Primrose School of Edina

Our Staff

  • Kelly Comstock, School Director

    Kelly Comstock

    School Director

    Kelly has been with Primrose School of Edina since February 2013 where she began her career as an Early Preschool teacher for 2 years, became an Assistant Director, and finally the School Director where she has found her passion for providing a quality, loving education experience for all families and students. She graduated from St. Cloud State University with a bachelor's degree in liberal arts and double minored in Early Childhood Education and Special Education. She has over 14 years of experience working in a childcare based setting. Kelly loves working with children and seeing them learn and develop in their exceptional ways through a variety of learning experiences.

  • Samantha Nixt, Director of Education and Training

    Samantha Nixt

    Director of Education and Training

    Ms. Nixt began her career with Primrose School of Edina in August of 2014 where she started in our Early Preschool classroom for 2 years and then taught in our Preschool program for 2 years. In August 2018 she became the Director of Education and Training where she gets to continue to share her love of teaching with both our Edina school and West Plymouth school. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin Stout with a bachelor’s degree in human development and Family studies, a minor in Child Psychology, and a concentration in Early Childhood. She has over 18 years of experience working in a child care-based setting. Ms. Nixt has a great passion for Early Childhood; she loves watching children explore our enhanced learning centers, engage in our STEAM based learning activities, and seeing the light bulbs moments happen daily in each of our classrooms.

  • Nicole Matlock, Assistant Director

    Nicole Matlock

    Assistant Director

    Ms. Matlock is an Assistant Director at our Primrose School of Edina. She has two degrees in the Early Childhood field, one from AAS-Saint Paul College and Metro State University. Ms. Matlock has been a Pre-K teacher with Primrose for the past 6 years. With her years of experience and schooling, Ms. Matlock can't wait to collaborate with Primrose. In her free time she loves to explore what Minnesota has to offer, especially in the summer, her favorite season.

  • Chef Erin, School Chef

    Chef Erin

    School Chef
  • Ms. Youngberg, Lead Infant Teacher

    Ms. Youngberg

    Lead Infant Teacher

    Ms. Youngberg joined our team in February of 2022 where she is a teacher in our Toddler room. Ms. Youngberg is a mother of 2 boys; 12 and 15.She has a passion for working with young children ever since she could remember. She loves seeing the light bulb going off along with their smile. She looks forward to working with your children and families.

  • Ms. Warren, Lead Infant Teacher

    Ms. Warren

    Lead Infant Teacher
  • Ms. Long, Lead Infant Teacher

    Ms. Long

    Lead Infant Teacher

    Ms. Long came from China. Her hometown is Hunan, China. She now lives in Edina with her husband and son. She has been working in the early education field for 8 years and over 6 years with infants.She enjoys working with children of all ages. Their smiles always brighten her day and she is happy to have the opportunity to work with these little smart angels at Primrose!

  • Ms. Hunter-Loscher, Lead Infant Teacher

    Ms. Hunter-Loscher

    Lead Infant Teacher

    Ms. Hunter joined the Primrose Edina Team in September of 2021. Ms. Hunter very much enjoys working with children but has a very big soft spot for the littlest ones, especially the babies. Ms. Hunter especially loves watching the babies learn and figure out things for the first time. Ms. Hunter was born in Texas but grew up in Southern California. She moved to Minnesota a few months ago and is looking forward to enjoying the snow with her 3 children. Ms. Hunter is looking forward to meeting your baby and getting to partner with your family!

  • Ms. Rosas

    Infant Support Teacher
  • Ms. Roess, Infant/Toddler Teacher

    Ms. Roess

    Infant/Toddler Teacher
  • Ms. Lombardy, Lead Toddler Teacher

    Ms. Lombardy

    Lead Toddler Teacher
  • Ms. Buchanan, Lead Toddler Teacher

    Ms. Buchanan

    Lead Toddler Teacher

    Ms. Buchanan is from Crystal, Minnesota. She joined our team November 2019. She’s been working with children since 2015 and wants to continue making and impact on children's lives. Her favorite things to do in her free time are watching movies or hanging out with her amazing nephew. Ms. Buchanan enjoys getting to be a special part in your child's life and be there with them on each milestone. We’re glad to have her join our Primrose family!

  • Ms. Lucas, Lead Toddler Teacher

    Ms. Lucas

    Lead Toddler Teacher

    Ms. Lucas joined the Primrose Edina team in September of 2020. Ms. Lucas has her B.S. Degree in Human Development and Family Science with a Minor in Psychology. She has previously worked as an Assistant Teacher and a camp counselor and has always loved working with children. Ms. Lucas is so excited to get to know your families and continue to grow relationships with you throughout the school year.

  • Ms. Campos

    Lead Early Preschool Teacher
  • Ms. Muniz, Lead Early Preschool Teacher

    Ms. Muniz

    Lead Early Preschool Teacher
  • Ms. Simmons, Lead Preschool Pathways Teacher

    Ms. Simmons

    Lead Preschool Pathways Teacher

    Ms. Simmons joined our team in March of 2022 where she is a teacher in our Preschool A classroom. Ms. Simmons studied in Paramedic Sciences to become an EMT before she realized her passion was in education. She loves how naturally smart, curious, and creative children are and loves to use those qualities to teach. Ms. Simmons looks forward to getting to know your children and families!

  • Ms. Rucker

    Pathways Support Teacher
  • Ms. Parlier, Lead Preschool Teacher

    Ms. Parlier

    Lead Preschool Teacher

    Ms. Parlier first joined the Primrose family in Rochester, MN in 2017. After being a float teacher and eventually an EPS 2 lead teacher, she and her husband moved to Edina where she joined our Preschool Pathways classroom for in 2019! Ms. Parlier graduated in 2016 with a BS in Elementary Education from Winona State University. However, she found a deep passion in working with early childhood students after starting at Primrose. Her favorite time of the day is Og’s Story Time and Early Art Masters Class! Ms. Parlier can’t wait to meet all the wonderful friends and families joining her classroom, and she is excited for all the growth and fun happening in the upcoming year.


  • Ms. Toivonen, Lead Preschool Teacher

    Ms. Toivonen

    Lead Preschool Teacher

    Ms. Toivonen joined Ms. Parlier and the Primrose family Fall of 2019. Leading up to this position she has had over 5 years of experience teaching Preschool and Pre-K. Ms. T. found her passion for Early Childhood Education at a young age, starting as a teachers aid her freshman year of high school and then working her way up to lead teacher. She is currently working to finish her degree in Early Childhood Education. Ms. Toivonen LOVES circle time and finding creative ways to make learning exciting and fun for kids! She and her husband live in Minneapolis and spend most of their free time exploring Museums or spending time with her NINE nieces and nephews!

  • Ms. Warfield, Lead Preschool Teacher

    Ms. Warfield

    Lead Preschool Teacher
  • Ms. Lindquist, Lead Preschool Teacher

    Ms. Lindquist

    Lead Preschool Teacher

    Ms. Lindquist attended Minnesota State University Mankato and graduated with a degree in special education. She enjoys working with children and watching them learn and grow. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her friends and family and watching movies. Ms. Lindquist is thrilled to get to know the families and children in the Preschool B classroom.

  • Ms. Kambil, Lead Preschool Teacher

    Ms. Kambil

    Lead Preschool Teacher

    Ms. Kambil has been with primrose since March of 2019. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Education from Mumbai University in India. She has 15+ years of experience working in a Montessori school. She enjoys reading, traveling, and spending time with her friends and family. She is looking forward to a fun filled, and educational year!

  • Ms. White, Preschool Support Teacher

    Ms. White

    Preschool Support Teacher
  • Ms. Schramm, Lead Preschool Teacher

    Ms. Schramm

    Lead Preschool Teacher

    Ms. Schramm joined our Primrose Edina team in September of 2021 where she can be found teaching in Preschool C. Ms. Schramm had her son in July of this year and he is in our Infant classroom enjoying the Wonder Program. Ms. Schramm is a huge fan of sports – mainly basketball and football. She enjoys traveling with her family either to the mountains or the beach. She loves a good caffeine pick-me up from either Caribou or Starbucks and can’t wait to get to know your children and families this school year!

  • Ms. Bunay, Preschool Teacher

    Ms. Bunay

    Preschool Teacher
  • Ms. Harrison, Lead Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

    Ms. Harrison

    Lead Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

    Ms. Harrison joined our team in May of 2018 where she is a teacher in our Pre K A classroom! Ms. Harrison is originally from Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  She has a Bachelors of Art in Elementary from the University of Iowa.  She has worked briefly as a substitute teacher before fining her niche in Early Childhood Education.  In 2018, she was in the top 10 for the National Childcare Teacher of the year ward before re-locating to Minnesota.  She enjoys reading, watching movies, kayaking, baking, and spending time with her husband and cat, Dragon.

  • Ms. Day, Lead Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

    Ms. Day

    Lead Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

    Ms. Day joined our team in July of 2018.  Prior to her joining our Pre K Team in 2021, Ms. Day worked in our Preschool classroom.  Ms. Day is from Eagan, Minnesota and has a Bachelors Degree from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota.  Her favorite season is summer; where she loves to go swimming, boating, kayaking, and hiking.  She also loves to travel, cook, and spend quality time with her family and friends.

  • Ms. O'Bryan, Lead Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

    Ms. O'Bryan

    Lead Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

    Ms. O’Bryan joined our team in August of 2021 where she is a teacher in our Pre K B classroom! Ms. O’Bryan is from Cambridge, Minnesota. She lives with her boyfriend and their 2 dogs and chinchilla.  They are currently house hunting and can’t wait to find their forever home.  Prior to joining our school, Ms O’Bryan worked as a personal care assistance, behavioral health personal advocate and as a behavioral therapist.  She is planning to go back to school to become a relationship therapist for adults that are on the Autism spectrum.

  • Ms. Puri, Pre-Kindergarten Support Teacher

    Ms. Puri

    Pre-Kindergarten Support Teacher

    Ms. Puri joined our team in September of 2021 where she is the Support teacher between our Pre K A and Pre K B classrooms! Ms. Puri is originally from India and came to Minnesota in February of 2019.  She lives with her husband, Raj and son, Tanush. She completed her masters and childcare diploma from India.  She loves to sing, cook, paint, dance, and draw.  Her dream is to visit Switzerland!

  • Ms. Khan, School Support Teacher

    Ms. Khan

    School Support Teacher
  • Ms. Herje, School Support Teacher

    Ms. Herje

    School Support Teacher
  • Saleem Karmaliani and Salima Mithani, Franchise Owner

    Saleem Karmaliani and Salima Mithani

    Franchise Owners

    Meet Saleem Karmaliani and Dr. Salima Mithani – dedicated parents of three daughters and active owners and operators of Primrose Schools located in the northern, central and southern neighborhoods of twin cities metropolis. 

    Primrose School of Prior Lake & Savage was the very first Primrose to open its doors in Minnesota in August 2006. With years of successfully serving the Prior Lake and Savage communities, the couple decided to organically grow into neighborhoods where the communities were still lacking high quality early childhood education and care. As a result they own Primrose School of South Minneapolis & RichfieldPrimrose School of Prior Lake and Savage, Primrose School of Arden Hills and Shoreview, Primrose School of Edina, and Primrose School of West Plymouth

    As parents of young children themselves, Karmalianis understand the importance of starting early to shape a child’s educational foundation and character. The couple, sees first hand, the difference early childhood education makes in young lives as they have themselves witnessed how Primrose School has positively impacted their own children. "We knew we wanted to deliver the same high-quality care and education for other families," said Saleem. Recognizing how challenging it was to find a quality, early childhood development program for their own children, Karmalianis embraced and continue to promote the Primrose mission with a well-balanced educational experience for the families they serve through these schools.

    Saleem holds graduate degrees in Education and Public Policy, while Salima practices the field of Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine. Both are graduates of University of Minnesota and have been living in Twin Cities for 25 plus years. Together they have three daughters Cerena and twins Sophie and Sara. Karmalianis love sports and are die-hard fans of Gophers and Minnesota Vikings. The family loves to spend time outdoors and are frequent visitors to Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA).

    “Our mission remains consistent with the Primrose model: to provide our families with the premier well balanced early childhood development experience in a safe and loving environment. We know this is only possible with our parents and teachers’ continued partnership and support” said Saleem. His past experience in Education as well as working for the government in the field of Human Services for over 15 years is practically evident in his day to day operations in their schools. Between their schools, Saleem leads a dedicated and professional team of over 120 employees managed by 12 highly qualified and caring leadership team members.

    “When we were introduced to Primrose for our own children, we immediately became enthralled with the curriculum, instruction methodologies and dedication of the teachers to develop each child emotionally and cognitively,” said Dr. Salima Mithani. The couple recognized that Saleem's experience in education combined with Primrose Schools's philosophy would allow their family to establish a strong model of early learning in Minnesota where parents and children would feel comfortable and part of a family.

    Both Saleem and Salima volunteer for local community organizations in the field of education and public services. Dr. Salima Mithani also served as the board member and treasurer of their children elementary school's PTO.

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