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Franchise Owner of Primrose School Steve Chojnacki
Steve Chojnacki
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Steve Chojnacki


Steve Chojnacki decided to open the Primrose School at Collier Parkway when he experienced difficulty finding availability at a quality educational preschool program. As the proud parent of two young men, Alex and Eric. His son Eric is a past graduate of the school and is the number one reason why Steve decided to leave the hospitality field after 26 years and build a Primrose. Being used to long hours, you will find Steve on site every day making sure that the Primrose program is delivered at the highest level. Primrose provides quality educational programs for infants through Pre-Kindergarten, provides a before and after school program, and camps for school age children in the Land O'Lakes area. Mr. Chojnacki has prepared himself for this industry by taking all classes required for teachers and directors. He currently holds a State Director's Credential.

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