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Raj Harika and Gagan Sethi

We are Raj Harika and Gagan Sethi, the proud owners of Primrose School at Cottonwood Creek in Colorado Springs.  


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Raj Harika and Gagan Sethi


We are Raj Harika and Gagan Sethi, the proud owners of Primrose School at Cottonwood Creek in Colorado Springs.  

Our shared passion for providing high-quality care and education to families in our community brought us to Primrose. As the proud parents of two daughters who are now in middle and elementary school, we understand the significance of finding exceptional child care that offers a safe and nurturing environment. Our journey with Primrose began when we discovered the outstanding level of care at a neighborhood Primrose school while searching for child care for our own daughter. This experience ignited our desire to become part of the Primrose community, and Raj made the decision to embark on a new career path, fully dedicated to owning a Primrose school in the Colorado Springs community.  

Prior to joining Primrose, we held various positions in multinational corporations. Raj holds a master's degree in public health nutrition from the University of North London, UK, and has worked for various multinational companies across Europe and the USA. Gagan has an MBA from the Rotterdam School of Management, the Netherlands, and brings extensive experience in strategy, finance and operations within the media and telecom sectors, spanning across Asia, Europe, and the USA.  

Raj is present at the school daily, welcoming and guiding families, providing support to our management team and teachers, and ensuring they have access to the abundant resources and ongoing training required to deliver an exceptional early learning experience for the children. 

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of excellence and quality in our school. Our goal is to provide a safe and joyful learning environment. We encourage you to visit our school anytime to ask questions, learn more about our programs, inquire about your child's progress, or simply share your thoughts. Primrose Schools is dedicated to delivering the best and most trusted early education and care to children and families across America. We go beyond a mere curriculum; we offer a life-changing early learning experience for children and their families.  

Thank you for entrusting us with these formative years in your child's development and joining us on this exciting journey. Together, we will make a positive impact on our children, their education, and the future!

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