Primrose School at East Lake

Franchise Owners

Hello, we are Lynn and Jim Archambault the proud owners of Primrose School at East Lake for about 16 years now. We have 3 children, and two handsome grandchildren. We invite you to come and visit o...

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franchise owners

Our Staff

Ms. Cinnamon Snipes

Director of Operations

Ms. Crystal Carillo

Assistant Director

Ms. Carmen Perez

Infant Lead Teacher

Ms. Susan Nakaweesa

Infant Assistant Teacher

Ms. Sophia Laurent

Infant Assistant Teacher

Ms. Jennifer Rodriguez

Infant Assistant Teacher

Ms. Kayla Lenox

Infant Assistant Teacher

Ms. Gabrielle Jackson

Young Toddler Lead Teacher

Ms. Lowanda Davis

Young Toddler Teacher

Ms. Ashley Harris

Early Preschool Assistant Teacher

Ms. Jami Hurst

Early Preschool Assistant Teacher

Ms. Michelle Rogers

Pre-School I Lead Teacher

Ms. Tiesha Rogers

Preschool I Assistant Teacher

Ms. Tamara Hutchins

Pre-School II Lead Teacher

Ms. Lavanya

Assistant Preschool II Teacher

Ms. Cara Verhoeven

Pre-K I Lead Teacher

Ms. Sonali Vaidya

Pre-K I Assistant Teacher

Ms. Kayla Byrd

Explorer's Club I Lead Teacher

Ms. Jamie Han

Pre-K II Lead Teacher

Ms. Alexis Daniel

Pre-K II Assistant Teacher

Ms. Katrina Jones

Explorer's Club II Lead Teacher

Ms. Shari Harrell

Nutritional Specialist