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Hannah and Raj Ramamurti

Raj Ramamurti came to the United States in August 1990 after completing his Bachelor’s degree from the most acclaimed engineering univ...

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Hannah and Raj Ramamurti


Raj Ramamurti came to the United States in August 1990 after completing his Bachelor’s degree from the most acclaimed engineering university in India – the Indian Institute of Technology. His passion for education gained him a scholarship at Arizona State University. He completed his Master of Science program in Materials Science in 1993 and continued his pursuit in the academia, graduating with a Ph.D. in August 1996. Since then, he has been actively engaged in lead engineering roles at various corporations in the Microelectronics industry. He is currently a Staff Engineer at Microchip Technology.

Hannah Ramamurti came to United States on an exchange student program and stayed on to explore various career opportunities in the booming microelectronics industry through the nineties. She completed her Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering at Colorado Technical University in 2002, while being employed as a Senior Process Engineer at the company where she met Raj. Since then, she has also furthered her career in the industry and most recently held the title of Senior Yield Engineer at one of the fastest growing, and most profitable public companies in the sector, Microchip Technology.

Education has been a major priority for the Ramamurtis, thanks in no small part to their engagement in key technology roles at various corporations. They have been researching business opportunities for many years, primarily focused on education and child care. Having successfully raised two boys, Hannah was very aware of the importance of child care in the development of young minds. Raj, himself, was the older son of two working parents and thus fully aware of how pivotal a child’s exposure to the right learning environment can be in ensuring his or her growth through the formative years. This fueled their desire to own a child care center, but their expectations were high. In the course of their research, they identified an existing franchise-based child care center that met their requirements from the stand point of quality of the child care program, business viability, positioning for growth, and the backing of one of most recognized franchisors in the industry. The Primrose School at Cottonwood Creek in Colorado Springs is an independent franchise, one of over 325 in the country. It features the acclaimed Primrose curriculum targeting children aged 6 weeks to 12 years old, and has been in business since 2005.
For Hannah and Raj, the choice of a Primrose Child Care School was far from coincidental. Their expectation was a curriculum and a learning environment that would feed and nurture the incredible curiosity of a child, while fostering a well-rounded development that would lay the foundation for their continued learning and growth. Primrose’s Balanced Learning curriculum is focused on literacy, hands-on learning, mathematics and the integration of technology. Primrose has an education team that develops the curriculum as well as an education advisory board that provides advice and recommendations for educational improvements. To the Ramamurtis, this was the perfect match – a culmination of years of research leading to the logical answer – a Primrose Child Care school that they could own and operate, thus giving them the opportunity to contribute to the community and play a vital role in developing the future leaders of this country.

We are very excited at the prospect of joining the ranks of Primrose franchisees, and look forward to a long and successful partnership.

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