Primrose School at Eagle Ranch

Our Staff

  • Ashley Williams, Area Director

    Ashley Williams

    Area Director
  • Calli Barrett, Director of Education

    Calli Barrett

    Director of Education
  • Dawn Rasco Pollard, Director

    Dawn Rasco Pollard

  • Ivonne Cooth, Admissions Manager

    Ivonne Cooth

    Admissions Manager
  • Alisha Gallant, Education Specialist

    Alisha Gallant

    Education Specialist
  • Jenna Klovstad, Health and Safety Specialist

    Jenna Klovstad

    Health and Safety Specialist
  • Ms. Molleda, Lead Teacher Young Toddlers

    Ms. Molleda

    Lead Teacher Young Toddlers
  • Ms. Gallo, Lead Teacher Toddlers

    Ms. Gallo

    Lead Teacher Toddlers
  • Ms. Rodriguez, Lead Teacher Early Preschool

    Ms. Rodriguez

    Lead Teacher Early Preschool
  • Ms. Lim, Lead Teacher Preschool I

    Ms. Lim

    Lead Teacher Preschool I
  • Ms. Wall, Lead Teacher Preschool I

    Ms. Wall

    Lead Teacher Preschool I
  • Ms. Bautista, Lead Teacher Pre-Kindergarten I

    Ms. Bautista

    Lead Teacher Pre-Kindergarten I
  • Ms. Thomas, Lead Teacher Pre-Kindergarten II

    Ms. Thomas

    Lead Teacher Pre-Kindergarten II
  • Ms.Madolora, Lead Teacher Kindergarten


    Lead Teacher Kindergarten
  • Ms. Hawkins, Lead Teacher Explorers

    Ms. Hawkins

    Lead Teacher Explorers
  • Ms. Armstrong, Lead Teacher Infants

    Ms. Armstrong

    Lead Teacher Infants
  • Jessica Fielder, Franchise Owner

    Jessica Fielder

    Franchise Owners

    Jessica Fielder has been a Primrose Owner in North Fort Worth since 2005. Jessica was drawn to the family atmosphere of Primrose and the opportunity to provide an exceptional preschool experience for other families. Her goal is to provide parents peace of mind knowing they can trust the care and education their child is receiving.

    Jessica graduated from Baylor University with a degree in Marketing. After spending several years in the field, she decided to become an elementary school teacher in Arlington, TX. When she and her husband, Ryan, had their first child, Jessica went to work for her parents at their foster care and adoption agency. During this time, their daughter, Claire, needed childcare and that’s when their Primrose experience officially began. After becoming passionate Primrose-parents, they built their first Primrose School in 2005. Both of their children are now proud Primrose graduates. Jessica also enjoys that all eight of her nieces and nephews are Primrose students or graduates. Seeing the love of learning, confidence, and continued successes of the children in her family continues to inspire Jessica to provide other families the same excellent preschool experience that was so important to their family.

    Jessica firmly believes that Primrose delivers more than a curriculum; it’s a life-changing early learning experience for children and their families. She continues to expand her mission by providing four Primrose Schools in the North Fort Worth area: Primrose School At Eagle Ranch, Primrose of NW Fort Worth, Primrose School at Heritage, and Primrose School at Alliance.

    Jessica and the staff at Primrose are excited to meet you and your family!

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