Exterior of a Primrose School of Eldorado

Primrose School of Eldorado

Franchise Owners

The Davis’ have been involved owners in their Primrose Schools, which have provided nurturing child care and a strong educational foundation for children in the DFW area for nearly 18 years. They, ...

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franchise owners

Our Staff

Michelle Johnson, Executive Director

Michelle Johnson

Executive Director

Donna de Guzman, Director of Admissions

Donna de Guzman

Director of Admissions

Liza Mastellar, Curriculum Director

Liza Mastellar

Curriculum Director

Pam Castilla, Lead Teacher, Younger Infants

Pam Castilla

Lead Teacher, Younger Infants

Kathryn Sutton, Assistant Teacher, Young Infants

Kathryn Sutton

Assistant Teacher, Young Infants

Sara Mohrman, Older Infants

Sara Mohrman

Older Infants

Jovita Thomas, Lead Teacher, Young Toddlers

Jovita Thomas

Lead Teacher, Young Toddlers

Michelle Reneau, Lead Teacher, Early Preschool 1

Michelle Reneau

Lead Teacher, Early Preschool 1

Alexandra Sears, Lead Teacher, Preschool Pathways

Alexandra Sears

Lead Teacher, Preschool Pathways

Chloe Richards, Lead Teacher, Pre-Kindergarten 2

Chloe Richards

Lead Teacher, Pre-Kindergarten 2

Rebecca Duke, Lead Teacher, Preschool 2

Rebecca Duke

Lead Teacher, Preschool 2

Kimberly Dudley, Assistant Teacher, Private Kindergarten

Kimberly Dudley

Assistant Teacher, Private Kindergarten

La'Shawnda Bentley, Lead Teacher, Pre-Kindergarten 1

La'Shawnda Bentley

Lead Teacher, Pre-Kindergarten 1

Nicole Trahan, Lead Teacher, Private Kindergarten

Nicole Trahan

Lead Teacher, Private Kindergarten

Briamony Matthews

Lead Teacher Preschool 1

Tiina Seppala, Rhythm and Notes/Thumbs Up Instructor

Tiina Seppala

Rhythm and Notes/Thumbs Up Instructor