Exterior of a Primrose School of East Brainerd

Primrose School of East Brainerd

Franchise Owners

The Primrose School of Hixson and the Primrose School of East Brainerd are owned and operated by Dan Case and Lisa Laplante. Married for over 30 years they are parents of 2 children, Austin and Eli...

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franchise owners

Our Staff

Courtney Kittle, Curriculum Coordinator and Bus Driver

Courtney Kittle

Bus Driver and Floater

Christie Kilpatrick, Young Infant - Lead Teacher

Christie Kilpatrick

Young Infant - Lead Teacher

Elaine Greene, Young Infant -Assistant Teacher

Elaine Greene

Young Infant -Assistant Teacher

Caitlin Hennessee

Infant Afternoon Teacher

Jasmine Zerk

Infant 2 Lead Teacher

Hannah Smith

Infant 2 Assistant Teacher

Katie McConathy

Infant 2 Afternoon Teacher

Rebecca Haralson

Toddler Lead Teacher

Kaylan Lowry

Toddler Assistant Teacher

Hilary Painter

Toddler Afternoon Teacher

Amy Locklear

Early Preschool Lead Teacher

Lindsey Harrison, Preschool Assistant Teacher

Lindsey Ware

Preschool Pathways Lead Teacher


Brandy Khamseng

Preschool 1 Lead Teacher


Sidney Schussler

Preschool 2 Lead Teacher

Jacqueline Oaks, Pre-Kindergarten Assistant Teacher

Jacqueline Oaks

Pre-Kindergarten Assistant Teacher