwan, as well as a nanny. Mrs. Huda is the Lead Teacher in the Young Toddler class. She has so much compassion for children and we are so happy to have her with us!

  • Miss Christina Greenidge, Co-Lead Young Toddler Teacher

    Miss Christina Greenidge

    Co-Lead Young Toddler Teacher

    Meet Ms. Christina Greenidge! Ms. Greenidge is from Brooklyn, New York! She has worked with young children for several years. Ms. Greenidge loves spending time with her daughter and her fiance. She is so grateful for the opportunity to work with young children and be on the Primrose team!

  • Ms. Thinhnane Abdoun, Co-Lead Toddler Teacher

    Ms. Thinhnane Abdoun

    Co-Lead Toddler Teacher
  • Mrs. Veronica Riego, Co-Lead Teacher Early Preschool 1

    Mrs. Veronica Riego

    Co-Lead Teacher Early Preschool 1

       We would love to welcome Mrs. Veronica Riego to our team! She is our Early Preschool Teacher. Mrs. Veronica was born in the Phillipines and moved to the United States in 2001. She is married and has three children, as well  dog named Rocco. Mrs. Riego attended Emilio Aguinaldo College with a Bachelor's degree in medical technology. She worked as a medical technologist for 10 years in the Philipines. During her spare time Mrs. Veronica enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends. She also loves to travel to different places and watch movies.

      Ms. Veronica loves to teach and being apart of our Primrose team and is always eager to make a positive difference in the lives of the children. She finds joy in seeing them grow and learn everyday!

  • Mrs. Samira Mzyene

    Co-Lead Teacher Early Preschool 1

    Meet Mrs. Samira Mzyene one of our Early Pre-school 1 Teacher!  She is originally from Algeria where she graduated with a  Bachelor's degree in english and literature. Mrs. Samira was previously a toddler teacher for two years in California. She also went to Valley College in Pleasant Hill, California and graduated with an Associate Degree  in education. During Mrs. Mzyene's free time she enjoys to go shopping with her husband and son. She loves being a teacher beacause she gets to help the children learn, grow, and develop. We are so excited  to have her be a member of the Primrose family!

  • Ms. Reagan Finley, Early Pre-school Teacher

    Ms. Reagan Finley

    Early Pre-school Teacher

    We would love to welcome Ms. Reagan Finley to our Infant Team! Ms. Reagan has two children that attend our Primrose School as well! Ms. Reagan previously attended Hanover college where she majored in General Studies. During her spare time she enjoys taking walks with her family, reading books, and doing different crafts.

  • Mrs. Elizabeth Sullivan, Co-Lead Teacher Preschool 1

    Mrs. Elizabeth Sullivan

    Co-Lead Teacher Preschool 1

    Mrs. Elizabeth Sullivan is one of our lead Preschool teachers. Mrs. Sullivan has assisted in several areas of our school. She has been with us since we opened! Mrs. Sullivan is originally from Terre Haute, but also lived in Arizona before moving to Indiana in 2012. She and her husband, Steve, now reside in Carmel and have three grown children who live in Arizona. They also enjoy their furry friends...a golden retriever, Josie, and calico cat, CiCi. Mrs. Sullivan has spent several years working with young children, including a parochial preschool in Noblesville. In her spare time, she enjoys volunteering at her church, spending time with her family, sewing, drawing, and staying active in the community. We are so greatful to have Mrs. Sullivan on our team!

  • Mrs. Tammy Somers, Co-Lead Teacher Preschool 1

    Mrs. Tammy Somers

    Co-Lead Teacher Preschool 1

    Mrs. Tammy Somers is the co-lead teacher in our Preschool classroom. She has been with us since we opened! Mrs. Somers was born and raised here in Indiana and currently lives in Indianapolis with her husband, Mike. Together they have two adult children. Mrs. Somers has been a teacher in the Early Childhood Education field for over 20 years. She received her Early Childhood Education degree from Ivy Tech State College. In her free time, Mrs. Somers enjoys spending time with her family, her children and their families, kayaking, and attending Colts games. She adores working with children and helping them grow and develop!

  • Ms. Jennifer Ray, Co-Lead Teacher Preschool 2

    Ms. Jennifer Ray

    Co-Lead Teacher Preschool 2

    We would like to welcome Ms. Ray to our Preschool Team! Ms. Ray graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University with a Degree in Business. After Retirement Ms. Ray enrolled at Ivy Tech to pursue a Degree in Early Childhood Education. She has worked at Lawrence Township Schools and at a different Child Care Center as a Lead Teacher for ten years. Ms. Ray has two sons of her own, and she also has three grandsons as well.

  • Mrs. Sharon Meith, Co-Lead Teacher Preschool 2

    Mrs. Sharon Meith

    Co-Lead Teacher Preschool 2
  • Ms. Carmen Smith, Lead Teacher Pre-Kindergarten 1

    Ms. Carmen Smith

    Lead Teacher Pre-Kindergarten 1

      Please help us welcome Ms. Carmen smith as our Pre-K 1 Lead Teacher. She is orginally from Panama where she worked with special needs children for 3 years at camps and fell in love with teaching. Ms. Carmen came to Indianapolis and graduated high school, she then had two children and homeschooled them for many years. Ms. Smith has worked at two other different preschools before joining Primrose. In her spare time she enjoys reading, crotcheing, and watching movies with her family and her dog named Mylo!

      Ms. Carmen believes that every moment is a teachable moment and a chance to learn something new. Children have a natural curiosity and it is important to her that she can help them navigate through their interest. Ms. Smith's goals as a teacher is to prepare each child for the future and to express their individual personalities. She is very excited to be teaching your children here at Primrose at Fishers Station.

  • Miss Mariah Smith, Co-Lead Teacher Pre-Kindergarten 2

    Miss Mariah Smith

    Co-Lead Teacher Pre-Kindergarten 2

    Meet Ms. Mariah Smith! She is from Daleville, Indiana which is just a small town 45 minutes from Fishers. She graduated high school from there, and obtained her Associates Degree from Ivy Tech. She worked at a daycare for six months before coming to Primrose and it made her fall in love with teaching. Ms. Mariah plans to obtain her CDA within the next months. She is the oldest out of her 5 siblings and loves to spend time with her family.

  • Miss Alexandra Snow, Co-Lead Teacher Pre-Kindergarten 2

    Miss Alexandra Snow

    Co-Lead Teacher Pre-Kindergarten 2

    Please welcome Ms. Alexandra Snow as on of our Pre-K teachers. Ms. Snow recently graduated from Indiana University with a major in child psychology. She loves to help the children learn grow and thrive in the classroom. Ms. Snow has had previous experience with kindergarten cirriculum and could not be more thrilled to teach here at Primrose. She looks forward to encouraging and inspiring the kids as in her own words "teachers carry the responsibilityto be a role model". She believes her previous teachers and coaches growing up largely shaped who she is today.

    During Ms.Snow's free time she loves spending time with her family and four dogs. Ms. Alexandra loves to go on adventures with her sister and dogs. She enjoys assiting her fourth grade teacher as he is one of her biggest inspirations to teach. Ms.Snow continues to love being an educator to young children and can not wait to make a positive impact on the children here at Primrose. Please feel free to stop by her class and say hi!

  • Mr. Jarrid Logan, Kindergarten Teacher

    Mr. Jarrid Logan

    Kindergarten Teacher

       Please help us welcome Mr. Jarrid Logan Our kindergarten teacher! Mr. Logan was born in North Dakota and raised in Arcadia, Indiana. Mr. Logan studied Early Childhood Education,while in Indiana University, this gave him the oppurtunity to teach at each age level that his degree would allow. After college Mr.Logan started his teaching career with his childhood school, Hamilton Hieghts. He also spent some time coaching youth and highschool wrestling. Coaching has brought a joy and experience to Mr.Logan.

      During Mr.Logan's free time he enjoys movies, tv series, trying new things like resturants, new places as well as new experiences! Mr. Logan has been an educator for 10 years and getting the most out of every experineces he has had, no matter where he has been. Throughout his experiences in different fields of his career Mr.Logan believes that it has helped strengthen his skills and passion for what he does. We are excited to have Mr.Logan apart of our Primrose Team!

  • Ms. Hannah Blair, Building Support Staff

    Ms. Hannah Blair

    Building Support Staff

    We are so excited to have Ms. Hannah Blair on our team! Ms. Blair is a Support Staff Member! Hannah enjoys creating pottery in her free time, and is quite talented at it. She enjoys working with children and always wears a smile to work each day. We look forward to a great year with Ms. Hannah on our team!

  • Mrs. Jasant Habawal, Building Support Staff

    Mrs. Jasant Habawal

    Building Support Staff

    We would love to welcome Ms. Jasant to our team! She is married with three children and currently has one child that attends Primrose as well. When Ms. Jasant was a child, it was always her dream to become a teacher and to work with children. A fun fact about Ms. Jasant is that she is from the country of Jordan! We are very excited to have her as part of our team.

  • Ms. Valerie Jones, Building Support Staff

    Ms. Valerie Jones

    Building Support Staff

    We would like to welcome Ms. Valerie to our Primrose Family! She was born and raised in Marion, Indiana and has five siblings. Ms. Valerie attended South Suburban College located in South Holland, Illinois. While in school Ms. Valerie obtained her Associates in Applied Science and went through the Occupational Therapy Assistance Certification Program. She has been working in the Occupational Field since 1996 and has experience in Orthopedics, Geriatrics, out patients, and long term care residents. She has two granddaughters that attend Marian University.

  • Ms. Emma Hogg, Building Support Staff

    Ms. Emma Hogg

    Building Support Staff
  • Mrs. Wafa Rajabi, Building Support Staff

    Mrs. Wafa Rajabi

    Building Support Staff

    Meet Mrs. Wafa Rajabi, she is one of our support staff. Mrs.Wafa Is originally from Amman, Jordan where she completed her High school degree. In 2008 Mrs.Wafa moved to the United States, and is currently married and has four wonderful children. Mrs. Wafa  has much experience with childcare and is eager to join our team and is joyful to continue to learn while being on the Primrose team!

  • Reem Abulaila, Building Support Staff

    Reem Abulaila

    Building Support Staff

    Please meet  Mrs.Reem Abulaila. She is a mother of 4 children and has been residing in the United States for 20 plus years. Mrs. Reem studied fashion design and computer technology back in Jordan and is fluent in arabic and  english. She loves working with children and  has her CDA certification. Mrs.Reem on her free time loves to read, listen to music and travel. We are so glad to have Mrs. Reem apart of our team!

  • Mrs. Mara Burch


       Please meet  Mrs. Mara Burch also known as Mrs.Chef! Before coming to Primrose Mrs. Mara worked as a toddler teacher through college, shortly after she transition into the healthcare field after graduating. After having her son in 2020, Mrs. Mara wanted to spend more time with him and was able to do so when she joined the Primrose Team! When Mrs. Mara is home  with her family they love to try new and creative recipes. They spend most of their time outside riding their bikes and jumping on the trampoline. She enjoys singing, dancing, and spending time with her family.

       Mrs. Mara loves serving your children everyday and seeing their smiling faces! Her goal is to offer the children a balanced and delicious menu each and every week. She is always looking for new recipes and would love any and all suggestions. Please feel free to meet Mrs. Mara (Mrs.Chef). She is a wonderful member of the Primrose Team!

  • Amjad Nafiseh

    Explorer Teacher

    We would like to welcome Mr. Amjad to our team! Mr. Amjad has always known that he wanted a job where he could help people, which led him to teaching! He is currently enrolled as a college student majoring in elementary education. He is eager to be in the classroom and teaching his students to love learning! Welcome, Mr. Amjad! 

  • Samar Mesrati, Early Preschool Teacher

    Samar Mesrati

    Early Preschool Teacher

    Welcome, Ms. Sam! She is orginally from Tunisia, Africa and moved to the U.S after recieving her Bachelor's in education. She also volunteered to teach high school students in South Korea for six weeks. She loves to learn new languages and currently speaks english, french, and arabic fluently. In her free time she likes to take walks and color. 

    "I am glad to be a part of Primrose at Fishers Station. It's a place where children can learn and grow into wonderful human-beings." 

    We are so excited to have Ms. Sam on our team! 

  • Kimberly Kohl and Alan Adams, Franchise Owner

    Kimberly Kohl and Alan Adams

    Franchise Owners

    Kimberly Kohl and Alan Adams are the franchise owners of the Primrose School at Fishers Station, as well as the Primrose School of West Fishers. Kimberly is the on-site operator of both schools. Kimberly has two grown children, Brad and Taylor. Brad is a graduate of the University of Alabama and works and resides in Dallas, Texas. Taylor is a current college student and lives in Los Angeles, California . Her background in education and her love of children is what led her to open a Primrose School. Kimberly's professional career has been in education. She taught in the public schools for ten years at both the elementary and middle school levels. She holds an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education and a Masters Degree in Education. Prior to making the decision to open their first school, Kimberly and Alan researched Primrose Schools and were thoroughly impressed by their approach to education, nationally accredited curriculum and their character development programs. As a parent herself, Kimberly understands the busy lives of today's parents and realizes the importance of having peace of mind that your child is in a safe, secure, and nurturing environment that provides stimulating educational development. In both schools, there is a focus on all of that and much more all for the benefit of the children entrusted to our care. Kimberly greatly loves spending her days working in both schools and she looks forward to each day with the students.

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