Primrose School Building

Primrose School of Evergreen

The health and safety of our staff and the children entrusted to our care is our top priority. We are proud to maintain high standards of safety and cleanliness while maintaining a caring and nurturing environment where children can thrive.

Health & Safety Practices in Place

Health Checks

  • Temperature checks and visual health screening is done upon arrival for students, parents, and staff.
  • Trained teachers to identify the common signs of illness in children and visual reminders are placed throughout the school and in every classroom.
  • ALL students and adults coming into the school will be required to complete wellness screening (temperature check, signs/symptoms of COVID-19 illness check, recent travel/exposure to locations/persons known to have COVID. We must demand complete compliance with our screening and limitations procedures.
  • Any children or staff with respiratory illness symptoms or fever required to return home and stay home until fever free for at least 72 hours (without the aid of fever reducing medication). Upon return, doctors note is mandatory or a negative COVID test result.

Limited Building Entry

  • Only students and essential staff are permitted entry into the school during business hours.
  • New touchless drop off and pick up procedures in the vestibule outside the school.
  • No one enters our building without passing a health check.
  • Parents are asked to arrive during our designated pick-up and drop-off window and our staff will come outside to greet them in front of the main doors.
  • ALL parents and staff are required to wear face coverings/face masks while drop off and pick up.

Cleaning, Disinfection and Sanitization

  • Frequent cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing of high-touch points including toys, classroom equipment and surfaces with hospital-grade disinfectant at least twice a day.
  • Environmental sanitization is practiced –we have installed:

- UV-C light Air-Purifiers

- Hospital grade disinfection foggers.

- Disinfecting and Sanitizing Cabinet for toys

  • Frequent hand washing by children and staff is practiced, which is embedded in our curriculum and in daily staff protocols.
  • All classrooms are cleaned by professional cleaning crew every day.
  • Daily laundering of crib sheets for infants; for older children, individual cots and blankets are provided for each child and laundered daily.
  • Playground equipment limited in use to one classroom at a time and disinfected playground equipment before and after each use.
  • Social distancing is practiced in stable groups, napping children are separated.
  • Our leadership team and floaters will conduct “cleaning with meaning” rounds every 30mins to ensure that staff and student's hands are regularly washed, bathrooms/changing tables are clean, doorknobs/keys are wiped down, etc.
  • Classroom ratio for PS, Pre-K, School-age; carried out in stable groups. (“stable” means that the same children are in the same group each day).
  • All student plates, cups, and forks/spoons are disposable and are thrown away after each use.

Training and Planning

  • Continuous health & safety training by Primrose is attended by the owners and staff, including first aid and CPR certification.
  • An up-to-date and customized Safe School Plan is maintained and posted in all classrooms for easy teacher access –we also have a COVID Emergency Plan in place.

Our Commitment

With a clear appreciation of the trust you place in us, we are committed to following the stringent Primrose health and safety protocols, and ensuring our school meets or exceeds the guidelines from local and state officials.

Girl washing her hands