Primrose School of First Colony

Our Staff

  • Ms. Amanda Kirk, Director of Operations

    Ms. Amanda Kirk

    Director of Operations

    Amanda Kirk is the Operations Director for our schools. She graduated in 2000 with a Bachelor’s degree from Texas Lutheran University and moved to Austin. She began her Early Childhood journey as a 3-4 year old teacher and worked her way up in that company to School Age Manager. In 2009, Ms. Kirk decided to move back to Houston. She began at the Primrose School of Pearland Parkway as the Private Pre-Kindergarten 1 teacher in October of that year. Since then, she has moved up as Administrative Assistant for that school and then as Area Curriculum Coordinator for the Primrose Schools under the franchise owners. During her time as an Area Curriculum Coordinator, she helped train teachers on how to implement the Primrose curriculum. Now as Operations Director, she travel the schools helping in all aspects of the building. Ms. Kirk loves the journey that she is still on with Early Childhood and hopes to be with Primrose for many more years to come.

  • Mrs. Rosalinda Sanderson, Director of Education

    Mrs. Rosalinda Sanderson

    Director of Education

    Mrs. Sanderson began working for Primrose in August of 2012. She is a certified Texas teacher and holds a Master's Degree in Education from the University of St. Thomas. She taught in both the Private Pre-Kindergarten and Private Kindergarten classrooms prior to moving into the position of Curriculum Coordinator. Mrs. Sanderson is passionate about the Primrose Balanced Learning approach as it encourages children to explore and learn on their own while providing that nurturing guidance that young children need. Her educational background, experience, and her passion is what makes her an effective role model to our teachers.

    Now as the Director of Education, Mrs. Sanderson serves as the education coach for all new and current teachers. She leads by example and works closely with our teachers to ensure the highest of standards in our classrooms. In her free time, Mrs. Sanderson enjoys reading with her two sons and watching movies.

  • Ms. Vanessa Greggio Hudgins, Business Administrator

    Ms. Vanessa Greggio Hudgins

    Business Administrator

    Ms. Vanessa is our school’s Business Administrator. She holds her industrial engineering degree and has joined our Primrose team having ten years of experience at her previous company. Ms. Vanessa is in charge of the day-to-day aspects of Primrose that go on behind the scenes. Her responsibilities include billing and taking care of our financial accounts, maintenance, and the daily operations that ensures our school is running smoothly. With Ms. Vanessa’s experience, commitment, and dedication, our school stands strong and is maintained inside and out to the utmost quality. Not only does she do this for our school, but also five more schools under our franchise owners in the greater Houston area. She holds quite the critical role here at Primrose! We are so lucky to have her.

  • Ms. Lizbeth Bravo, Director

    Ms. Lizbeth Bravo


    Ms. Lizbeth Bravo has been recently promoted to Director of our school! Mrs. Liz has not only been an integral part of who we are at Primrose School of First Colony for several years, but she actually just returned to our school having a year of experience as Co-Director at our sister school, Primrose School of Upper Kirby in central Houston. On August 31st, 2023, we celebrated Ms. Liz's 10-year Primrose anniversary with us and we are so incredibly proud of her! She has proven herselt to be trustworthy, hardworking, driven, and extremely caring and passionate about your children’s success, both academically and socially. Ms. Liz is very excited (to say the least) to join our team at Primrose School of First Colony again and she cannot wait to see all of your children grow and learn with us.


  • Mrs. JoAnn Mora-Molina, Leadership Team Member

    Mrs. JoAnn Mora-Molina

    Leadership Team Member

    Since Mrs. Molina joined our leadership team, she has done a wonderful job of applying her experience as a Primrose teacher to her role as manager. Mrs. Molina believes that what separates Primrose from other childcare centers is our Balanced Learning curriculum and our diverse culture. Her favorite part about working for Primrose from the perspective of a leadership team member has been her interaction with parents and students. She has enjoyed really making a positive impact assisting a teacher, student, or parent. 

    A fun fact about Mrs. Molina is that she enjoys collecting Willow Tree Angels, and sunflower-themed accessories for her kitchen!

  • Mrs. T, Chef

    Mrs. T


    Mrs. Tita is our school’s chef. She goes by Mrs. T as the children call her. She has been working for Primrose School of First Colony for almost eight years now! Mrs. T’s favorite part of the week is our ‘Cookie Friday’. She truly enjoys seeing the excitement in the children's faces when they get to take a cookie home. A moment in the day that stands out to Mrs. T is every morning when the children stop by the kitchen, say good morning to her and ask me what she will be cooking that day. She always strives to deliver the best meals for the children in our care!

  • Ms. Jessica Mendoza, Infant Teacher | With Primrose since 2018

    Ms. Jessica Mendoza

    Infant Teacher | With Primrose since 2018

    Ms. Jessica is our infant teacher and she has a little over three years of teaching experience at Primrose! She believes that what separates Primrose Schools from other childcare centers is that not only are we a childcare center but we also prioritize and value education for all of our students. What motivates Ms. Jessica to come to work every day are her student's smiles and laughter.

    A fun fact about Ms. Jessica is that she enjoys listening to all types of music!

  • Ms. Ivana Avila, Infant Teacher

    Ms. Ivana Avila

    Infant Teacher

    Ms. Ivana believes that what separates Primrose from other childcare centers is our Balanced Learning curriculum which allows for a premier education from so early on while building one skill upon another. She is motivated daily by the fact that every activity and learning or developmental moment she has with her babies will make them happy and feel loved. Her favorite part about teaching in Infants is getting to see her little students explore their senses, even before crawling! Ms. Ivana truly enjoys Wonder Time and talking and singing to the babies.

    A fun fact about Ms. Ivana is that she likes to sing (in the bathroom, mostly), but she gets the opportnity to sing in her classroom and she loves that her babies love it! 


  • Ms. Rebeca Canales, Infant Teacher

    Ms. Rebeca Canales

    Infant Teacher
  • Ms. Yesenia Rodriguez, Toddler I Teacher

    Ms. Yesenia Rodriguez

    Toddler I Teacher

    Ms. Yesenia loves to be greeted daily with a hug and a big smile by her students! Her favorite time of the day is when she is going to read a story to her students because they get super excited and cannot wait to see the books she has in her hand. 

    A fun fact about Ms. Yesenia is that she really likes to bake because it relaxes her. :-)

  • Ms. Maria Elena Roo, Toddler I Teacher

    Ms. Maria Elena Roo

    Toddler I Teacher

    Ms. Maria has been on our team for about a year now and she believes that our nurturing environment at Primrose allows our students to feel like they are in their second home. She is motivated by the love and affection that she receives from her students. One of Ms. Maria's favorite moments in her work day is Harmony & Heart to enjoy some music time! She also really enjoyes teaching her students some songs in spanish!

    A fun fact about Ms. Maria is that she has four children (quadruplets!) and she feels that they have taught her everything she knows. We agree! :-)

  • Ms. Amaria Langley, Early Preschool Teacher

    Ms. Amaria Langley

    Early Preschool Teacher
  • Ms. Jennifer Mendoza, Toddler Teacher | With Primrose since 2019

    Ms. Jennifer Mendoza

    Toddler Teacher | With Primrose since 2019
    Apple of Our Eye

    Ms. Jennifer is our toddler teacher and she has at least 2 years of teaching experience at Primrose! She believes that what separates Primrose Schools from other childcare centers is our curriculum which details a daily schedule for our students and how Primrose curriculum begins with our infants. Ms. Jennifer would say her strength in the classroom is her hands-on interaction with her students and her students would probably say that their favorite thing about her is the interaction and attention that she gives them when teaching.

    A fun fact about Ms. Jennifer is that she enjoys art!

  • Ms. Maria Valero, Preschool Pathways Teacher | With Primrose since 2017

    Ms. Maria Valero

    Preschool Pathways Teacher | With Primrose since 2017

    Ms. Maria is our preschool pathways teacher and she has at least four years of teaching experience at Primrose! Ms. Maria believes that what separates Primrose Schools from other childcare centers is that we believe in a high-quality education for children of all backgrounds and learning abilities. What motivates her to come to work everyday is seeing her student's smiles and hearing their laughter.

    A fun fact about Ms. Maria is that she really enjoys art and listening to music!

  • Ms. Avery Williams, Preschool I Teacher

    Ms. Avery Williams

    Preschool I Teacher
  • Mrs. Dimonique Reed, Preschool 2 Teacher | With Primrose since 2012

    Mrs. Dimonique Reed

    Preschool 2 Teacher | With Primrose since 2012

    Mrs. Reed is our preschool teacher and she has around 11 years of teaching experience at Primrose! Mrs. Reed believes that our Balanced Learning curriculum is what separates our school from other childcare centers. Her love for children motivates her along with the opportunity to make a positive impact regarding character development. She strongly believes that character and education is true success! :-) Her students would call her their "teacher mom" as Mrs. Reed is loving yet firm, and passionate and sincere with them. 

    A fun fact about Mrs. Reed is that some of her favorite things include reading, binge watching, shopping and being outdoors. She also cherishes quality time with her family and trying new restaurants! 


  • Ms. Cindy Garcia, Preschool II Teacher

    Ms. Cindy Garcia

    Preschool II Teacher

    Ms. Cindy or Ms Ciiiindy (as her students like to call her) truly enjoys seeing her students engaged and learning in her classroom. When her students are excited to learn and she sees that they are happy is when she feels the most fulfilled! Ms. Cindy believes that one of her strengths in the classroom is understanding the way each one of her students communicates and encouraging them to have a conversation about anything. She loves her fun conversations about random things with her students :-)

    A fun fact about Ms. Cindy is that she is currently working on her teaching degree! Her favorite subject to teach is math because she enjoys introducing concepts with colors and shapes.

  • Mrs. Quindelyn Reed, Explorers Teacher

    Mrs. Quindelyn Reed

    Explorers Teacher

    Mrs. Quin believes that what separates Primrose from other childcare centers is the organization and structure that comes with Primrose School's Balanced Learning Curriculum. Primrose also has a very diverse menu that allows our students to explore different foods! Mrs. Quin's students motvate her since they brighten her day and she really looks forward to seeing them daily. 

    A fun fact about Mrs. Quin is that her favorite hobby is thrifting! She loves finding good steals! 

  • Sotirios & Estela Papadopulos, Estefania Papadopulos

    Franchise Owners

    We are Sotirios and Estela Papadopulos: proud Franchise Owners of Primrose School of First Colony.

    We first discovered Primrose Schools while searching for childcare for our daughter, Estefania. We were busy with the demands that came with operating our own business and we wanted to ensure that our daughter was being well cared for and it was also important to us that she receive quality education. When we learned about Primrose Schools and what was offered, we immediately knew we had found something special and so both of our children, Estefania and Alexandre, ended up being Primrose graduates. Our experience with Primrose inspired us to offer leading education and care to families in the greater Houston area. Fast-forward 20 years later, Estefania obtained her Masters’ degree in Business Administration with a minor in psychology at the University of St. Thomas while our son, Alex, is a professional racecar driver in the GT4 European Series allowing him the opportunity to compete in races all across Europe. His positive demeanor and “never-give-up” attitude have left nothing but good things to be said by all whom Alex has worked with in the car racing world.

    Today, we are the proud owners of six Primrose School locations throughout greater Houston. Our excitement continues as we are dedicated to bringing the best possible early education and care to families that live and work in the communities we serve. We are committed to creating a warm and nurturing atmosphere in our schools that enable children to exercise their active minds, healthy bodies and happy hearts.

    Our latest big news and with the utmost pride and joy, we are so happy to welcome our “once-little” Primrose daughter to continue our legacy and what we believe Primrose to be. Since Estefania officially joined the team, she has displayed grace, warmth, and a passion for creating a positive influence for any and all children who step into our schools. She is dedicated to supporting all six schools so surely you will see her around to welcome you with a smile!

    Finally, thank you for your interest in our school. We are beyond delighted to have the opportunity to provide (what we believe to be) the best early education and care to the youngest citizens of Sugarland. We can't wait to meet you and welcome you to our Primrose School of First Colony family!

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