Primrose School of Firewheel

Parent Testimonials

  • Primrose Firewheel has been a second home to our family for 4 years. Our oldest child was desperately shy when he started at the age of 3 1/2. The Primrose owner and teachers took him under their wing and helped him transition to be the most outgoing and social little boy. Our goal was to make his later transition to kindergarten as easy as possible for him.Thanks to Primrose, he was more than ready to start kinder, and as a 2nd grader, has a love for school that is really exciting. Our youngest child is now 5 so he's grown up in the Primrose environment. He amazes us every day with how much he's learned and how much he loves school. We are so proud of his progress and owe it all to the teachers and staff who have been so loving and nurturing the past 4 years. We couldn't have asked for a better school and can't thank Primrose Firewheel enough!

    Christine C


  • Today is Andre's one year anniversary at Primrose. WOW! One little year, One huge difference, Many people to thank! One year ago today Andre came to Primrose, to the Older Infants Room, as a very young 8 month old baby. He was crawling and beginning to blossom to the wonderful toddler he is today. Everyone gave him a wonderful welcome. Before Andre was even born, we did our due diligence and visited and interviewed various child care facilities. Primrose stood out right from the beginning. We liked the curriculum, the location, the reputation, and all those little details that matter such as, accommodating the breast fed babies, the vegetarian menu, the philanthropic involvement, and the flexibility to customize his experience when necessary. I was only 7 or 8 months pregnant when we started looking at child care options, so it was going to be a while before Andre went anywhere. I think what struck us the most about Primrose was our interaction with Mrs. Brown. She set up the tour of the day care, she welcomed us, gave us all the information we needed, but mostimportantlyshe followed up. We never felt pressured, simply thought of. Something none of the other places we visited did. We observed Mrs. Brown to be kind, thoughtful, and gentle yet firm, well informed, and she spoke Spanish. The type of person we wanted caring for our son. So once we were ready to put Andre in daycare, we knew where we wanted him to go. Upon contacting Primrose, Dr. Rigley quickly accommodated us and got Andre, (and us) set up for his first day at Primrose. Fast forward one year and everyone has played such a big part in making Andre's days at Primrose enjoyable. Most days he does not want to leave. A huge THANK YOU to Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Carter, Mrs. Niak, Mrs. BeBe, Mrs. Jett, Mrs. Olivo, Mrs. Beck, Mrs. Ruiz, Mrs. Bartek, Mrs. Morale, Mrs. Collazo, Mrs. Butcher, Mrs. Henrichs, Mrs. Walker, Dr. Rigley, and everyone else who affects Andre's care at Primrose. We both appreciate what everyone does on a daily basis to make Andre feel loved and cared for. We know it's hard work. He has learned so much. He is now talking and putting together sentences so maybe next year he'll be the one to put into words how he feels about Primrose.



  • My wife and I personally thank you for the care, love, and education you have given Dylan during these last 9 months and we will miss Primrose very much. We are continually amazed on how well his motor, communication, social skills have developed over the course of his time at Primrose. Very special thanks go to Ms. Bebe, Ms. Jett, Ms. Denis, Ms. Rodriguez, Ms. Olivo, all of you directors, all the other infant teachers and Dr. Rigley for the quality care Primrose has given to our Dylan. We are very impressed with the school and we will continue to recommend Primrose to families with infants. Thank you very much, Primrose!

    Julio A


  • We are having the best experience with our infant! His teachers are wonderful. They continuously challenge, cuddle, nurture and love him. We are content, and don't have to worry about him while we are away, and he is always happy to get to school and see everyone. All of the Leadership Team and many teachers know him by name, and greet him daily. It's an extended family that they have created. We are truly blessed. Our baby boy feels safe, and is able to take risks to reach his upcoming milestones with joy and abandon! Ms. Bebe, Mrs. Jett and Mrs. Smith are the best.

    Melissa B


  • Thank you so much for our wonderful experience at Primrose School of Firewheel over the past five years. From the moment we first talked and you offered to meet us on a Saturday to discuss and tour your brand new school and your selflessly offering to personally work the infant room to accommodate our children starting two weeks early (after our last daycare was so awful when we submitted our notice there), we knew you were amazing and truly cared about your families. We were absolutely correct. Over the past years, you have shown this again and again with your willingness to listen and address any concerns we might have, by working with us on rates and spur of the moment drop-ins, by always having a smile and positive word, and culminating in the kindness and love you have showered on our family each and every day. We are so grateful for you! Not only have you personally been a joy, but you had the wisdom to staff the school with like-minded women. Ms. Donna and Ms. Berry, as well as the front desk women that came before them, have all been helpful and such a pleasure. Plus, I am entirely convinced that Ms. Jan is the reason Ian is alive today with her wholesome and delicious meals (and brilliance in disguising vegetables!) - I'm hoping he can adapt to public school lunches after being so spoiled. And, with very rare exception, we have loved the teachers that have cared daily for our children. Ms. Bebe, Ms. Bartek, and Ms. McAllister especially are true gems. Everyone's love for the children is absolutely evident and it speaks volumes that you have such little attrition. Just as important to us is that our children have blossomed at your school. As concerned parents, it is HUGE that we have never had concern for their safety. And we have loved seeing them enriched and watching their minds grow, and their curiosity encouraged. Each was well prepared socially, emotionally, and intellectually for the transition to kindergarten, which made the new experience so much less stressful for them. In sum, we couldn't be happier that we chose to enroll in Primrose School of Firewheel and feel blessed that we had the opportunity to do so. Our family will miss you all tremendously - you have been such an important and integral part of our lives the past five years and we'll be sure to come by and visit and drop in on occasion so we can keep in touch. We wish you every success and all the very best in your new schools and in your future endeavors.

    Lauren H


  • Our son had an assessment done a few weeks ago in consideration for admission to a rigorous private school. His results were impressive. He scored in par with his private school peers (which are typically more advance due to the nature of the program). The assessor was very impressed with our son's performance and he was accepted without conditions. The school shared his results with us and we too were impressed. He scored almost perfect on his assessment, knowing his letters, shapes, colors, numbers, completing drawings correctly, even starting to write his name. Wow! They mentioned to us how they see the difference in performance depending on where or which school kids his age come from. Score for Primrose Firewheel. It speaks to the effort and success the curriculum and teachers at Primrose have provided the children. I am confident our son will continue to learn and expand his knowledge through the rest of the school year and summer months at Primrose Firewheel.

    Maria H