Primrose School Building

Primrose School at the Denver Tech Center

Our Staff

  • Ashley Cione, Executive Director

    Ashley Cione

    Executive Director

    Ms. Cione earned her BA in Elementary Education from the University of Northern Colorado and has been affiliated with Primrose Schools for over fifteen years. Prior to opening our DTC school in 2013, Ms. Cione was director of a very well regarded Primrose School in suburban Dallas for nearly five years.

    In addition to managing our 60+ teachers and coordinating the school's overall operations, Ms. Cione leads the orientation for all new families and looks forward to welcoming you and your children to Primrose School at the DTC. We know that your family will benefit tremendously from her positive energy, unwavering commitment, and deep knowledge of Primrose School’s Balanced Learning philosophy.

    Both of Ms. Cione's sons have attended Primrose DTC.

  • Alisha Lacombe-Emile, Curriculum Director, Venture Program

    Alisha Lacombe-Emile

    Curriculum Director, Venture Program

    As Curriculum Director, Ms. Emile is responsible for the professional development and on-going training of our faculty, coordinating our teachers' lesson plans and implementation, ensuring compliance with our Cognia accreditation and faithfully applying our use of Pyramid practices (the social/emotional techniques that we’ve been implementing with CU Denver’s PELE Center) to build positive, trusting relationships throughout the school between teachers and students.

    Ms. Emile, who is also a mother of four young girls, earned her BA in French and Philosophy from Hunter College in 2006 and completed her Master's Degree in Education & Teacher Leadership in 2012. She has her certification not only as a Large Center Director but is also recognized as a licensed ECE (early childhood education) trainer in the state of Colorado.

    Ms. Emile works alongside teachers in our Venture Program (Pathways through Pre-Kindergarten classrooms) on a rotating basis and is accessible to parents to discuss their child's social, emotional and academic needs and development.

  • Mikaela Vazquez, Curriculum Director, Wonder Program

    Mikaela Vazquez

    Curriculum Director, Wonder Program
  • Brittany Pollard, Operations Director

    Brittany Pollard

    Operations Director
  • Leidy Anahi, Primary Teacher, Toddler Green

    Leidy Anahi

    Primary Teacher, Toddler Green
  • Claudia Aponte, Auxiliary Teacher, Preschool

    Claudia Aponte

    Auxiliary Teacher, Preschool
  • Jenny Araiza, Primary Teacher, Toddler Blue

    Jenny Araiza

    Primary Teacher, Toddler Blue
  • Cindy Archila, Auxiliary Teacher

    Cindy Archila

    Auxiliary Teacher
  • Kendall Barcia, Auxiliary Teacher

    Kendall Barcia

    Auxiliary Teacher
  • Jessica Bodnar, Auxiliary Teacher

    Jessica Bodnar

    Auxiliary Teacher
  • Yasmine Bower, Primary Teacher, Infant Green

    Yasmine Bower

    Primary Teacher, Infant Green
  • Lynn Carrasco, Primary Teacher, Preschool Blue

    Lynn Carrasco

    Primary Teacher, Preschool Blue
  • Angela Choe, Primary Teacher, Preschool Green

    Angela Choe

    Primary Teacher, Preschool Green
  • Ruthie Cholette, Primary Teacher, Young Toddlers North

    Ruthie Cholette

    Primary Teacher, Young Toddlers North
  • Sofia Cossio, Primary Teacher, Infant Green

    Sofia Cossio

    Primary Teacher, Infant Green
  • Bre Curtis, Auxiliary Teacher, Pre-Kindergarten & Preschool

    Bre Curtis

    Auxiliary Teacher, Pre-Kindergarten & Preschool
  • Farrah Davis, Primary Teacher, Preschool South

    Farrah Davis

    Primary Teacher, Preschool South
  • Tai DeBreaux, Auxiliary Teacher, Early Preschool

    Tai DeBreaux

    Auxiliary Teacher, Early Preschool
  • Baylee Dippel, Auxiliary Teacher, Pathways

    Baylee Dippel

    Auxiliary Teacher, Pathways
  • Selena Fabrizio, Auxiliary Teacher, Preschool

    Selena Fabrizio

    Auxiliary Teacher, Preschool
  • Marzzieh Farzam, Primary Teacher, Infant Green

    Marzzieh Farzam

    Primary Teacher, Infant Green
  • Alana Fernandez, Primary Teacher, Pathways North

    Alana Fernandez

    Primary Teacher, Pathways North
  • Aaliyah Fields, Primary Teacher, Young Toddler North

    Aaliyah Fields

    Primary Teacher, Young Toddler North
  • Tyra Finch, Primary Teacher, Pathways North

    Tyra Finch

    Primary Teacher, Pathways North
  • Lisa Fleming, Auxiliary Teacher, Pre-Kindergarten

    Lisa Fleming

    Auxiliary Teacher, Pre-Kindergarten
  • Shauna Forrest, Primary Teacher, Older Infants

    Shauna Forrest

    Primary Teacher, Older Infants
  • Jasmine Frescas, Primary Teacher, Infant South

    Jasmine Frescas

    Primary Teacher, Infant South
  • Desiree Gantt, Auxiliary Teacher, Preschool

    Desiree Gantt

    Auxiliary Teacher, Preschool
  • Li'Laka Garcia, Auxiliary Teacher, Toddlers

    Li'Laka Garcia

    Auxiliary Teacher, Toddlers
  • Lorena Garcia, Primary Teacher, Early Preschool Blue

    Lorena Garcia

    Primary Teacher, Early Preschool Blue
  • Kayla Green, Auxiliary Teacher, Preschool

    Kayla Green

    Auxiliary Teacher, Preschool
  • Cassandra Hathaway, Primary Teacher, Pre-Kindergarten Green

    Cassandra Hathaway

    Primary Teacher, Pre-Kindergarten Green
  • Kelsey Hayes, Auxiliary Teacher

    Kelsey Hayes

    Auxiliary Teacher
  • Lacy Heemann, Auxiliary Teacher, Pathways

    Lacy Heemann

    Auxiliary Teacher, Pathways
  • Jenya Joury, Primary Teacher, Preschool South

    Jenya Joury

    Primary Teacher, Preschool South
  • Sarah Lapaz, Primary Teacher, Infant Blue

    Sarah Lapaz

    Primary Teacher, Infant Blue
  • Angelica Lara, Auxiliary Teacher

    Angelica Lara

    Auxiliary Teacher
  • Mercy Lopez, Primary Teacher, Toddler Blue

    Mercy Lopez

    Primary Teacher, Toddler Blue
  • Evelynne Lopez-Valdez, Primary Teacher, Early Preschool Blue

    Evelynne Lopez-Valdez

    Primary Teacher, Early Preschool Blue
  • Luz Martinez, Auxiliary Teacher, Toddlers

    Luz Martinez

    Auxiliary Teacher, Toddlers
  • M.J. Meinders, Auxiliary Teacher

    M.J. Meinders

    Auxiliary Teacher
  • Alyssa Menchue, Primary Teacher, Pre-Kindergarten Green

    Alyssa Menchue

    Primary Teacher, Pre-Kindergarten Green
  • Beckie Merrill, Auxiliary Teacher

    Beckie Merrill

    Auxiliary Teacher
  • Kaelani Miller, Primary Teacher, Early Preschool Green

    Kaelani Miller

    Primary Teacher, Early Preschool Green
  • Veronica Miranda, Primary Teacher, Toddler Blue

    Veronica Miranda

    Primary Teacher, Toddler Blue
  • Sidney Motsenbocker, Primary Teacher, Infant Blue

    Sidney Motsenbocker

    Primary Teacher, Infant Blue
  • Lisett Munoz, Auxiliary Teacher, Infants

    Lisett Munoz

    Auxiliary Teacher, Infants
  • Karen Nava, Primary Teacher, Toddler Green

    Karen Nava

    Primary Teacher, Toddler Green
  • Areli Nepomuceno, Primary Teacher, Preschool Green

    Areli Nepomuceno

    Primary Teacher, Preschool Green
  • Omi Nour, Auxiliary Teacher

    Omi Nour

    Auxiliary Teacher
  • Janeth Ortega, Auxiliary Teacher

    Janeth Ortega

    Auxiliary Teacher
  • Christian Padilla, Chef

    Christian Padilla

  • Xavier Padilla, Assistant Chef

    Xavier Padilla

    Assistant Chef
  • Payton Paplow, Auxiliary Teacher, Pre-Kindergarten

    Payton Paplow

    Auxiliary Teacher, Pre-Kindergarten
  • Ali Pereira, Auxiliary Teacher

    Ali Pereira

    Auxiliary Teacher
  • Maria Perez, Auxiliary Teacher

    Maria Perez

    Auxiliary Teacher
  • Resa Peterson, Primary Teacher, Early Preschool Green

    Resa Peterson

    Primary Teacher, Early Preschool Green
  • Hanna Ricks, Primary Teacher, Older Infants

    Hanna Ricks

    Primary Teacher, Older Infants
  • Norma Rios, Auxiliary Teacher

    Norma Rios

    Auxiliary Teacher
  • Brooke Robertson, Primary Teacher, Pre-Kindergarten Blue

    Brooke Robertson

    Primary Teacher, Pre-Kindergarten Blue
  • Abrianna Robinson, Primary Teacher, Pathways South

    Abrianna Robinson

    Primary Teacher, Pathways South
  • Rosa Saenz, Primary Teacher, Infant South

    Rosa Saenz

    Primary Teacher, Infant South
  • Crystal Saragosa, Auxiliary Teacher, Infants & Toddlers

    Crystal Saragosa

    Auxiliary Teacher, Infants & Toddlers
  • Melissa Silerio, Auxiliary Teacher, Infants & Toddlers

    Melissa Silerio

    Auxiliary Teacher, Infants & Toddlers
  • Jordan Skov, Primary Teacher, Pre-Kindergarten Blue

    Jordan Skov

    Primary Teacher, Pre-Kindergarten Blue
  • Aaliyah Smith, Primary Teacher, Infant Blue

    Aaliyah Smith

    Primary Teacher, Infant Blue
  • Celinah Soto, Auxiliary Teacher

    Celinah Soto

    Auxiliary Teacher
  • Kate Stasney, Primary Teacher, Preschool Blue

    Kate Stasney

    Primary Teacher, Preschool Blue
  • Taylor Tolson, Auxiliary Teacher

    Taylor Tolson

    Auxiliary Teacher
  • Brianna Valdez, Primary Teacher, Pathways South

    Brianna Valdez

    Primary Teacher, Pathways South
  • Vanessa Velado, Primary Teacher, Early Preschool Green

    Vanessa Velado

    Primary Teacher, Early Preschool Green
  • Elena Viera, Auxiliary Teacher

    Elena Viera

    Auxiliary Teacher
  • Victoria Vigil, Auxiliary Teacher, Pre-Kindergarten

    Victoria Vigil

    Auxiliary Teacher, Pre-Kindergarten
  • Stephanie Wilkins, Auxiliary Teacher

    Stephanie Wilkins

    Auxiliary Teacher
  • Rick & Alicia Grenolds, Franchise Owner

    Rick & Alicia Grenolds

    Franchise Owners

    Hello, we are Rick and Alicia Grenolds - proud owners of Primrose School at the Denver Tech Center. Having both come from the healthcare industry, we are dedicated to positively impacting children's lives in a safe and nurturing learning environment.

    As parents of two young girls, we understand the importance of finding high-quality, exceptional child care that Primrose Schools offers the community. When we began looking for child care, we struggled to find an option that met our needs; however, as soon as we were introduced to Primrose, we immediately understood why the school had earned such an incredible reputation. We instantly felt at home and were thoroughly impressed by the welcoming staff, proven curriculum and unique approach to early childhood education.

    We were so impressed that Rick decided to make a career change to dedicate himself fully to opening a Primrose School in the heart of the Denver Tech Center. Rick is at the school every day greeting/touring families and providing support for our management team and teachers, to ensure they have the depth of resources and on-going training necessary to provide an exceptional early learning experience for the children. Alicia continues her primary career as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner at Children's Hospital; however, she also serves as the school's nurse consultant, providing training and resources for our teachers and families.

    We are both very passionate about providing the best care for the children in the community. We understand the importance of character development and instilling a love of learning throughout a child's early years, and believe this is essential to building a healthier generation. Primrose Schools is The Leader in Educational Child Care® and we are committed to delivering the best possible experience when it comes to your child's education.

    We are excited to provide the high-quality care necessary to prepare your children for future success in school and in life. We look forward to meeting you!

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