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Franchise Owner of Primrose School Beth Deasy with her family
Beth Deasy
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Beth Deasy


Beth Deasy, owner and operator of Primrose School of Denver Central Park, believes that the greatest wish she can have for children is that they become adults who love who they are and what they do. Helping to develop such self-knowledge and passion for life in young children requires a delicate balance of nurturing and education. At Primrose School of Denver Central Park, our faculty helps children unlock their potential so they may find fulfillment and success in life. We also partner with parents, bringing a sense of balance to families as they nurture, encourage and promote the educational, emotional and psychological readiness of the whole child. Previous to becoming a Primrose School owner, Beth worked at one of the Rocky Mountain region's largest law firms where she represented some of Colorado's largest businesses and developers. Having deep seeded roots in the early childhood education arena, she designed, built and operated a large, private preschool in Tucson, Arizona that was quickly recognized as the gold standard' for private preschool in the state. After learning she was expecting twins, she decided to build a preschool in the Denver area. She continuously heard from business and community leaders that Primrose was the BEST preschool provider in Colorado. After investigating other providers in the area and learning more about the Primrose philosophy of providing premier early childhood education, she agreed that Primrose was her choice, and decided to open the Primrose School of Thornton. One year later the opening of Primrose School pf Denver Central Park followed. Primrose School of Denver Central Park is the culmination of a long term dream of hers. Beth is delighted to be able to offer you the best care and education for your children and is thrilled to be a part of such a dynamic community!

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