Primrose School at Eastfield Village

Parent Testimonials

  • The People, the culture, and the curriculum make a daycare - and this is where Primrose at Eastfield Village ranks the best! The Primrose philosophy, great owners (Bill and Polly), and entire staff do an amazing job of ensuring both a great education for your child, while allowing each kid to have a great time as they learn every day! We had always heard great things about Primrose - and are just glad to be a part of the family since June 2011! Everywhere we go - we hear all the time from strangers about how well they feel Carter speaks for his age - and how well mannered he can be! Thanks to Primrose - we are confident our son is getting the best education around!

    Randy and Jennifer B


  • My son loves to go to school everyday. He's ready to learn, see his teachers and friends and start his day. No tears, just smiles. That's a great way to start my day. Everyday.

    Juanita E


  • My daughter had been cared for by her grandmother until she was two years old. While the adjustment to a child-care setting was difficult, the patience, love, hugs, and excellent communication made the transition the best it could possibly be...for both my daughter and me! She has continued to blossom and loves going to school. The education she is receiving is excellent, with caring teachers that see each child as an individual, and a wonderfully involved management staff (including the owners), who do a great job of keeping all of us feeling welcome and current.



  • Hello! It is such an honor to have the opportunity to share our Primrose story with everyone. My name is Marleena and I am a mother of a three year old girl who is intelligent, funny, respectful and so much fun thanks in part to Primrose schools. To begin, I have a degree in child development and worked in many different preschools, but the direction and focus of each of those different schools continued to leave me disappointed at the end of each work day. I wanted more for the children I was to be teaching and helping to grow. That is when I discovered Primrose Schools. They had everything I felt a school should provide for families. The curriculum was top notch and well above the other schools, the variety of programs offered provided the children with a learning opportunity in many different areas such as morals and values, the importance of physical activities and music etc, and the child to teacher ratios were low and allowed for more one on one time with each child. Most importantly from a teacher aspect, they were a school, not a daycare. This is what I was striving for as a teacher and working in this environment gave me such pride and joy. Then my husband and I found out we were expecting and my focus changed from that of a teacher to that of a first time parent. However, I found that the same things I valued as a teacher were the same things I was looking for when searching for a school for our daughter. We knew there was no other place that we would even consider for our child. Since the day our child was carried through the doors of Primrose School at three months to walking through the doors today at three years we have watched our daughter blossom. We continue to be proud of her many academic accomplishments that are well above some of her friends that do not attend Primrose School. We continue to be amazed at her social skills and language development, which started at three months with sign language and we continue to receive compliments on how well mannered and respectful our daughter is and how much she understands the importance of helping others in the community who are in need. Lastly, we are grateful to have a home and family for our daughter when we can not be together during the day. Each teacher takes great care and concern for the children as individuals understanding their individual needs and desires. We do not worry during the day about our daughter because we know that she is being cared for and the school is great at communicating needs with us. Primrose School has helped our family grow and continues to surpass or expectations. Thank you Primrose Schools!

    Marleena Y


  • Primrose School Eastfield Village is a wonderful learning experience and secure place for your kids. We are very happy to have our children here.

    Glenda M


  • Primrose at Eastfield Village was just getting ready to open when we started our search for daycare. We visited several centers in the area and didn't feel that any of them compared to the philosophy and overall structure offered by Primrose. The decision of choosing care for your babies can be stressful, but the owners made us feel at ease, taking the time to thoroughly explain the Primrose concept. Our little girl started at 4 months, made a ton of great friends, met wonderful teachers which have influenced her to this day. Learning Spanish at 2, life skills at 3, the importance of helping the community through school sponsored events, among other important social skills, did a great deal in preparing her for school. We were not concerned as she started Kindergarten, as we knew she had a solid foundation and was ahead of the curve. She is now in first grade, has attended summer camp at Primrose and still talks about the fun she had there, as her brother is 4 and attends the school. He started at 3 months old and again, we have always felt comfortable leaving him there, as we know he is learning and having a fun time. My family has often referred to the school as "baby college", amazed at the things the kids would come home saying. The Mitchell's are wonderful and keep a great staff. We have referred several people there and if you have to wait on a list, it will be worth it!